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Spurs face legal action over Solomon fee 'disrespect' - Shakhtar


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Jan 17, 2009
Their beef should be with FIFA not us. We technically signed a free agent, and laid on a charitable friendly for them when we didn't have to. Can't believe this is still a thing?

He wasn't a free agent. The rule only allows the player and club to unilaterally suspend the contract, not terminate it. As we signed him befiore his contract then expired, I suspect Shakhtar will be due some compensaton.


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Aug 9, 2017
As Shaktar lost an appeal at CAS, under which legal system are they going to pursue this claim?
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Aug 24, 2013
It's a tricky situation because as much as I sympathise with Shaktar, the question is whether we would have offered Solomon a contract if he wasn't essentially a free agent and therefore a risk free option for us. If we had been actively pursuing him before the war and simply took advantage of the situation to screw Shaktar, then that would have been pretty outrageous. But giving a player a chance because there is no outlay is another matter entirely. We are still paying wages for a player who is always injured.

Having said that, if we are looking to sell him in the summer, we could always offer them a proportional percentage of the fee for a player with 6 months left on their contract. I don't think we should be paying anything ourselves now, but I think giving a small portion of any future fee we got would be a decent gesture.