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Match Threads Man Utd vs Spurs

Jan 14, 2024
KO Time
4.30 pm

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 97 57.1%
  • Manu Win

    Votes: 31 18.2%
  • Draw

    Votes: 42 24.7%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Nov 11, 2011
We’re the better team here by some way although it’s pretty patched up with returns from injuries, debuts and fringe players. Porro and Romero arent coping with Rashford and that area is being targeted. Saying that Udogie and VdV have had some dodgy moments. We can still win this, just need to keep up the intensity.


Well-Known Member
Sep 12, 2021
Too passive defensively. Arms behind the back and side on always frustrates me . Can’t keep giving rashford that amount of space . They said with the players we have out we can’t expect to be as fluid going forward . Even an addition like kulu today would have made a huge difference .


SC Supporter
Aug 28, 2010
Nah im not having this, when the pass has been on he’s made it. Dont be that guy just because our defence has let us down. Shouldn’t be losing this
He’s literally had about 5/6 passes to him where he’s had one player in front of him to take on and he’s passed it backwards. Are you blind? I know it’s his first game but he needs to show up a bit more.


Well-Known Member
Jan 22, 2005
Johnson really needs to start taking on his man. Its infuriating. No point having pace if you don't try and use it


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Aug 8, 2019
We look so shit when being asked to defend. Rashford is beating Porro most of the time but that's not fair on Porro given that AWB or Fernandes are overlapping and leaving him 1v2. Johnson has been impressively bad at shutting down the angles out to their winger too.

I can't see us scoring from open play with this forward line. Johnson is missing that first yard in his head imo and not making an option for Romero and Porro. Werner just wants to come in on his right despite having many chances to run his man down the line, usually letting Garnacho get back. Richarlison with service might get a second but his widemen need to improve.

Skipp and Hojbjerg have been safe and steady but I can't see any of the midfield three providing anything.


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Aug 22, 2011
I'd definitely be considering putting Royal on for one of Hojbjerg or Skipp and pushing Porro into midfield.


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Jan 19, 2014
He’s 22, that’s not a kid. He undoubtedly has time to improve though. I think the real issue is the price tag. He was our most expensive summer signing but he’s just not showing why (price tag is obviously not his fault of course).

I think we as fans need to ignore the price tags to a certain extent. British players signed from within the Premier League are always going to be overpriced compared to non British players bought outside the league. That’s just the way it is. We buy the vast majority of our players from outside the league but sometimes we need to bite the bullet on young British players I guess.


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Aug 25, 2011
We’ve played well but defended badly, Utd have also exposed our main weakness in this Ange system which is the gaps where normal full backs would usually be.

Without the athleticism of Bissouma and Sarr and with Bentancur having to play further forward our defence has some big holes, +Romero & VDV not quite up to speed yet understandably.

Need to make it 2-2 before 70 mins to have a chance to turn this around for 3points.

I think PEH has played quite well, Skipp has actually done ok for once, Bentancur fine apart from the yellow. Need more from Johnson, Werner has looked a threat but needs a goal for confidence.

Shame we have little off the bench to change it.

Wonder if Ange will chuck on Donley, Santiago on Gil if needed and for who.
Yeah PEH and Skipp have been okay but we lack that athletcism and revovery without Sarr.

We also are unable to penetrate United centrally without Maddison, Deki and Lo Celso....Son too


"I'm no optimist I'm just a prisoner of hope
Jan 23, 2006
All well taken goals, two on target for United two goals. Damn shame the bar wasn't an inch or two higher for Romero though.
We were giving them too much space wide of our box as the half went on and we need a bit more getting into their box second half.


Kinda not anymore....
May 11, 2005
I quite like werner being as direct as he is, I know it's not come off properly but I like it, considering he is in after a couple of days, with hardly any minutes this season, I'm okay with it.

Already looks more dangerous than johnson


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Aug 30, 2017
Key in this game is keeping the ball and squeezing their midfield with counter pressing so they can't release the ball quickly over the top to Rashford. If Eriksen/Bruno have time to pick their head up and play those early balls we'll be in trouble because Romero clearly isn't 100%

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