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Bundesliga 23/24

Jan 28, 2011
The problem is that the players who fell out with him the first time around will still be there. If only there was a clever ruse that Bayern could pull...

Guten Tag. Mein Name ist Herr Nnamslegan.

Yes, that should do it.



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Jul 9, 2011
I would hold a magnificently petty press conference gloating about them coming crawling back. It'd last for hours.

"Und jetzt, kommen wir zu den Lügnern..."


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May 7, 2006
Apparently JN signed an extension with the German National team until after the WC in 2026 today.

As nice a way of telling Bayern to FOD as any I guess.


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Aug 20, 2013
A familiar situation for Harry and Eric at least, in not knowing what the fuck is going on and who the manager is going to be


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Jun 10, 2003


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Jan 16, 2022
Explosive constellation in the last game against Leipzig

Will a defeat on matchday 34 help Frankfurt qualify for the Champions League?

If Borussia Dortmund wins the Champions League, the Bundesliga could get six starting places for the Champions League. Eintracht Frankfurt could benefit from this - but possibly only with a defeat on the last matchday.

The fact that Eintracht can actually keep an eye on the Champions League places this season is certainly not due to their own performance. But a number of factors come together that can make the 14-point gap in fourth place, which can no longer be made up, a minor matter.

There are still four match days left to play in the Bundesliga. But after Eintracht Frankfurt's 3-1 win over FC Augsburg and Freiburg's 1-1 draw against Mainz, it's worth taking a quick look at the season finale. Since Eintracht is ranked 6th in the table. has increased the lead over 7th place to five points again, an unusual constellation on the last match day is more likely again.

Dortmund has to win the Champions League

The first requirement is: Borussia Dortmund prevails in the semi-final duels of the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain and advances to the final. Then the Bundesliga would have secured a fifth starting place for the premier class due to the strong exit of the German teams in this season's European Cup competitions. A possible sixth starting place beckons if BVB triumphs in the Champions League on the condition that the black and yellow only finish fifth in the league.

Perhaps Eintracht can have a direct influence on this - and win the possible starting place for the premier class through a defeat. But first things first: If the Hessians have secured 6th place on matchday 34 and Dortmund and Leipzig are still fighting for 4th place, it will be exciting. Because on the last match day the game between Eintracht Frankfurt and RB Leipzig takes place. At the same time, BVB probably has the easiest task in the league: a home game against Darmstadt 98.

It could get very tasty.

If Frankfurt gets a point against Leipzig and thus helps BVB reach fourth place, if Dortmund were successful in the Champions League, sixth place would not entitle them to the Champions League. If, on the other hand, Leipzig reached fourth place through a triumph in Frankfurt, Eintracht's celebration of BVB's Champions League victory would probably be almost as big as that in Dortmund.

Things could get quite interesting if Eintracht themselves need at least one point to secure 6th place, but are not allowed to win so that Leipzig stays fourth. Just imagine what the final phase of the game would look like if Eintracht were 1-0 up...