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Jun 7, 2004
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January 8
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Islington, London UK
Housing consultant, musician, horticulturalist

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Front Page Gadfly, Male, from Islington, London UK

"I find that using the ratings system saves a lot of online rows." Sep 25, 2017

davidmatzdorf was last seen:
Mar 19, 2018 at 10:11 AM
    1. davidmatzdorf
      "I find that using the ratings system saves a lot of online rows."
    2. alchemission
      D-matz. You're my favorite person on this site. You speak the truth brother! You have a memory like a Mac, and your knowledge of the club rivals my THFC encyclopedia. Carry on - don't let the bastards get you down. Charlie
      1. Acid and davidmatzdorf like this.
    3. alamo
      A belated happy birthday to you DM. This site wouldn't be the same without you.
      1. Acid, RickyVilla and davidmatzdorf like this.
    4. davidmatzdorf
      I don't recall rating anything as 'spam', so it must have been a mis-click. I find that using the ratings system saves a lot of online rows.
    5. davidmatzdorf
      Firefox was misbehaving this morning and I was clicking all over the place trying to get it to respond.
    6. davidmatzdorf
      OK, if you don't want to tell me where the post is, I'll leave the rating as it is.
    7. ItsBoris
      Please, spare me the sanctimony. What is childish is having rated seven HUNDRED posts "dislike", as you've done. No reason for that. If you feel like there's more to dislike than to like on this forum, why stay here? I also find it hard to understand how you could rate a post without realizing you've done so. Seems to me that even if it was accidental you would most likely still notice it.
      1. BuryMeInEngland, Bobbins and Phantom like this.
    8. ItsBoris
      Explanation for the Spam rating please?
      1. davidmatzdorf
        Where? Must have clicked by mistake. Direct me to the post and I'll remove it.

        Was your spam rating of my post retaliatory? If so, that's pretty childish.
        Sep 12, 2014
    9. gazzeh
      Aw cmon Dave, was only in jest ;)
      1. davidmatzdorf
        Which thread...?
        Aug 15, 2014
      2. gazzeh
        You disliked my grooming comment. Which..is fair enough lol
        Aug 15, 2014
    10. Sweech
      So on a scale of 1 to David, how big of an Arsenal fan are you?
      1. davidmatzdorf
        Well, that's a silly question. I've managed to tolerate living 500m from the Emirates for 14 years, including through the 'invincibles' season, when the smell of testosterone in the streets was pretty unberarable, without giving up my Spurs season ticket.
        Aug 5, 2014
      2. davidmatzdorf
        But people who say things like 'I hate all Arsenal fans' (or West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea, whatever) are idiots with a tenuous grip on reality. I detest people who write down things like that. It's prime evidence of someone who is both stupid and a bigot.

        I have plenty of Gooner friends. But any of them who say things that end '...all Spurs fans' aren't likely to remain my friends for long. Same principle.
        Aug 5, 2014
    11. Bobbins
      For God's sake stop going and Disliking every single post you happen to not agree with recently. It's pathetic and (for some reason) I'd expect a hell of a lot better from you.
      1. Phantom, Sweech, vicbob and 4 others like this.
    12. JamieDaCosta
      Yo Daveed,

      You're an intelligent fellow and its always interesting to hear your thoughts and views so with that being said, im intrigued to know what you make of Soldado???
      1. davidmatzdorf
        He shows every sign of being a very cool-headed finisher who can find space in the box. He has a bit more work to do learning where that space is to be found in English football we have to send the ball in his direction more frequently and much more quickly. More crosses, a few balls over the top to keep the defenders honest and more rapid interplay like the move that led to the goal against Villa.
        Oct 30, 2013
      2. JamieDaCosta
        Nov 4, 2013
      3. JamieDaCosta
        Would you rather him or Defoe?
        Nov 4, 2013
    13. punky
      Sorry David, I meant to give you a positive rep and gave you a neg rep by mistake. I corrected it.
    14. bluckaneyr
      I've been more of an observer than a contributor to the SC for a number of years and want to thank you for all your worthwhile and articulate postings during that time.
      Recent weeks have been stressful for Tottenham fans and the greater our commitment, the more trying those weeks have been.
      I believe you are spot-on with your analysis that Harry's public indecision is impacting on the mindset of some of the players and you voiced that concern in advance of the more recent results. Your postings about the plans and proposals for a new stadium were exemplary, but your sophisticated and considered style might raise the risk of sometimes being misunderstood or even being resented by some who are comfortable with a more simplistic and direct view of things. It's that mix of attitudes that characterises any kind of community, I suppose, be it a virtual or an actual community.
      Personally, speaking, as a retired school headmaster not far off my 60th birthday, I value your input and I contend that the SC would be a poorer forum without you.
      I myself have found that it can happen that when I've been throwing myself heart and soul into a cause I have commitment to, it can get on top of me, thus requiring that I step back for a short while. If you do step back, I know you will be back very soon.
      Thanks again for your insights, David.
      Tom Hanley, Dublin, Ireland and a Tottenham supporter since 1960.
      1. ero1x and Norse like this.
    15. tedharper
      hi David just a question , how you were trying to buy tickets before this season?

      im lillywhite and didnt miss a home game for 6 years , i always buy whenever i want to seat as well !

      i think last whole season couldnt get my fav park lane twice!

      bought hundred tickets over the years for my friends as well including cl!
    16. DoublePivot
      I just had to comment on your quality post on SO in the Loic Remy thread. That's the kind of posting we need back here if you ever decide to forgive the lot of us. And I do believe I once had issues with you a few years ago that probably didn't help. But I came to learn that you were just smarter and more even-keeled than me and accepted it.
    17. JimmyG2
      Was going to post request for you not to desert the site but see I am well down the list.We need some rigour on here and people to keep down the level of personal abuse. I think that this is one of the best sites for informed discussion and now the only discussion site I participate in.
      I look for your contributions which are well informed and well argued,though you can be a bit terse at times. Even idiots should be free to post as long as its not abusive.
      I thought that the recent exchange with Gangelov showed him in a better light and that he had more to him than 'Levy out' (On the Comolli column)
      Anyway most importantly keep contributing even though I know it can be frustrating at times.
    18. Makkaveli101
      Don't lose faith in the site yet! You're posts are always informative, well structured, and thought-inducing. I appreciate it dude. I might have a difference of opinion at times but your well layered arguments always make me think laterally. That's cool!! Don't jump ship dude!! People like yourself are very much needed on this forum!
    19. davidmatzdorf
      Thanks. Only just noticed your message - still getting used to to the new format...

      See you on the board.

      Also accepted your friend request thingy, without having a clear idea of what it's for...

    20. pezinhoTHFC
      Hello mate, just thought Id send ya a message to congratulate ya on that brilliant post about the Top Four - Im backing you on that. Its doing my head in how some people are so blinkered and so naive.

      But nice one!
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    Islington, London UK
    Housing consultant, musician, horticulturalist


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