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The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 4th June

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Jul 28, 2012
A summer where we re-sign Kane, Alli, and Eriksen is better than a summer where we do nothing. I will be mildly disappointed if all we get done is raise the wage ceiling and buy replacement depth for departures, but I prefer it to a summer where no contract renewals take place and fear of outgoings rises. Having Poch reject Real, ITK suggesting 9-figure spend (gross or net it doesn't matter as either is enough to bring in some amount of quality and refresh the squad), evidence of known player departures up front instead of late surprises, expectations of four+ key contract renewals, plus two unrelated cryptics coming in rapid succession all suggests that so far we're doing things correctly this summer. The unrelated cryptics in particular did not have to come so close together, but that they did is very promising as it means plenty of action is taking place behind the scenes.

What I have to remind myself is that at the end of the day the transfer market is just that, a market. We are building a project. If we don't spend the money this year because the market conditions are bad for us, that leaves us better prepared for a steady build up to success in successive windows. Our squad is highly valued, and as the world becomes increasingly mad, we are better positioned to handle the madness. If we do spend I expect it to be on smart moves that make the club healthier for the long run instead of for a hot headline. We may see no movement and everyone assumes it is Levy screwing Poch, but it is possible that the final price does not appeal to Poch. It may be that the tradeoff for buying one player instead of renewing a handful of key contracts is not worth it to the project. Pochettino appears to be a smart and principled man. I do not believe that he would put up with nonsense from Levy, nor agree to terms that would leave himself in the lurch. He has many years now of close relations with Levy, more than any of his predecessors, and knows who Levy is and what he is about. As such, I believe that no matter how this summer goes, the club will do their best to have us positioned to succeed this season with the resources and opportunities that are available. Unless you want Poch out, the manager who just agreed to these current conditions, that's all you can reasonably demand as well.

Generally I lurk heavily and post little, but I am feeling so good about this summer right now. All the signs point to making the right attempts to bring the club to the right place, such that I had to say something here. My appreciation goes out to the mods and ITKs who put up with all of our crazy ideas, guesses, inappropriately quoted YouTube videos, repeatedly asked and answered questions, poorly chosen ratings, and off-topic opinions about why I have the worst ratio of funny ratings to posts on the site. No one is making you post here but you do a service for all of us, and it makes me genuinely happy to see new content every single day. Thank you for keeping the quiet season lively for me.

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Aug 2, 2007
And of course is that a 100 mil to spend on players with new cash investment or does that include money we get in from sales?
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