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Spurs podcast?


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Aug 5, 2013
This may get deleted (I read the forum rules and I didn't see that this violated any rules...if it does then my sincere apologies, please delete) but some friends and I had a podcast years ago and we have been chatting about Tottenham, Mourinho, the new manager, Super league, each match by WhatsApp voice notes and we wanted to potentially revive the podcast and were looking for anybody who would want to help out with editing, recording, posting etc...we are literally spread out around the world, Barbados, US, two different locations in England.

There is a lot to discuss about Spurs these days and I think these forums are amazing but some topics dont catch on and that could be covered in podcasts.


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Jul 7, 2016
Good luck mate I do listen to pods as I do a lot of driving for work so let us know when it’s set up. Sadly I’d struggle to be any help on what you need.