spurs mental

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  • i disagreed with you because i didnt think the guys intention was to make fun of danny rose' issues but rather that the stress n fatgue of the last 2 years at spurs had taken its toll and contributed to affecting many different players n coaching staff in different ways.
    I was only taking the piss on the prediction league comment mate. I know how busy you can be with a little one. Hope all is well and Merry Xmas.
    spurs mental
    spurs mental
    I know you were pal. All good this end. Same to you hope it was a good one.
    Haven't seen you for a while SM. I hope everything's OK.
    spurs mental
    spurs mental
    Hey mate. Thanks for the message. Been away a while for various reasons. I wont bore you with the details but back now.
    You have the latest table update (top 3) as follows :
    PLupper : 235
    Maltahotspur : 219
    Spinders : 216
    I checked the total points which we have gained since your last table update and it should actually read as follows
    Maltahotspur : 239
    PLupper : 215
    Spinders : 196
    Can you please verify, check again and if you agree update the table as necessary.
    Thanks for your patience and for the good work.
    Hi mate, apologies for not replying to your tagged post. It's first time I've logged in for a few days, been off work & out and about with the kids.
    As mentioned previously, if you need any help running it, updating scores & tables etc give me a shout. Cheers Steve
    spurs mental
    spurs mental
    Cheers dude. No worries, just didn't want the regulars to miss out.
    SM, I'm afraid you gave me 10 points less than I was due. I had 191 on your last update and you should have actually given me 25 points for my prediction for the C.Palace match. 1st and 2nd half correct score = 15pts + 10pts for the Bobb (3 yel cards) that brings a total of 25pts. therefore my total pts should read 216 not 206. Kindly rectify. Thanks.
    btw i got the 1st half correct 0-0 just had us too win 1-0 and changed it too them winning 1-0
    Top man, you know I'm normally all over a Robbie Keane thread like a fat kid with cake but your post was all that needed to be said. I've just got a feeling he could bang them in this season, and believe me I will be serving up double portions of humble pie to some posters.

    He's just a legend, I pity those who can't see that.
    Cheers for backing me up in there dude. I can't really understand why he's going so nuts and trying so hard to defame me, there's not (to quote one Glenn Hoddle) a cat in hells chance that I'd come out with something like that. Just to add a bit of perspective, Breezer just neg repped me telling me to come face to face with him anyway.

    Anyway, I'm just not going to respond to him anymore because I've tired of the whole situation, but it's pleasing to see that people aren't falling for his tripe.
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