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Player Watch Player Watch: Lucas Bergvall


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Oct 19, 2005
Because of his gait and size plus his recent improvement in goal scoring, he’s starting to draw comparisons to Bellingham.

Not sure on that myself but I can see the reasoning.
Sticking to your comparison though he’s definitely more Maddison than Modric.
I see a little bit of Gerrard in him too.
We need to be patient with the kid but he has the raw attributes to become a very good player.
Two good feet, good on the ball, good vision and an eye for a goal.
Strong and reasonably quick too.

I'm trying to not get too excited about him but really get the feeling he can come in and do a Sarr.


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Jul 22, 2005
Oozes class and confidence. It is really going to be enjoyable watching his development.


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Jan 27, 2011
This shouldn't need to be said but with some of the recent "opinions" on players on here, it's a shame you have to.
The trouble is with every game that he plays in where he gets a goal or assist, the hype builds in people's minds. So if it comes to pre-season or the first league game or whenever his first game is and he isn't the second coming of Modric or whoever, I know some will already have stuff ready.

I'd say the same if he was 30 and joining us. Every single player needs time to adapt to a new club, country, culture, lifestyle.


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Jun 8, 2004
I hope his defensive heading is as good as his attacking heading is all I can add. Will see him straight in the first eleven.


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Feb 18, 2011
GOTHENBURG. Lucas Bergvall, 18, continues to score goals.

An explanation from himself: new muscles.

- I have put on eight kilos. A hell of a lot of gym, says Djurgårdenstjärnan.

Allsvenskan in football

There were three goals in the cup game. Against IFK Gothenburg, Lucas Bergvall continued to show the way.

The 2-0 goal in extra time of the first half basically decided the match as Djurgården was already playing with one more player after the sending off of the home team's Kolbeinn Thordarson after a foul tackle on Rasmus Schüller.

- It was a well-struck corner by Leach Holm and I have developed my physical game and can score a headed goal. It's good, he says surrounded by a larger group of media representatives in the mixed zone after the 4-1 victory in the premiere.

How much weight have you gained since last season?

- Since the beginning of last season? It's probably eight kilos. I'm up to 80 kilos something.

- It's a lot (laughs).

Lucas Bergvall.
Lucas Bergvall.Photo: Carl Sandin / Bildbyrån
How much gym training is behind it?

- A hell of a lot of gym. Legs above all and a little upper body, but a lot of legs, rear sides, says Bergvall.


- Yes, everything is possible. A little Nordic hamstring, RDL and hip trust and all that.

- It feels like I have become more physical. Gets me into duels, covers the ball better and works harder.

Runs the most out of everyone under 21​

Despite all the extra kilos, Tottenham's signing appears to be able to run more than ever.

According to the Swiss sports research institute CIES Football Observatory, Bergvall runs the most of all midfielders under the age of 21 in 36 leagues.

The Djurgården midfielder averages 12.10 km/match ahead of stars such as Juventus' Fabio Miretti and Bayern Munich's Aleksandar Pavlovic.

Lucas Bergvall: I've always run a lot
Lucas Bergvall: "I've always run a lot"Photo: Carl Sandin / Bildbyrån
- I have always run a lot. I've put on a lot of pounds but have gotten even stronger this season. It's incredibly fun and proof that you've done something good, he comments on the list.

Can you run a lot despite the extra kilos?

- Exactly.

The fact that it hit hard in the close matches against IFK Göteborg and crossed the line does not seem to worry Bergvall ahead of this summer's move to Tottenham.

- There were many ugly tackles and on the borderline, absolutely.

"It's 100 percent Djurgården"​

- They get many yellows and one red, you have to learn not to go into every duel at 100 percent. The one against Piotr (Johansson) was really unnecessary. I have several in the back when they come in late. But that's football. It's tough, but on the limit.

How do you personally think about it?

- It's not something I focus on. It's football and tackles.

How do you stay focused considering the move to Tottenham this summer?

- We work well with it. There are eleven games and one more cup final. Then the other will come when it comes. It is 100 percent Djurgården. I will do everything to help the team have a good fall season.

What signals does this premiership and victory send to other teams in the Allsvenskan?

- We are a good team, we put in a good performance and will go for the gold.