The re-build


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Jun 24, 2004
As our season finally comes crashing down, and looking at recent performances, I think we all can realise that the squad/recruitment has been mismanaged for quite some time. Possibly due to Poch’s commitment to certain players, scouting (perhaps?), and of course the board.

There is a lot to do, some gaping holes, and some players that are maybe just needing to move on for our - and their - own good. Obv this isn’t gonna happen in one window, but who/where would you like us to strengthen?

Lloris - too many mistakes, lack of leadership. Maybe Pope would be a good replacement?

Aurier - to say he’s our best RB shows how much he needs replacing. Bogle and Doherty would be ideal.

Vertonghen - great servant, but past it now. Ake has been mentioned before, but I’m not sure on him.

Sanchez - he’s been given time, and games, yet seems to have gone backwards imo. Gets too involved in a fight, or is easily run by, no consistency. I’ve been impressed with Upamecano (too soon?).

CM - Last night showed the lack of presence we have in CM.. Leipzig showed us how to run a midfield, and what kind of players we are missing. We need strength, pace, positioning, and intelligence. Not easy to find in one player, but I’m sure there are options.

Lamela - too inconsistent, more likely to get a fee for him now than in a year or two, so I’d offer him out. Grealish (probably too expensive now) I would love, I’d also like Eze from QPR to come in.

Striker - we badly need a striker, Kane rarely plays a whoIe season. As for who, there are plenty options, I’m not exactly sure as to which one, but thishas to be a priority position.


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Jan 19, 2011
Any rebuild has to include at least 2 full backs, & someone with strength & who can impose himself in midfield. It is far too easy for teams to get behind us or run at us through the middle without anybody blocking or tackling them.
Aurier cannot defend & his positioning is awful, Sess is nowhere near being a fb at the moment & seems devoid of any confidence.
Compare our midfield with theirs last night, never heard of any of them before, except perhaps Diawara, who was only sub, yet they dominated ours in all aspects & that is a continuing theme which gets more worrying every game.


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May 10, 2019
We need to pick a system and to buy players that will fit in that system with the ones we're going to build the team around.

Imo that system should be 4-3-3 and if you're building a team around that system the biggest outcast who doesn't fit in a 4-3-3 is dele as he only ever plays well/scores consistently when he's playing off Kane which he wouldn't get to do in a 4-3-3.

Assuming Kane is staying then two of the front 3 will be Kane and Son and assuming the 3rd will be Steve. We definitely need a back up target man option though and Lucas cannot be seen as a starter option.

Midfield 3 will clearly have Gio as the main player in that 3, tanguy looks dead in mourinho's eyes so we need another gio type player and then an anchor in the 3 that's gonna break up play and shield the back 4 (definitely not winks). We have Gedson on loan for another season so maybe he could play in one of the other wider slots, but if not then it seems an odd decision to bring him in on loan. Other option would be Sissoko who would bring pace/power to the 3 but we'd be very reliant on gio to be the sole creative force in the middle. Would be nice if tanguy would step up, as he would have theoretically been a good fit for the role aside from his cement boots.

Back 4 well Toby has a new contract, tanganga will be around and can't see Sanchez going anywhere but definitely see Jose wanting to bring in someone else as a centre back to play with Sanchez. Both LB and RB desperately need incomings, we need to have defenders with less goal gifting mistakes in them. Aurier and Davies are fine as backup squad options only.

Keeper - I think it'll be the lowest priority in the summer given our needs elsewhere on the pitch and the reality of what funds we'll have to spend or not.

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May 12, 2010
Get a proper DM, and upgrade the full backs, and we've got a perfectly good squad as it is.

Maybe just get in proper squad players, so we're not left so utterly exposed when we get crippling injuries to our key players.


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May 22, 2017
It’s 6 or 7 players:


CB- Top notch 23/26 age range
LB- solid and pacey
CDM - Top notch needed
10/wing - some may not agree but I think we need one more real top quality and ditch Lamela.

Also needed:

RB - Till recently I’d have said to fight with Aurier but probably now an instant No1

Striker back up - obvious reasons

GK - now a real possibility

Hard to see that all getting done this summer.


