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  • I have no issue with the neg rep, my outspoken nature earns it all the time, I just feel that it wasn't warrented.

    As for the Gomes issue, nobody stood up for him more than me, but I knew how good he was, I'd seen plenty of him before we signed him and I had faith in his ability to turn it around. Perhaps if I watched more SPL I'd have the same view with Hutton, but after 2 years he just hasn't given me reason to believe in him. I'd never abuse him at a match, I don't do that and every time he plays I'm actually annoying in my attempts to point out every good thing he does to those around me because I'm desperate for all our players, even those whose signings I was dead againt (Bentley) to do well.

    Anyway, I hope you find my new post more reasoned and balanced.
    And you couldn't have done that in the thread, by me to explain myself?

    That's really weak Chris. I don't want to make too big a deal out of it because like I said, I generally agree with most of what you say, but I think if you wanted to make a stand against unjustified bias there are better examples than me. I take it you've not noticed the praise I gave him, for instance, after both the Hull game and the Everton league cup match?

    Do you neg rep viola for every ridiculous pro- Giovani and Pav/ anti Harry stance he takes, without justification? Or DC for his worrying love of Jenas? How about Nic and Legend for their unadulterated hatred of Keane, or Stoof and Dougal for their unconditional love of Keane? What about Michey for his hatred of all English footballers?

    Obviously I don't think you should go round neg repping them, I'm just making the point that this is a forum full of pre conceptions and strong views, and by doing what you did, rather than attempting to reason with me in the thread, shows and intolerance of my views and a refusal to accept my right to have them. I could understand if I'd said 'Hutton is a lazy, dad beating w***** who gives away a goal whenever he plays', but I didn't, I haven't, and I have balanced the argument in the past even if not in this thread.

    You know perfectly well that I'm one of the members who does his best to argue fairly on every point and accept arguments (well structured ones) from all angles, and that I generally pride myself on being reasonable and tolerant, so I just think it's very harsh treatment.

    Anyway, I don't want to make a big deal about this, so I'll leave it there.
    You neg reppred me for an opinion and a tongue in cheeck comment at the end. Nothing that insults another member on this forum, nothing rude or vile, just an opinion that a player isn't good enough and a sarcastic piss take about him being Barnet quality thrown in at the end.

    I generally like your posts and outside of our right back situation I think we agree quite a bit, but neg rep for that is just plain ridiculous. Careful, with actions like that you're going to end up like DC_Boy.
    Usually: :beer:

    Usually: :dance:

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