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Spurs fans to stage protest for visit of Man Utd to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this month


Jun 29, 2003
Spurs fans will stage a protest against the club’s rise in ticket prices before the side’s first home match of the Premier League season.

Fans will gather at 3:45 pm opposite the Spurs ticket office on High Road for a 'respectful but determined' protest to demand the club 'stop ticket price rises and stop exploiting loyalty'.

Source: London World

absolute bobbins

Am Yisrael Chai
Feb 12, 2013
It will get you nowhere, especially when it's "respectful but determined" which is code for nobody is coming. You need to be raucous, difficult and be 10 deep encircling the stadium.

Only when the club are actually hit in the pocket, shamed or pressured into it will they actually do anything.