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Dec 6, 2006
1 GK
2 full backs
1 CB
2 centre midfielders
1 back up striker

We would need to spend about 300m so it’s not going to happen.

You could sell
Hugo - 10m?
Lamela - 15m?
Tanguy - 40m?
Winks - 15m?
Sanchez - 25m?
Lucas - 30m?
Aurier- 15m

Can’t see us getting big money for anyone else apart from Kane, Son and Dele but then we are properly screwed! Obviously we can’t get all this done in one window either, this will be a 3 year plan minimum:(
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Aug 31, 2012
This isn't Fifa and we are not a 'money club' or at least not run like one. The rebuild will be painfully slow and take a few windows - it might even take longer than Jose's tenure.

We might try to sell Aurier and let Vertonghen go on a free, but for better or worse I fully expect players like Lloris, Lamela, Winks, Sanchez, Lucas to still be here in the next year or two.


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Dec 6, 2006
Worryingly, there are only a handful of players I would keep which are:

- Davies, Sanchez, Lo Celso, Ndombele, Gedson, Bergwijn, Alli, Son & Kane.

Then add the youth of Tanganga, Skipp, Parrott etc, Other than that, the rest can all be upgraded.


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Jul 10, 2011
It is going to be painful and it is going to take time. I hope that, now the CL is gone, we don’t qualify for the EL and have time to work on the training ground and allow players to rest/rotate.

This has been coming for a long time, since at least Jan 2019. Not sure we will do it, if we’ve got the right manager for it, the right vision above him, but we will see.

For me, there’s a lot of players that just aren’t good enough anymore. We may have to go backwards to go forwards eventually, but like I said, it’s going to be painful.

For sale:

Lloris – too many mistakes, not enough ownership. Wouldn’t be surprised if he asked to leave given how close he was to Poch. Great at times, but I think we can and should upgrade.

Rose – I think he is as good as gone now.

Aurier – far too inconsistent. Can’t defend. Should have moved heaven and earth for AWB. Imagine we will go all out for Aarons.

Dier – just not good enough. Wouldn’t be too fussed if he stayed and was happy to come off the bench now and then, but don’t think he’d be interested in that. Realistically he isn’t good enough at cb or dm if we actually want to win things.

Winks – I know some on here love him, but I just don’t get it. Not athletic, not a great passer, doesn’t assist, doesn’t score, doesn’t control games. What does he do? His level is mid table in the Prem. Hopefully that isn’t ours going forward.

Lamela – can’t fault his effort and you can see it in his face that he wants it when he is out there, but the production just isn’t there. Not enough goals, not enough assists. He holds on to the ball far too long, far too often. For all his endeavour, his decision making is poor. Back to Italy for £20m?

Lucas – nobody is going to take away that night in Ajax, and he should have probably started in the CL final, but how long do we let him dine out on that for before the running down blind alleys, awful first touch and poor decision making become too much? Similar to Dier in the sense that if he is happy to be an option off the bench then it might be worth keeping him, but I don’t think he is. I just can’t help but feel he hasn’t (and won’t) become the player he could have been. A bit like Lamela.

Transfer requests?

Will Kane look at Spurs now and think, like I do, the ‘era’ is over - ultimately with nothing to show for it. He is 27 this summer and there’s no doubt he will be thinking about trophies now more than ever. Personally, I think he will go this summer. I also don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world, although I appreciate many will disagree with that. Of course I’d rather keep him, but I fear that might not be an option. We could get £100-150m for him and reinvest it in the squad (I know, I know), but I think this might become this summers big transfer story.

Dele may be another one that might be weighing up his options. I still think there’s enough time for him to come good again, but I wouldn’t be opposed to selling him if he did want to go and we got a decent amount of money for him. For me, Spurs should be looking to implement a 433 and I don’t think that formation plays to his strengths at all.

The other two are potentially Son and Ndombele, but I don’t think either will leave this summer.

Who will we bring in?

