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Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner


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Jan 19, 2014
Name me these clinical PL strikers though even at that price.

Haaland & Kane. Net contribution from someone like Toney or Watkins is arguably less. Beyond that you are looking at the likes of Son and Salah who are wide forward freaks really.

I think at some point we’ll hope we can find the next Son or Salah. A player we hope can develop into a prolific scorer.

I agree though, I can’t think of many clinical Premier League strikers even if we did have a hundred million to spend on one.

For example, Watkins and Toney who are both 28 this season have have scored 81 Premier League goals between them across 195 games total, compared to 26 year old Richarlison who has scored 50 across 179 matches. I don’t know how much we would need to spend to buy those two but there are probably more cost effective ways of making up that circa 15 goal difference.

That’s why Werner on loan is probably worth a go imo. We don’t even need him to come in and score the equivalent of 20 goals a season, even if he can come in and score the equivalent of 10 that would be huge as long as we continue to spread goals across the team.


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May 7, 2019
Werner could be hot and lean like his favourite breakfast food: dry toast without anything on. I hear he’s not so good at spreading the play though…
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May 24, 2008
Werner changes our Bench options dynamics quite a bit, good pace, good work rate, if we get any more injuries which are likely and the fact we are so light upfront at the moment, he's a good addition considering the terms we got him on.

I didn't expect us to get anyone this month and to just ride it out again, but looks good for Jan's fixtures


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Jun 5, 2018
Timo Werner on a 6 month loan with option to buy for around £15m-£17m could be a very smart deal. He’s rapid and on paper should suit Ange’s system. If this frees up budget for the CB then can’t see anything wrong with this move to be honest.


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Aug 25, 2011
Was listening to it while in the car, he did mention Havertz/Arsenal but was happy with the money they got for a poor player. His main theme was that Timo was awful and he'd put him in his worst Chelsea 11 ever... But still crying that he was joining us
He is there for one reason, get a reaction to his dogshit opinions.

Cause he sure isnt there for his tactical insight and knowledge.

Best paying zero attention to him


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Mar 18, 2005
It’s a common thing on the site. “I can’t believe everyone is saying this.”

Then there are no posts saying that.

In another thread someone said “the accountants are out in force.” There wasn’t a single post advocating less spending or anything particularly financial.


Jun 8, 2018
Really excited for what this can do to our pressing game. At the start of the season we saw Sonny and Maddison coming off on 60 to get rest (it’s one reason I feel sorry for Ange with the injuries, as he was really trying to not run players down) but we haven’t been able to recently.

It’ll be amazing if we can play a really strong XI, have them run their heart out for 60, then switch out for adequate replacements. For example, for the first 60:

Vic, Porro, Romero, VDV, Udogie, Bentancur, Sarr, Maddison, Johnson, Son, Kulu

Final 30 you can bring on Werner, Richi, Solomon, Lo Celso, Bissouma, Hoj, Skipp, Emerson, Davies, Dragusin etc to keep that pressing going without a significant drop in quality.

If we get these deals done, it’s amazing how quickly we have gone from being unhappy with almost every position last summer to having a really quite complete squad - largely because Ange is getting a tune out of players.
Is Bissouma not in your strongest XI? Tough.


Well done boys. Good process
Jun 20, 2012
Did he say the same thing about Havertz/Arsenal ?? ... or Cech/Arsenal... or... David Luiz/Arsenal... or... Jorginho/Arsenal... or Willian/Arsenal... ???? .... 🤮🤮🤮
Chelsea dont hate Arsenal...they even fuck occasionally.


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Nov 11, 2011
Probably suspended....
Many a truth told in jest. I have this suspicion that Ange won‘t trust Bissouma as much as he did at one time. Many will disagree but I think he has some bridges to build before being first choice in a fully fit squad.