Vertonghen and why his repeated 'clashes' with Pochettino at Spurs are no bad thing


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Aug 24, 2010
Yet all three mentioned have been sidelined for a while with injuries so it made no sense to me that they were all on the bench together. Unless it was as I mentioned before to put them all,in the shop window
yep with Dier and Aurier just coming back from injury, though Aurier and Wanyama both played in the AFCON so both have had some game time during the pre-season period, and Auriers injury is to his wrist. with Dier and the other 2, perhaps Poch felt if needed a short run out v Villa is a time to get their legs working


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Jun 13, 2006
Remove some of the Daily
Remove some of the Daily Mail's more excitable slant, and we're left with a quite credible scenario. Clearly, a 32 year old player who's not fully match-fit is at increased risk of sustaining muscle strains. If Poch was concerned at Jan's underlying levels of fitness, it was entirely approproriate not to risk him in the Villa match, even as a substitute. Let's just hope that he's ready for Saturday...