Priority should be a cdm and striker(s). Maybe both from Lille? Hopefully Max Aarons and Eze will come in, there’s been a lot of talk and the latter seems to be nailed on. I think the profile of our players will get younger, and there are definitely some players from those teams that look to be going down that could be very useful for us going forwards.

I don't expect all of this to happen this summer, rather over the next 2-3 years realistically. I just think last night might have been the last CL game we're involved in for a good few seasons.

Onwards and hopefully upwards - eventually!


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Apr 9, 2004
The problem we have given ourselves is that we now NEED a really unrealistic (for us) Summer window.
The Summer where we didn’t buy anyone did us so much damage, and has left us with so much to do that there’s no way it’s all getting done in one window. We don’t have a single position where it couldn’t be argued that an upgrade or competition could be provided.
We need a left and right back, with the dip in performance of Toby and Jan there’s an argument for a CB.
Midfield I’d keep GLC and give Gedson time. Other than that I’m struggling, Winks is decent but I feel he rounds out a squad instead of being a key part. Harry and Son are the two must keeps, Bergwijn has impressed as well, however again anybody else could be argued either way.
Lucas in largely inconsistent, Lamela has passion but can’t be relied upon due to injury.
In goal, there isn’t a truly dependable keeper. Lloris is best of the bunch but mistakes are becoming more common place.
We need a lot of players in, and a lot more out - I just can’t see us doing the necessary to have a decent crack at anything for at least a few seasons, by which point I imagine we may be searching for a manager again.
It’s such a horrendous mess.


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Aug 13, 2010
Has it been asked if we trust Mourinho with this rebuild? Or do we assume he’s going to go for players who are somewhat passed it since he likes those experienced 30+ year olds


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Jul 10, 2008
Threads like this make me laugh. No way we're gonna ship our 6/7 players and sign 6/7 players in one window. It's just not how we operate. Nor should we - turning around that many players in such a short amount of time will only bring more disharmony as they will all need to time to settle and intergrate.

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Aug 7, 2019

This will maybe make me unpopular, but jesus christ i've gotta say it. Dele Alli have been fucking shit for a LONG time now. And we should not be hyped just because he got some goals and assist in the beginning of Mourinho era. This guy SLOWS US DOWN. He's CLEARLY not good enough and the guy annoys me every time he's on the ball. He's still young and english, so imo sell him when we still can get some money.

I'm also done with Hugo. This guy can have a great game once in a while, but holy shit he's doing so much weird shit. And he's getting older. Let's upgrade with youth and quality.

Same goes for Dier and Aurier. Just not good enough.

The last few games it's been clear as fucking daylight that we've got NOTHING without Kane and Son. We need a backup striker so bad that can do the same thing. And he doesn't have to be expensive. I'm thinking Klauss at LASK Linz. The guy is class honestly. And young.

I'm done with Lamela aswell.

We need some leaders in this club. Get a proper DM that can control matches and actually have a decent foot. Winks can't cross for shit. Where is our ambition level? holy fuck get a ruben neves/ndidi/fabinho type of player already, what the fuck are we waiting for? it's key in a lineup.

This is just not good enough. It's no chemistry. And I don't like Mourinho either.. It's fucking boring to watch us play lately.

We need a serious upgrade...

daryl hannah

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Sep 1, 2014
Has it been asked if we trust Mourinho with this rebuild? Or do we assume he’s going to go for players who are somewhat passed it since he likes those experienced 30+ year olds
When Mourinho came in apparently it was made "crystal clear" what the expectation was with transfers.

I suspect, "Hitchen's specials" and Levy's "opportunity emails" will dictate purchases.

I doubt Mourinho will have very much to do with the actual "scouting" at all.

daryl hannah

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Sep 1, 2014
Threads like this make me laugh. No way we're gonna ship our 6/7 players and sign 6/7 players in one window. It's just not how we operate. Nor should we - turning around that many players in such a short amount of time will only bring more disharmony as they will all need to time to settle and intergrate.
Do me a favour, you couldn't do any worse with the current bunch if you tried!

Shipping 7 out and getting 7 in is absolutely the best thing you could do at this point.