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  • you need to catch A&C's thread that he makes once or twice a year. Its the only time name changes are done.
    oh well ... u got it to work, that's the important thing, lol.

    just out of interest - is it possible to change your username? I hate TEESSIDE1 ... would like it be Pedders (short for my actual nickname Pedropube - long story, lol).
    Well thats charming that is, and me taking the time to try and help when I should be in bed :razz: which is where I am going now :grin: Hope it all works out, us women are very complexed but we are worth all the trouble :wink:
    Ok well of thats the case then it could be that she has feelings for you but is scared of ruining your friendship so backs of everytime you bring it up, or maybe she is scared of being hurt after her failed marriage. Could be a number of things, just keep being a friend and see what happens.

    Aunty Hotspur makes me sound ancient :snooty:
    Sounds to me like this girl is a bit of a tease, kinda leading you on and then backing of when you try to bring up the subject. If I was you I would just play it cool and laid back, still be a friend but don't take the bait, you should know soon enough how she really feels when you do that. Hope that make sense, I feel like Oprah :lol:
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