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Jun 30, 2008
Mawspurs mentioned that Graham had scored a hatrick in one game well he did and I believe it was against Southampton. Each of the goals were scored from corners, as the corners were taken Graham ghoasted into the back of the penalty area and scored with 3 beautiful unchallenged headers. Yhe game was at the time Keegan was playing for Southampton.
Graham has always been one idols and I would love to know where he is now because I never got an autograph and would love to have one.
I remember being there at WHL for that one. I also recall that before this game there had been reports about Spurs using a Sports Psychologist with some of the players in an effort to improve their consistency. Roberts was one of those who it was thought should be scoring more goals - well it worked that day! I think that was also the season he got a much deserved England call up.

I also saw him Captaining the UEFA Cup winning side at WHL when we beat Anderlecht on penalties. During the lap of honour he was carrying the trophy round the pitch when he stopped just by where the old tunnel used to be and right in front of my Row A seat in the old West Stand and raised the Cup above his head. I can still picture the pure look of joy and pride on his face at that moment. Great memory. He'll always be a Spurs legend to me.


WOW. Now this one was freaking spooky. It had this really weird twist too, but a really good one. Did you make these up or did they come from somewhere? I hope you can tell us more? Thanks. You have a strange knack for this stuff. Tell us more.