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Lets talk emotions, Spurs ups and downs


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Aug 15, 2023
I struggle to remember it’s just a game so sometimes get really wound up. Can’t help it. Too many years of being so close probably hasn’t helped. I remember coming home on Saturdays as a kid and my Mum saying “Dads in the front room don’t go in tho, Spurs lost” 😂🤷‍♀️

Some good memories I have
9-1 Wigan was pregnant at the time and the poor lad must have had a few bumps on his head the way I was jumping around at the Lane.

Danny Rose debut goal against the scum.

Watching us lift the Worthington cup with my dad next to me at the old Wembley.

Beating the chavs and lifting the Carling cup, that was a good day got a limo down to Wembley Spurs songs blasting and then back to Rudolph’s after 🤣

Then the obvious City and Ajax CL.
Good times 👍🏻


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Jan 27, 2011
Don't get bothered about results anymore. The odd ref decision or stupid moment, sure for the rest of the day/night after the game. But I used to get so angry when I was younger about a lot of things (not just Spurs). I think the most real anger I had was Mendes at Old Trafford, or at least that was the earliest angry moment I can remember.

Happiest probably Ajax semi and Carling Cup 2008.

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Aug 8, 2019
CL Semi final was just utter disbelief and euphoria as to what I'd just seen and knowing I'd be going to Madrid to see Spurs play in a CL final
This. Supported Spurs since the 70s, so seen us lift a few trophies. But never for a second thought I'd see us in the CL final. At the end I was on my knees, sobbing. Was on cloud nine for the 3-week build-up to the final. Then Sissoko put his arm out . . . Biggest up, biggest down.


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May 28, 2012
Football doesn't really affect my mood the way it does some others (and I'm glad seeing the pure rage of some over a game 😅) but one game I do remember feeling down after was in the 08/09 season when we had that awful start, 2 points from 8 games.

It was away at Stoke, Bale and Dawson sent off, Corluka injured in a horrible clash with the keeper and it was just miserable all round.

Contrast to that..we won against Bolton the next game and I think it was maybe the most relieved I've ever been!


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Feb 24, 2015
Broke a TV with my phone when West Ham inflicted the first loss at the new stadium.


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Jun 29, 2007
One of the worst I've ever felt mid game was against Young Boys when they scored to make it 3-0 after half an hour in the first leg of the CL qualifiers.

Our first ever CL adventure looked like it was destined to end before even the group stages began.

Huddlestone was brilliant as a halftime sub with Bassong and Pav scoring crucial goals to finish the night with a 3-2 defeat.

We put the home tie to bed quickly which allowed us some amazing nights with Taxi for Maicon, Bale hat-trick and the Crouch winner at the San Siro.


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Apr 4, 2006
It used to have the potential to ruin my week.

If Spurs lost, then I wasn't watching MOTD.

Have a more general apathy these days.

Can't get into the cult of personality around managers since Poch.

Football feels like a broken record a lot of the time.
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Dec 27, 2012
I watched the Ajax game "live" the morning after the match. I avoided social media and the wife uploaded the match.
When Lucas got the winner I completely lost it
I had a smile on my face until the final

Lowest I got home after us beating Southampton 5/6-1 (really buzzing) to be told my nan took a fatal fall earlier in the evening. From one extreme to another~ it's never left me

Gassin's finest

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May 12, 2010
I remember when Sol Campbell gave that stupid penalty away in the FA Cup semi final against Newcastle, and I put a chair through the door.


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May 7, 2005
Spurs were the only team to win the Double in the 20th Century....til last week of '71 season I believe.

On the Monday they beat us at home one nil to win the league....then next Saturday they beat 'Pool to get the Double.

Disaster and deep sorrow, but I'm starting to come to terms with it..


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Oct 3, 2005
Well I cried as a 9-year-old when we lost the '87 final. Since then it's been mostly dispair... I did enjoy the win over (yes, it's only) Sheffield Utd though.