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UEFA club coefficient


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May 22, 2017
Hoping someone here might be able to answer. Was just thinking how important EL qualification is to our coefficient. Stupidly the points you receive for EL are almost same as CL. It’s pretty important for us to stay in top 16 otherwise you go into pot 3 for Future CL draws. Currently we are 13th the points are worked out over 5 season and every new season you lose the points from 5 seasons ago. We currently have 85 pts and will lose just 12 pts from 15/16. This is better than a lot of teams so will go to 73pts and from there 20/21 will be added. But does anyone know when you lose the points from 15/16. I presume it must be after the draw and before 1st group game ? If that’s correct we’d go 11th as Dortmund and Seville will lose more points than us from 15/16. I hope this makes some sense lol. Oh and Arsenal failing to get Europa would see them drop out of top 10 and us enter top 10 after a couple of group wins.