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The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The day Dragusin arrived - 10th January

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Aegina Expat
Feb 1, 2005

Good morning peasants

Here's a nice surprise for you all, it's that time of the transfer window again.


As you all know, SC relies on your donations to be able to provide a unrivalled coverage of ITK, if it wasn't for you guys, the server would crash left right and centre and we simply couldn't afford to run it without resorting to limiting the number of members or something

We know from previous experience that there's a LOT of you who lurk, one time we had 600 voters participate in a poll.

Six bloody hundred. And that's just the yokes who bothered voting. Whichever way you slice it that's a lot. If everyone slung just three or four quid in the pot we'd be sorted for quite a while, so if you've never donated before, please consider doing so now.

I reckon we've a shedload of lurkmeisters, so come on guys, if you're one of them and you enjoy SC's coverage of the Transfer Window (and lets face it, you do because you're here right?), then please chip in. It doesn't have to be a massive amount.

And if you happen to be a Spurs mad gazzillionaire, cough the fuck up. And if you're Daniel Levy, fucking hell shortstuff, put your hands in your pockets. And get the BSoDL to chip in too.

But A&C, where does the money go?

Outgoings: The server costs £400 per month. Forum software purchases/licenses/misc comes to around £500 a year. So currently, the cost of SC is about £5k a year.

Incomings: Advertising/Affiliates can sometimes cover the costs during the transfer window (January, July, August) but thats sometimes. The rest of the year that falls well short. Its difficult to give an exact figure because the numbers don't stay the same but i'd say £100 a month during the quiet months. Donations during the quiet months come to about £50pm if we're lucky.

Rob will know better than I do, but I reckon we're short by about £2500 a year. And the income from ads is probably down.

If one month we raise more than is needed, it stays in the pot as it won't be long before it IS needed. The shortfall is made up out of Robs pocket. I'll repeat that.......It comes out of his pocket. Think about that for a minute. I reckon he pays an average of £50 a WEEK. Just so you lot can abuse each other

This is why i'm often cajoling, nudging, outright begging and open to bribery during the transfer window. It's when the most of you are about and our last big donation drive raised enough to cover costs for a couple of months or so.

Any excess raised stays in the pot until its needed when donations/income goes right down. Absolutely nothing goes on anything other than SC's running costs. Well, occasionally the odd prostitute.......

So, if you'd like to donate, here's the link.

We use Paypal but you don't need an account with them, you can use your card in the same way as making any other online purchase. Very securely.

Thank you


Aegina Expat
Feb 1, 2005
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As an update to the above, if I have it right, we now get nothing at all from Amazon affiliates :(


SC Supporter
Aug 24, 2006
Been ages since I last donated so stuck in a tenner - wish it could be more. Glad its not going towards a castration for H88 at least! What a mad few days it's been... Thanks to Rob, A&C, the rest of the mods and all of our resident ITKs for keeping my productivity low. And thanks to everyone else for making this the best spurs site by a country mile. Love you all!
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Aug 14, 2005
Brilliant site that gives more pleasure than pain during the transfer season. Will donate £20 on the announcement of the Spurs Dragon COYS


The Boss
Jun 8, 2003
Would it help if we all committed to click one ad a day (as well as any donations)?

Please don’t even mention coordinating doing anything like this as it’s very against the advertising terms. Any ad clicks should be natural.

Scott Spur

SC Supporter
Aug 9, 2011
Please don’t even mention coordinating doing anything like this as it’s very against the advertising terms. Any ad clicks should be natural.
Just as well I’ve been looking for a left handed orange peeler from the exact same dodgy Chinese website as has just come up on here then! ;)


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Jun 18, 2006
I say this every time there is a donation drive. Please all look at setting up a recurring donation. If all the regular attendees of this forum even set up the cost of a pint as a monthly donation, I’m sure that would go a long way to covering what is required. The price of a pint, you won’t even miss it, and will continue to get the amazing content we all come back for daily.
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Im here
Aug 18, 2005
I had a monthly donation set up before but it seems to have disappeared (!?), so just set up again.

Setting up £1-2 a month or whatever is better than a one off sum in January or the summer. you'll not miss that amount.


Mama said knock you out
Jul 6, 2012
£20 put in the pot! A big thanks to everyone who keeps this site going and thanks to the ITK's.

At the end of the season I'll put £1 in for every goal Werner scores between now and then... no pressure Timo!! :cautious:



SC Supporter
Jul 22, 2005

Best few days of transfer madness I can recall.

Fair play to ALL involved in running and contributing 💙


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Aug 18, 2017
I click on quite a lot of ads on here just out of curiosity about what the photo is of. A bedazzled mobile phone holder was the last one, I think.

Anyway, I can recommend setting up a monthly payment on paypal - like any direct debit, you'll forget about it once it's up and running. Even a couple of quid a month will likely help out if enough do it.
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