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Are Spurs fans different to regular football fans

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Aug 22, 2014
All fans have their own place I guess.

I remember Arsenal fans towards the end of the Wenger era. They were consistently finishing top 6, usually top 4, and were moaning like everything was terrible.

I can understand why some see us as moaners.

But let's get real here and know our history. The history of this football club has made us consistently one of the biggest in the best league in the world.

We're not all Spurs fans because we grew up in Tottenham. Some are, but most aren't. Most of us support the team our parents and grandparents did and the size of this support comes the sustained success the club had over a 50 year period.

Our expectations should be high. Sugar and ENIC haven't mismanaged a small club that should just be happy to be also-rans. They have mismanaged one of the biggest clubs in the Prem to a level where we just don't compete for honours anymore.

I certainly understand why we're pissed off. If I supported a smaller club and we were in this position, I'd likely be happier. But I grew up supporting one of the biggest teams that through consistent mismanagement, no longer competes.

Just say suffered child abuse mate

mr ashley

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Jan 27, 2011
Are we the worst fans in the world?

no, we don’t win that trophy either.

we got knocked out in the quarter finals…


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Nov 15, 2018
We pay more. The football side of the club has no defined direction. We’re in footballing limbo. Neither good enough to win anything or bad enough to have to fight for anything. We plod. We’re aimless.
This sums it up.

Also every club and its fans and their experiences and backgrounds are different and unique that is obvious really.

If the question is are our fans 'worse' than other fans then I'd say unequivocally no, I think we are just all tired and frustrated by the last 3 seasons especially. Bring in a front foot manager and a few exciting creative players and show some sort of plan and direction and the crowd will soon become positive again and stop the booing.


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Aug 8, 2019
Better question; what are the standards we aspire to.

Deciding we are just like other fans kind of says "maybe we aren't that bad". I don't think jeering our own players as they join the field of play is what "supporters" should do.

If fans of other clubs do it, fine. I want us to better than that though. It's clear I'm not alone in feeling ashamed of being affiliated with those today that pushed one of our players to tears.


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Aug 31, 2011
I’m extremely reluctant to criticise anyone who puts their hand in their pocket and attends our games at the moment. Feels like a boiling pot of discontent. Or a collective misery.
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