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May 20, 2005
Summer Transfer Window 2009
[Update 123] Phantom Of The Lane re: Young
Date 15 July
Good new, the move that was in preliminary stages has fallen through, he will now either stay at Villa or come to Us, those are the options. Great news for us with them signing Downing, he is Young's major competition to go to the wc as a left winger and they cant both play. I reiterate he is our NUMBER ONE target....get ready for August 31st this ones gonna run....
[Update 135] Phantom of the Lane re. Young
Date: 16 July
Site: COYS
There is NO agreement in place for Young...yes he is our number one target and we are trying to structure a deal, but there is NO agreement in place
[Update 186] Phantom of the Lane
date 23/07/09
site COYS
Bent close to exit.

Nothing confirmed as of yet, but they want to get rid of him....Safc could be the destination.
Harry told him he won't get much football next year, so its in his best interests to leave...

Update when I have one....

[Update 194]Phantom Of The Lane re BringBack_leGin
date 23/07/09
site COYS

BringBack_leGin's post

Funny you should post that...Just to add to your post.

I confirm thats true, its now a toss up between Crouch or Huntelaar, but we are considering both. yesterday I was told It was deffo gonna be Crouch because Hunt was going to go to Stuttgart, there have been developments now with him pulling out of the deal, and the wages may now be within our reach.

But to echo your post, and I dont know who else can support this info if they have a source, its true
[Update 195]Phantom Of The Lane re: Taarabt

date 22/07/09
site COYs
He will be joining QPR on loan in the next couple of days....As I understand a years loan with an option to buy at the end of the season....
[Update 220] POTL misses Harry's interview.
Date: 26/7/09
Site: COYS
Crouch has signed, medical done this morning. To be announced imminently. Bent going up to Sunderland in the morning, to be announced in the next few days. Brought to you first on COYS.
[Update 254] Phantom Of The Lane re:Bassong
date 1/08/09
site COYS
Greetings from the sun.

Have internet for 2 seconds...advanced talks with Bassong, NO FEE agreed...theyre asking for 10 were offering around 6 prepared to go to 8,...but could push more due to his young age...If I get more access I'll be back when I can! Shouldn't be too much of an issue, likely to be agreed

Bassong should be on his way though.

[Update 280] POTL re: Bassong
Date 5th August
He's coming Coysers, soon to be a yiddo.

No idea when announced officially- easier to predict the end of the world, than predict an official announcement from WHL!

But its happening.

[Update 301] Phantom Of The Lane re:petrov
Date 9/8/09
Being looked at, distinct possibility before the end of the window.
No bid made as of yet, got legs tho, will update when developments happen

martin petrov

[Update 313] Phantom of the Lane on Richardson
date 13/08/09
site COYS
we categorically are not interested in richardson so no point even talking about it
[Update 329] Phantom Of The Lane re: New Deal for BAE
Date 17/08/09
Quote: Ekotto has signed a new deal...no idea when it will be announced, but the ink is dry
[Update 382] Phantom of the Lane re:James
Date 30th August

and another

Update to follow tomorrow...If the other thing happens, we'll leave James...must be discreet with this one coysers so cant say anymore today-sorry.

back tomorrow with more for you all.

[Update 410]POTL: re more to come (with update)
When: Sept 1st
Where: COYS
Sorry guys cant say more, ins and outs to come.

Nk is not the only deal happening today
January Transfer Window 2010
[Update 13] POTL re: Richards / Lennon Injury Update
Date 5th Jan 2010
But taken from FTL so might not be exact quote...

"Will write a proper post later when I have a bit of time.

Couple of things, Lennon out for 3 weeks max, should be back for the Leeds game, we are also sniffing around Micah Richards, he wants to come, but City need a replacement first, nothing happening with this yet, but it has legs. As I said will update properly later with more detail!"
[Update 25] POTL: Harrys gone to Italy
date 6/01/10
site COYS
Harry has gone for a shopping trip to Italy today...nothing purchased as of yet
[Update 34] POTL on Hutton
date 15/1/10
site COYS
Sunderland have put in an enquiry for him [Hutton], negotiations taking place. Nothing concrete as of yet, player hasn't discussed personal terms. Early stages. Will keep you all updated.
[Update 44] POTL re: Van Nistelrooy
Date 19th January
I confirm were in talks
Asked if it was still on :
We are talking, that is all.
[Update 55] POTL re: Gudjohnsen
Date 27th Jan
Replying to whether there was any truth in the potential deal :

Unfortunately there is, Wham offering higher wages though. Will come back when I have more.
[Update 59] POTL re: Kaboul and Begovic
Date 28th Jan
They still owe us money for the original deal, hence why we are back in for him. Kaboul not yet at personal terms discussion, but its likely that this is going to happen.
Anything truth regarding Begovic?
Yes, but looking at 1 other as well.
[Update 58] POTL re: Eidur Gudjohnsen
Date 28th Jan
Completed later today.

[Update 74] Phantom Of The Lane re:pav
Date 31th Jan
Unlikely to be here after 5pm tomorrow
[Update 75] Phantom Of The Lane re:Rose and Naughton
Date 31th Jan
Both likely to go out on loan, Birmingham have put in a loan offer for Rose.

Busy day tomorrow!
[Update 81] POTL re:Jenas
Date 7th Feb 2010
likely to be off...In the summer- To Italy. Knows the crowd don't like him, and Mourinho wants him in the summer, he's currently learning the language too. Come back to this post in August.

[Update 80] POTL Summary
Date 5th Feb 2010
Firstly an apology, I wrote this on Monday evening, but havn't had access to a computer as I've been away the last few days, but here goes...

