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Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - FA Cup 4th Round

Jan 26, 2024
KO Time
8:00 pm
0 - 1

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 73 52.9%
  • Man City Win

    Votes: 47 34.1%
  • Draw

    Votes: 18 13.0%

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Jan 27, 2011
Being the best player on the pitch over the course of the game.
I get the point but football is about moments and ultimately Akes intervention won the tie. In a game without a standout performance, that's always going to win.


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Sep 12, 2021
The only change I would have made last night was to bring on the 3rd centre back as we were shot going forward and seemed to be conceded corners non stop , im talking last 10 mins . Draw was the best we could hope for and by passing it out the back to players who were not able to hold the ball meant it was back to walls , I’m just suprised he didn’t bring in the extra body .


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May 31, 2012
Ange honest in his interview, for the 1st time in ages we actually have a manager who when interviewed seems to have watched the same game I have, said we just hung in and it wasn’t really good enough and that’s right
Sarr and biss were huge misses and with benta being poor we couldn’t get control of the midfield. Weird though as we still got into good positions a number of times but final ball poor


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Jul 16, 2015
Ange honest in his interview, for the 1st time in ages we actually have a manager who when interviewed seems to have watched the same game I have, said we just hung in and it wasn’t really good enough and that’s right
Sarr and biss were huge misses and with benta being poor we couldn’t get control of the midfield. Weird though as we still got into good positions a number of times but final ball poor
I am over this already tbh. They were the better team, we still have players coming back to fitness and getting to know each other. Not enough support with Richie. We weren’t pumped. Take it on the chin and learn from it.


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Oct 20, 2003
Still feeling a bit flat after last night. losing against city isn't exactly end of world but it's always shit when we lose after not giving a decent account of ourselves. We were poor in midfield and up front (except Richy who did as much as he could and have to acknowledge Werner made runs but wasn't picked out).
Just shit that it's another season where we won't win anything and two very poor performances cost in the cups were we didn't do ourselves justice.


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May 7, 2005
Bentancur was clearly struggling physically with the pace of the game. He wasn't himself all night.
Yes, the evil Cash stain from his evil tackle is still hanging over Bents. He came back sooner than expected, was this wise ?
For his pre-Cash 30 mins vs Villa and the 90 mins of previous Colombian game, he was spectacularly good. We don't have anything like that player at the mo.

Hope there's no longer term issues.


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Aug 25, 2012
We also overplay which invites pressure and cause mistakes . Also creates an uncertainty in attack need to be more instinctive and fluid in attacking transitions it will come just needs coaching and time
So frustrating how many times through balls were on, but neither Udogie or Porro or any of the midfielders would play them. Werner must have been so frustrated. Seems like we just want to get control of possession, so pass it left and right, but Ange should have known that sudden through balls were our main chance of scoring with their high line.

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May 12, 2010
I thought we were fine, but clearly not at our usual energy levels, and we only lost to a dodgy decision after they had to resort to twatty tactics. Not going to waste energy getting annoyed by it anymore.


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Aug 25, 2012
One final, interesting (?), point about the goal. Since the winter break both Arsenal have began interfering with the GK at corners and both have scored goals at them where it could be argued there was a foul on the GK. This is not a tactic they’ve been known to use before.

During the winter break did The Premier League decide to declare open season on goalkeepers but forgot to inform anyone other than City and Arsenal🥹?
Guardiola would have worked out Vicario has that weakness hence putting Diaz on him to barge him and block him every corner etc. Honestly it looked like Vicario went down from the barge trying to get a freekick then Ake toed it in.


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Feb 2, 2009
I thought we hung in the game well enough, just a complete lack of cutting edge tonight. Werner and Johnson got into some dangerous positions but the ball was too slow getting to them (if it got played to them at all) and when it did it was wasted . Deki was really poor today, if it had been Maddison in there instead it might have been a different story. Overall a very frustrating way to exit another trophy because City were there for the taking, but some perspective is needed - we lost a tight game vs the best team in the country to a goal that’s been given as a foul everytime in then last 30 years
I agree with most of what you said except when you said that Man City were there for the taking. They most certainly won't and would have beaten almost any side if not every side in this country tonight.


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Jun 14, 2012
very disappointed in how we played, couldn't get going at all and having 1 attempt on goal the whole game is pathetic.


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Oct 1, 2005
Good riddance to the Cup, but that was an embarrassment of a game. Had that Bobb goal been awarded, it would probably finish 0-5. For all his achievements, Ange is too stubborn and inflexible for his own good. Time for a tactical re-think? Not all games and opponents can be approached the same way. And the Bentancur sub was suicidal.
Are you a real person? Every single thing you said there was completely wrong and shows a lack of even basic understanding of the game.


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Jan 27, 2011
I'm over it. We lost to the best side going (regardless of how they got to that point). Defensively we were more than fine. It was just when we won the ball and going forward it didn't stick and didn't click. Those games happen unfortunately and if they happen v City, well then you're going to be punished.

I just had to laugh at the stat that they had 100 shots at the new ground without scoring. That was pretty funny.


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Aug 30, 2010
A replica of the loss against City in the League Cup. City score in 88th minute from a corner. I think it is a foul on Vic. Diaz is jumping into him not jumping for ball. Having said that if the opposition is putting a man on the GK then somebody has to help the GK out. It happened all game so it’s really poor from us that we left Vic without help.
City were the better team so the result is not unfair but the method it was achieved leaves a little bit of a sour taste.

The other thing about their goal was that DeBruyne's delivery was absolutely on the button. He got swerve and dip on it and put it on a sixpence. Have to give credit for that sort of quality.

G Ron

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Aug 24, 2012
Really frustrating night for many reasons. The result obviously, but fuck me there were so many tourist City fans in the home end. Where I sit there were guys walking down the gangway during play standing filming De Bruyne warming up with total disregard for fans around them. Others smiling while live streaming the city celebrations at the end. Boils my fucking piss. Clearly it’s too easy for oppo fans to get tickets for cup matches which could also explain why the atmosphere was flat in the stadium. The south stand is always noisy and trying to get everyone going, but other than that I was disappointed with the general vibe. Oh and if you’re the Bristolian who sits behind me and has nothing positive to say about our players other than “fuck off Hojbjerg your shit” - please don’t bother coming anymore. Thank you!


chas vs dave

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Jul 17, 2008
They didn't have loads of chances. They huffed and puffed but I didn't feel they were miles better than us.
They were a bit better than us in the first, and last 15 minutes. The time in between was quite even.

Tactically, city seemed to force our fullbacks to stay back. Which enabled them to overload the middle of the pitch.


Oct 2, 2004
This is our first loss against the traditional top 6 this season, when we haven't been down to 9 men.

The entire midfield that had us top of the league after 10 games couldn't start today. Add Lo Celso in to that and you have 4 of our 5 best centre midfielders unavailable for the starting lineup. The 5th has completed one 90 min game in the last twelve months.

Every club would struggle in that position, if that happened to Arsenal they would have to play something like Vieira, El Neny and Jorginho as a midfield three.
I agree that the circumstances were against us.

And accept that PEH is way down the pecking order when people are back.

But nevertheless if we want to be competing on all fronts going forwards we do need to have players who fit the system throughout the squad.

And we still have a few too many who don't.

It will take time obviously and in any case a defeat against City is hardly a disaster.

But I just want to see us shift these last few players who simply don't work under Ange ASAP.

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