Dier to captain England against Germany

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 9, 2017.

  • by mawspurs, Nov 9, 2017 at 10:39 PM
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    Gareth Southgate has confirmed that Eric Dier will captain England for Friday's game against Germany.

    Read the full article at The FA
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Japhet
    Could at least spell his name right in the headline.
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  2. davidmatzdorf
    Misspelling Spurs players' names seems to be today's thing.
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  3. ohtottenham!
    Cane, Alley and Stinks got a pass; shame Crippier didn't.
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  4. mawspurs
    That one is down to the damn spell correct, fixed it.
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  5. greaves
    Either way, it would be interesting to see him tried out as a regular Spurs captain.
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  6. LexingtonSpurs
    He is not ahead of Kane for the England captaincy, nor Spurs.
  7. wakefieldyid
    In this context, it's worth reading this article from Wednesday's Daily Telegraph...


    They make the point that captaincy in any sport isn't about rewarding the best, the loudest, or the longest serving players, but the ones who step up the plate and show leadership by example. Being a proper leader involves far more than being a media favourite.
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  8. mawspurs
    That was an interesting read, thanks for posting. (y)
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  9. JC-Rule
    I'm not a fan of Strikers or Keepers being captains.

    Guessing i'm old fashioned, but i want a central midfielder or Central Defender to captain the team.

    So i'd much prefer Dier over Kane for England and Spurs.

    But other factors do come into play though.
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  10. whitesocks
    Lloris is our ceremonial captain, and rightly so for all his international experience.
    But for some time clearly Kane has been the effective captain, and refs will call him over if they want to make a point.
    He listens respectfully and leads by example. Since we are a compact side, he is never that far from the action, so him being a striker is not so much of an issue.

    For me, and I am a big fan, Dier hasn't earned the right to be captain either for club or country so I'm not sure why this has happened.
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  11. Bilko
    Because Southgate is crap
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  12. newbie

    To be honest I think we are developing a team of leaders, Toby, Verts, victor, Kane, Dier all have a presents and are leaders during the games.
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  13. whitesocks
    I don't normally watch England games, but we seem to have lost a generation of players aged in their late 20s.
    Of those out there, only Walker and Jones have more caps than Dier and he is the better captain material of those. So maybe I was being unfair.

    He played well, but he and Livermore are not the most attack minded of players. Winks should walk into this team.
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  14. JimmyG2
    Played well and looked the part.
  15. JimmyG2
    Another excellent post from
    Mavis Doormat.
    Thanks Mavis, keep up the fine work.
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  16. gusrowe
    I like Dier as a player, he is solid and dependable. Always puts in a good shift and scores the odd goal. I think the Spurs and England players respect and trust him so I have no problems with him being Captain.
    He did well last night as the team Captain, solid, safe,secure in a team of debutantes and led my example. Maybe a little bit slow in passing the ball last night but safety first when your playing the World Champions.
    He does not have Kane’s skill and is not flash but he did remind me of Bobby Moore..probably the greatest England Captain...enough said. In addition he always comes over well in interviews and the press currently like him.
    I think Dier , although young is improving and will continue to be the England and potentially Spurs Captain.
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  17. Colonel_Klinck
    I definitely see him as a future captain of Spurs. Kane may be ahead of him but I actually think Dier would make a better captain. He’s also perfectly positioned on the pitch for a captain.

    I thought he had a really good game. Solid performance and leading by example. I’m not a huge fan of the style of football Southgate plays but I do like the trust he places in young players. He’s not afraid to play players that are in form rather than just picking star names either.
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  18. fridgemagnet
    I thought he was solid and marshalled things quite well, not worried about giving players an earful when needed and i think he sets himself a high standard and it pisses him off when he comes up short and i think he expects the same of those around him, i also think he's very much a team player but not afraid to put a foot in either.

    That he's a versatile player makes him a useful captain to have, i think he'll be one of those unsung players a bit like Scott Parker (without the Marvel haircut)
  19. whitesocks
    He is a different player to the one that first played midfield 2 seasons back.
    Then he'd dive in and make his presence felt. Picked up a few bookings and the smarter players would see him advancing and play it to the space he had left behind him.

    Now he zonally marks, cutting the passing angles and waits for the mistake. These are not the natural instincts of a CB, which he has the build for. He is a very strange boy indeed.

    All the same, it is a shame he didn't take the opportunity to kick Ozil up in the air

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