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  • Just tried to do my bit and update the ITK read only but got the update number wrong! Can you clever Mod folks change it as I can't! Thanks
    Heya - I seem to be getting spammed by a "member" named liyanaa on behalf of kaz hirai. not sure the connection, but "she" has been an SC member since Aug 2012 and not posted anything for that time - but plenty of spamming neg rep given. is she a known troll? can you (SC) look into it? she is boring and I am not the only one she's done this to... cheers sir
    It always amuses me when I see it as your sig lol :lol:

    Ta for explaining the meaning, I missed that part of the thread. :up:
    I've just realised what your avatar is. It's Alan Sugar walking into the boardroom from that tinted door at the back. He needs to get a handle on that. My mate pushed through a glass door back at school and somehow put his hand through it slashing his wrist. Anyway, hello.
    I want to send a member a pm regarding a comment on a front page article but cant figure out how, any chance you could advise me how?
    I know that your quick to give out points for infractions, but your taking a bit too long to remove the 5 that expired some time ago mate! come on your ruining me here!
    Thanks, yeah i seldom see it used (hogwash)now that you mention it. Please explain this whole rep think to me. i joined this site in August and am hooked.
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