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The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 4th June

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preposition me arse
Aug 2, 2007
The ITK saying Daniel will invest 100Mil. Well after the would cup I expect at today already inflated prices that will get you one descent CB?


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Jan 27, 2011
The fact that Poch has signed a new deal shows he has the financial backing he needs/wanted from Levy. 150m+ was mentioned from the top ITK guys. Just have to wait and see who get with the cash. We are certainly moving into a great period for us.


I believe
Aug 24, 2010

Wah Gwaan

Right, you've had a good few days where we have more or less left you all alone during your individual quests for induction into the SC simpletons hall of fame but now it's time to (attempt) to restore some sort of normality. There's no mileage in continuing the guessing games now as pretty much everything has been guessed, we had (I think) two people get the first cryptic and I can't even remember....ah yes the Sheriff cryptic, yeah a few got that too but regardless, until we're given permission by our sources, we stay schtum, so please.....no guessing as to which guesses were good guesses. Yes, I had to say it, that's how fucked up you lot are.

It's also become blatant that some of you have issues with reading and digesting the written word. Shape up or ship out otherwise we'll have to ban stupid people and that will empty the gaff :D

Oh and we also had the "I didn't know" excuse when it comes to SC's rules. that's always good for a horse laugh. You participate on the understanding that you DO know. This is why we keep banging on about making sure you've read the rules.

*Twirls banstick, throws it into the air, breaks into cowboy line dancing routine, turns bumhole upward and catches the banstick between his pert, pear shaped cheeks.

goes back to hide in a corner and only posting when either the next (IF) cryptic pops up, or the next piece of ITK comes up. least it allows me to read the info properly to then respond. hopefully the OVER £100m means we will spend nearer the original ITK of £150m(y)


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Mar 21, 2004
Im still celebrating not being banned for posting a video by accident. Score. Thanks Guys.

Anyway, about the ITK. Im sure its been said previously that theres £150m on the table to spend this summer so confirmation of 100m+ is good. Poch staying, better than good. The info that the best are signing new contracts is even better than better than good.

I didnt understand the cryptics though, I never do.


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Dec 11, 2006
It’s so quiet, I am almost missing the ‘net spend’ discussion I expected today. It must be end of month for our SC accountants!


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May 30, 2013
I hope the itk about Toby is not a straight sale to Utd. I personally don't think we should be selling to them as rivals when they don't want to sell to us. Hopefully if it is with them, it's part of a player exchange.


Jan 28, 2011
I think the Toby sale may be our finest piece of unwanted outgoing’s this year and as for the promised investment... let’s see who’s available and at what price and if they buy into the ‘dynasty ‘ thang we have going on


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Oct 2, 2007
I wonder if the 1 in 10 ITK could have meant 1 signing in 10 days, as well as the cryptic about who it is?


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Aug 31, 2012
I wonder if the 1 in 10 ITK could have meant 1 signing in 10 days, as well as the cryptic about who it is?

We have been told numerous times the two pieces of ITK don’t relate to the same player

Everlasting Seconds

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Jan 9, 2014
I wonder if the 1 in 10 ITK could have meant 1 signing in 10 days, as well as the cryptic about who it is?
It's impossible in the world of ITK to absolutely pinpoint that a transfer will happen (with)in x number of days, so making a cryptic about that seems a waste of time at best.
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