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Match Threads Fulham vs Spurs

Mar 16, 2024
KO Time
5:30 pm
0 - 3

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 70 72.2%
  • Fulham Win

    Votes: 17 17.5%
  • Draw

    Votes: 10 10.3%

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Married, new job and Spurs on the up!
Jul 3, 2006
Why didn't Udogie run with the ball today?

Not blaming him for the defeat but I find it really weird.
Also they were running off their men all game, bordered on laziness at times

Everyone looked flat footed and neither full back or Johnson and Kulu made many runs in behind. The whole performance was bizarre


Well-Known Member
Aug 24, 2013
Wherever Ange can take us, we were never going to get there without some major bumps in the road.

Today lot's went against us, the momentum would have changed significantly had we got a goal back with enough time, but ultimately we were humbled because of too much arrogance and too little effort. It's a good lesson for these players to take on the chin.

Ange is going to keep playing high risk football, and that will mean we will occasionally lose big. But irrespective of the tactics, this league is way too strong to turn up anywhere expecting an easy three points. That's what cost us today, and these players are now likely getting a rollicking. All good experience.


Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2004
Keep seeing mentions of us having used up our game in hand… Villa play tomorrow and go a game ahead again. Isnt Chelsea our game in hand which we still have?


Aegina Expat
Feb 1, 2005
It's easy to knee jerk this. But this is not a surprising result. We know we've had a mentality issue for years and years. We should have made several domestic and european cup finals over the last 10 years. Our squads have been more than good enough (especially when you think about the Europa League years). But we go away to a hard working team and we cant match their effort and desire. Ange is trying to change this but it takes years not months.
Sorry, but balance, common sense and suchlike aren't due in this thread until late tomorrow night/Monday morning. Could you please come back then?


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Apr 28, 2019
yes we where bad but Ange should have seen it and made changes early. Either at half time or after ten minutes. Not wait until it is game over. Terrible match management.


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Dec 28, 2005
At £15m? he’ll be a decent squad player. Yes his finishing isn’t great but he is a threat… more so than Kulu and inconsistent Johnson.

Werner and Johnson
New striker, Son and/or Richarlison
New right forward and Kulusevski

Sell Gil
Sell/loan out Solomon
No I agree. I was responding to the original poster, how our fans think players are great one week, one bad game and they 'hope we don't sign them permanently'


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Feb 4, 2019
Yep - after the goal glut last week would not be surprised if today is the day our goal scoring run in the Prem ends. Silva is a coach who I think if were given a good squad could be a top 6 team. And Muniz is a decent player - works hard, plays intelligently with good technique. I will take any kind of win today.
Mystic Meg!


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Dec 7, 2006
How can you go from electric last weekend to an absolute car crash in a week if there is one team who will deliver that's us! I'm fuming we were just cut to pieces. Munoz smirking at the end, skinned us alive and just about put the icing on the cake. Gave the ball away so badly tonight, shite!

Looks like we found the Werner from the Chavski tonight. Richarlson hitting more barn doors and Son AWOL. F-ing useless now we need the 'champions of Europe' to do us a favour and after this morale will be floored. I expect Madders will be out now as well.


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Aug 31, 2012
In recent years it was obvious that things would improve once we sold Lloris, Dier, Sanchez etc. In the current squad I wouldn't say we have any player I especially want rid of. I understand that players may not fit the system, but they're still pretty good options to have in the squad.

The problem we have is we now have good players who unfortunately blow hot and cold far too often. Bissouma, Werner, Johnson, Decky, Richarlison (harsh considering his injury) are all good players, but they struggle to stay consistent and often miss their moment to have a key impact on the game.

You could argue that inconsistencies exist in every team, but I would say we have more players of this build in the very spine of our team.

SE Spurs

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Aug 12, 2018
Out run.
Out battled.
Out played.

Massively disappointing result and performance. Never matched Fulham's energy, and Ange took far too long to change things up in midfield where it was clear they were finding so much space.
Makes Villa's idea of starting with a back 5 conservative approach last week even stranger, when we are still so vulnerable to that high energy press.


Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2010
If i have a criticism of Ange it’s that he is statuesque on the touch line.

I find his lack of any physical emotion very weird at times. Today was crying out for some passion to try and get us going as we looked miles off the pace.

If i am a player having a mare and amlooking over at the touch line and the coach looks as passive as Ange . Well I wouldn’t be as bothered either.

It’s an odd trait to his managerial style given he is so passsionate about the game.


Well-Known Member
Jan 20, 2009
On the bright side, it's my great grand daughters christening tomorrow, it's gonna be interesting to say the least because the 'other' side of the family consist of a stepfather who's half blind and susceptible to a snake punch from the side and a wino mother who regularly obliges him. There's also a sister who is of, let's say loose virtue, who has been known to get pissed and looks for some poor unsuspecting sod to do the horizontal hokey cokey with resulting in scratchycuffs with said poor sod's other half.

We've made sure the vicar is on their table and we're well away from it.

I reckon it could get tasty..

I could never tell how old/ young you are. This post tells me all I need to know!


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Jul 29, 2004
No I agree. I was responding to the original poster, how our fans think players are great one week, one bad game and they 'hope we don't sign them permanently'
And yet these Same posters will be in the "what our opponents think of us" thread next time we win laughing at the delusional opposition fans.


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Feb 5, 2005
I’m inclined to suggest the second half of the Villa game was the blip, not this. We’ve been pretty shaky for several games now and think we just came unstuck today. Some things aren’t working, but luckily we have options. It’s up to Ange to choose the players that deserve to play and motivate the team. I really don’t think we should be starting Johnson, I am not aboard the hype train yet, and Werner is another moderately useful dweeb. Get Richi and Bentancur back in. Would love to see more of Gio, he was cooking before his injury and is one of our more direct players.


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Nov 11, 2011
Well, we've all been crying out for a return to our DNA. It's character building!
Absolutely right! Frustrating because when these players put the effort in they’re twice the team Fulham are. Fulham worked very hard, Robinson was excellent, Muniz got his goal, and we just didn’t do anything. Time for a Guinness or two and forget about it.

Dr Know

SC Supporter
Aug 21, 2008
Unlike previous teams we’ve had, I feel the players will be really disappointed with their performance today. The loss hurts but I still trust Ange to get the boys upbeat and positive for the next game. I would love for Ange to change the tactics depending on the opponent but as he said himself, he‘s not going to change the way he thinks. I think we just need to be patient with Ange. He’s shown he can do it and I have all the faith in him getting us silverware.

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