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Summer 2023 squad discussion

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Aug 31, 2012
Forget incomings - looks like we're only playing 40 games this year. Just focus on getting as many deadwood players out as possible. Fire Sale.
If we can get two decent CBs in (not optimistic) then i'd add Perisic, Davies and Gil to the list of outs. Not that those lads are awful, but If we're bringing in Johnson we don't need all those wingers and Micky can cover left back. Selling as many as 9-10 would be the best thing we could do. Give bench spots to some hungry academy lads if we need to.

Sell as many as possible, generate as much cash as possible to bring in quality.


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Apr 28, 2012
If ever there was a season to take the hit and just clear the decks to allow us to build a better quality selection of players it’s this one.

but no, our board MUST get top dollar for every player. 🙄


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Nov 15, 2018
For this window minimum we need is:
•CB & WF or ST
•Ideally: CB, WF & ST
•If PEH or GLC go then: CB, CM(creative cover for Maddison), WF & ST

longer term we’ll need to also address:
•Back-up GK
•Back-up LB
•4th choice CB *if Phillips or Dorrington not ready for a few years*
•Any of the above 4 positions mentioned that we need this summer still if we don’t sign any of them

We are getting there with the rebuild but 0-1 signings for the rest of this window 🪟 and we will be well short again. 2 and we will be ok considering we aren’t in Europe, 3-4 would be ideal to give us what we need for at least a serious top4 and FA Cup challenge.


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Nov 15, 2018
It’s been a thing here for a long time, really holds us back. It’s like we can only expect to have 11 decent players and anything else has to be mediocre as a 12th good player won’t fancy his chances of game time.
💯 you and @THOWIG .

It’s also why we keep going out of cup competitions as our depth isn’t good enough. We are still right now I’d say minimum 2, ideally 3-4 more signings away from where we need to be.

Bluto Blutarsky

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Mar 4, 2021
Squad players I trust*:

GK: Vicario, Forster
RB: Porro, Royal
RCB: Romero, Sanchez
LCB: Van de Ven
LB: Udogie, Davies
DM: Bissouma, Hojbjerg (also Bentancur here)
CM1: Sarr, Bentancur
CM2: Maddison (also Bentancur here)
RW: Kulusevski
S: Richarlison (Son)
LW: Son, Perisic, Solomon

By my count - the absolute minimum we need is LCB and RW/S

If we sell Hojbjerg, a DM (or CM) is a must for me. I don't trust Skipp or Lo Celso to play important roles, and so when Bentancur comes back - I see 4 CMs who will have to rotate amongst themselves (Biss, Sarr, Maddison and Bentancur) unless we bring in a solid CM to help ease the load.

*Meaning I trust them in a lightly-rotated squad.


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Jul 15, 2012
Tonight is a good reminder of just how much work is left to do. We’ve got a good 11, and pretty good 13/14 (especially when Bentancur returns). Need much more than that if we ever want to win anything, though.

Regardless, think some fans need to take a look at themselves and what they are accomplishing by calling out Ange for playing some of his fringe players in a winnable match when he won’t have many other opportunities to do so. They played well in the preseason matches, and I’m sure he thought he’d get a similar performance. He didn’t, and that’s how it goes. He’ll be better for it and learn from it, no doubt.


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Jan 28, 2011
Is anyone else really concerned that we still need a centreback, a goalscorer and players out the door and with a few days left all we are seeing is new links to midfielders?
We deliberated and walked away from Tapsoba as it was either him or VDV yet we seem to be flush with cash to sign yet another midfielder or wide forward.
Quite concerned that last night showed the depth we have available if we suffered a few injuries yet we still arent seeing significant progress on the core business we have to do.


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Apr 9, 2004
Don’t want to bump his thread and give the impression there’s news, but I’m really curious what’s happening with Hugo.

Can’t imagine for a second there hasn’t been offers, so I’m curious to know what level they are that he hasn’t taken one yet.

cockerel downunder

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Aug 19, 2008
Surprised we haven’t been linked to ccv given he knows the tactics, club trained, good age (25) and back to fitness now after injury in preseason. Think he’d be a great signing personally and love the idea of academy players returning once they’ve been off and cut their teeth elsewhere.


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Nov 18, 2007
We have a maximum of 41 games remaining this season, probably closer to the 38/39 mark if we're being realistic about the FA Cup. It's just dawned on me how bloated our squad is for what will be a very short season. :LOL:

Doctor Dinkey

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Jul 6, 2013
We have a maximum of 41 games remaining this season, probably closer to the 38/39 mark if we're being realistic about the FA Cup. It's just dawned on me how bloated our squad is for what will be a very short season. :LOL:
If we draw a Prem side, or a half decent championship side away in the 3rd round, there will only be 36 left


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Jun 8, 2003
So we happy with fati and Johnson and a CB of some sort ?

I think that'd give us a very dynamic front line which would suit Ange's style of football well but it'd be quite different to what we have now. Having 2-3 players scoring 10-15 a season rather than 1 scoring 30 is probably better in the long term as well.

I do think we need a good CB and I'm not sure I'd be happy with Tosin but I guess our options are limited.


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Jul 1, 2008
If we don’t sign another CB we’re fucked anytime Romero and Micky don’t play. Has to be the sole priority, then worry about other positions

Yeah I'm actually amazed we're taking it this close to the wire. We're one injury or suspension away from Sanchez or Dier starting actual football matches in the PL - surely we have seen this movie enough times to know how it ends.


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Jan 26, 2013
I really hope that the reports are wrong regarding us taking Fati on a dry loan.

Stop doing Barca favors ffs.


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Nov 15, 2018
Getting a bit impatient / worried now.

2 days to go and rumours Tanganga's move is off, not much noise about moving on Lloris, Dier etc, Ndombele's move seems in the balance, Reggie and PEH seem possibilities but nothing concrete and in terms of incomings the main thing we are linked with is a no option loan move for Fati...

We need movement quickly as we all know if it goes to the final day none if it will happen.

We need 4-5 out and CB, WF and ST signed.

No excuses.

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Aug 31, 2012
The squad is looking much better than last season. Some good buys as well as the progression of some youngsters who were out on loan.

Clearly with so many clubs in the market for top players it has not been easy to tie up deals. As for moving players on that’s tough too as when many of them signed we were a top ten European side with CL etc. I can see why players, who are human beings, would not just want to go anywhere.

Overall we have done more than I expected. Let’s hope the final pieces drop into place before the weekend


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Jul 21, 2011
I wouldn't be surprised if we don't sign anyone else in this window. We've been mentioned with so many players but there doesn't seem to be any actual bids. I don't think Levy wants to spend the Kane money and would only have sanctioned a couple of buys if we sold a few. Ange seems to be happy with what he has for the time being and will probably look at additions in the January window if certain players don't come up to scratch. I think he's happy with our official starting 11 and feels he can get something out of them over the next couple of months. Remember he's just into the job and unlikely to rock the boat at the moment but January could be different.
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