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Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs

Apr 2, 2024
KO Time
8:15 pm
1 - 1

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 41 38.0%
  • West Ham Win

    Votes: 34 31.5%
  • Draw

    Votes: 33 30.6%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Feb 2, 2009
It's that time of the year when me and my partner will be going to the game with one of us being undercover in the home end. As much as I love her I'd love to see 99% of the people around me witness an absolute tonking i.e. a 7-0 home defeat, one worse than the Arsenal game, as most of them would hate that a million times more than losing 6-0 to them and seeing Rice score against them at home. Failing that the next best thing would be coming back from 3-0 down at half time for to snatch a 4-3 win with an absolute worldie of a curler from 30 yards into the top corner with the last kick of the game as payback for that Lanzini equaliser.


Well-Known Member
May 19, 2004
Please can we batter these *****! 2 best mates are Spammers and nothing gives me greater joy than seeing them cry in their beer.


This is the place to be
May 7, 2004
With Villa away at City we have a chance to maybe be above them end of the week. As it stands we will have 3 games in hand by the time we play arsenal so if we can keep close to them it puts us in a great position. We have to really be up for this one though as they always raise their game for this one.

G Ron

Well-Known Member
Aug 24, 2012
We’re miles better than this lot, but our gung-ho style against their boring counter attacking anti-football really concerns me. We battered them at home and I’ll never know how we lost that. Need to get ahead and bring them onto us.


Well-Known Member
Jul 29, 2011
Tough game.
I like their midfield and attack on paper although they haven't always shown up this season but they have threats everywhere. Set pieces, pace, creativity in midfield. We'll need to be defensively sound. I can't decide who I want to play against their midfield.


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Feb 1, 2013
Moyes press conference today…….We will try to put in a similar performance to the one at Tottenham .
Translated that means….they will batter us and we hope they can cock it up again and give us a couple of goals.


Well-Known Member
Jul 25, 2005
We got the job done v Luton Town on Saturday but we were far from convincing. Maybe that's a good thing though, because the last time we won handsomely we then sleepwalked into a 0-3 loss. We did some good things v Luton and had two shots which 99 times out of 100 would be goals and the bottom line is that we bagged the points. Now we have a quick turnaround with a match away at West Ham. We never seem to play particularly well against that mob and we will have to listen to that 'Champions of Europe' guff unless our team can go there and put them away. Despite their hilarious loss at Newcastle on the weekend, losing 4-3 after being 3-1 up I am not massively confident about this one. I would love to turn these over but I can sense a high scoring draw over there. West Ham United 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2. COYS!


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Jul 25, 2005
Johnson got a fair bit of joy in the home game when he wasn't even playing all that well for us. We just didn't finish the numerous chances we created. He will probably cause them a lot more problems this time with his pace up against either of their full backs. With him and Werner either side of Son we have a front three that can cause havoc in their ponderous defence. I don't think we have started with that front three so far this season unless someone can correct me.


President of The Niles Crane Fanclub
May 7, 2006
Almost forgot we had another game tomorrow.

I have no idea tbh. If we have our usual first half though there'll be no getting back into the game in the second. Must have a better start and be at it from the off.

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