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    Match Threads Spurs vs Norwich - Match Thread

    There is audio commentary on the Spurs official website.
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    Premier League 2019–?

    I can't watch it on phone / Chromecast as it keeps buffering. But works fine on laptop. Bit annoying.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Olympiacos - Match Thread

    I must have missed that, thanks for highlighting it. It is good that he was able to admit that. So far he hasn't put a foot wrong in building the new image, relationship with the fans and media persona. Not going to put any money on it lasting, just hope it lasts long enough to win something.
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    Poch: In or Out? - You CAN change your vote

    I waited until things had settled before voting for Poch to stay. I can see the decline has been over a long period and part of me wants to see someone new come in. But, things have come to a head now. Before it was (potentially forward thinking) relatively few people in the Poch out camp (I...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Huddersfield - Match Thread

    Yes, have to agree. Loved my first trip to the new stadium. Not solved the half time beer queue though, that's harder than Brexit.
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    Ticket Queue Tips

    Thanks Dinghy. We found a neighbour with a printer so not having to risk trying to scan it. I had thought it would be loaded on my Membership Card but seems not, possibly because it is the ticket exchange. Will be my first look at the new ground, can't wait.
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    Ticket Queue Tips

    I just bought a ticket via Ticket Exchange. I got the confirmation email then another email with a PDF copy of the ticket attached saying I have to print this off. Ticket is not showing on the App (yet). Does anyone know if you have to print it off or can scan the QR code on a mobile?
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    First Wembley Visit

    Hope you have a great time and enjoy a win. Hopefully be a decent atmosphere for a first home game and you are close to the action. Didn't eat there at all last season, and wouldn't.