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  • Awwww now I feel slighty bad... Have some smiley faces to make you feel better:

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
    Haha! Judging by the amount of votes you've given me for my photo look you didn't bother speaking to him then? :smile:

    If I'm ever over there I certainly will.
    No I haven't unfortunately. Don't tell me there was a handsome hunky guy that looked just like me there? :grin:

    If ever I'm in Budapest though I now know good bar to visit :up:
    Nah you spelt it right, I just hadn't heard the word before so looked it up! :oops:

    You have a great weekend too! :-D
    Depends if you mean this one..
    :lol: better late than never hey....the first it was to do with Kendall being banned, the second was a pic of Chris# in a compromising pose that I was going to photoshop :up:
    No sigy/avatar curse can be as bad as stoofs lol

    You just have 1 injured, one out on loan and one sold. Not that bad :D
    Not a problem, will let you know when i have something :up:

    just hope Dawson isn't out for long...
    Just taking a look at the blind judge. I might write something in braille on my package for you :grin:
    If you want your name or any other text on it just say. If your the same Ryana that uses takeforum you can use it there as well if they let you use them.
    Ok, that was nice enough!

    But its not blue ir green


    thats the direct link, just use it direct from there. You dont need to upload it anywhere else just stick that link into your sigy with the
    Only if you ask nicely! :p

    just say who you want ect, and anything else and will see what i can do
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