I cant believe it was a year ago I was writing one of these! I will write something in more detail in the next few days when I have a bit more time. Firstly can I just say PLEASE can we have a bit more positivity, look where we are now in comparison to a year ago, the progress we have made is outstanding. Yes Harry and Daniel have their faults, for example some say Daniel is too businessman like and doesnt know enough about football, some people say Harry only gets on with certain players and takes forever to make a substitution, others will have other grievances, others may not have any, but that is football, each to their own and everyone entitled to an opinion. Not my job to provide opinions, In the words of Adrian Durham for all you Talksport listeners, I deal in facts! And it is my job, or should I say a job I have taken on board, to provide all of you coysers will the latest going ons at the club.

So to give you a brief overview of our activity:

Eidur Gudjohnsen- Harry wanted him in, thinks he offers us a wealth of experience in the race for Champions League and can play in a number of positions. Not fit to play yet, but has trained with the first team. Maybe a week or two till we see him in a Spurs shirt.
Younes Kaboul- Again Harry is a big admirer of him, and with the money that was owed to us by Pompey we only gave them £2m, Harry also thinks he can play as a rightback hence the decision to let Hutton and Naughton go out.
Kyle Walker- Called back as has played football all season and will privde cover at right back, If Naughton had played more football, he would of stayed.

Alan Hutton- Was allowed out on loan when Kaboul came back in, expect him to leave in the summer.
Kyle Naughton- He just needs to be playing games and Harry recognised this, hence sending him out to get games, very highly thought of at the club, will be back for next season with more experience under his belt.
Gio- Doubtful he will come back, poor attitude, poor application, and gets drunk far too often, its no surprise hes ended up in Turkey, Barca didn't let him go for no reason, the same applies to us.
Robbie Keane- The players are all gutted at this one. King of the dressing room. King of the banter. King of keeping up the squad morale. Yes he has been poor this season, but it remains to be seen what effect it has on the squad without him there, but I can tell you the players aren't happy hes gone.
Troy- Didnt progress as well as had been hoped. Wasn't even close to the first team.
O'Hara- Had a bid from another club for him, but cant play for 3 clubs. Will re evaluate at the end of the season, but could be off permanently, but not to Portsmouth. Credit due to the lad, he wanted to go there and play rather than sit on the bench at us.

Maybes/ Rumours/ Nearlys

Now if I put every rumour in here I would be here all night, so I would rather just focus on a couple.

Begovic- So nearly signed, did the medical/ stayed in London/ verbally agreed to sign. Last minute agent spun it in favour of a move to Stoke where he has been promised first team football.
Scott Loach- Not dead yet this one. Watch this space.
Jones/ Moses/ Cahill/Anton/ Parker/ Lovren- All pie in the sky.


Two top targets remain as Ashley Young and Micah Richards. we will see what happens with these in the summer, both players are interested. I am sure CL football will help with landing these targets.

Finally a mention to Pav. Feel for him as he desperately wanted to leave. Brum was the only real option but they could meet the asking price or wages. Hopefully he will get a chance now Keane has left. But he is very down that he hasn't moved clubs. Also a mention to David Bentley who after being told he has no future and wont play again, has really knuckled down the last few games after his surprise inclusion vs Fulham due to Niko being ill. Sunderland and Wham both inquired regarding loan deals.


Lennon about 3 weeks to go- Has met with Gary Lewin at the lodge and has worked out a rehabilitation programme. Will NOT being have an op. Should be back shortly, has started running and moving with the medical team.
Ekotto- Still a while off, Bale has got to stay fit and keep putting in the performances. Ekotto has a hip problem and its not a quick healer.
Woodgate- Having real trouble with his groins- hate to say it and dont want to tempt fate, but the R word may be looked into if the surgeon he is working with cant solve the problem.

I think that is about it. I am sure I have missed some things out and when I notice what I have missed I will update! For all of you that have PM's me and have not received a response I apologise, and will try to go through them. All in all we have made significant progress in the last year, we are sound financially, we dont pay silly wages and give in to player demands which have landed other clubs in trouble. We have a GOOD manager and a GOOD chairman who wants the best for the club and we are soon going to be moving into a wonderful new home which will enable us to compete with the best in the business.

Lets all try and remain positive, we have a strong squad that will be fighting til the end for this CL spot, we may not have signed everyone that we wanted but we have a talented group and we still have good cover. Most o f all we have a wonderful fanbase who i am sure will continue to support the team so brilliantly.

The future's bright, the futures lillywhite.
Summer Transfer Window 2010
[Update 2] POTL re:Interest stepped up
Date 13th April 2010
Interest in Micah Richards has been stepped up significantly. Real top target for the club. Its probably at this moment in time more likely than not. Watch this space, see how it develops over the summer....

[Update 13] Phantom Of The Lane re: J Cole
Date 14th May 2010
Contact has now been made. Decision not due yet, future likely to be decided after the WC. But we have now made contact.

[Update 17] POTL has a couple of bits for us
date 20/5/10
site COYS
Hello All.

Couple of bits for you, some you may of guessed, but some clarification.

Meetings have taken place, and certain players have been made available for transfer, with asking prices being sent out to clubs and agents.

Hutton, Jenas, Dos Santos, Pav have all been made available for transfer immediately. I will update on the progress of all as it happens- but they will all be sold. Robbie Keane doesn't want to leave, and Harry still rates him, although if the right offer comes in he will be sold. The same for Jamie O'Hara- We are asking 6 Million for him- if someone pays it, he will go.

In terms of Eidur, depends on who is available first- but could be one to stay.

Clear targets remain, Richards and Dzeko. Also sniffing around Huntelaar. We will sign a big name striker this summer. Again, will update as it happens.

So, nothing concrete yet, just a little clarity on the future on some of the players.


Followed by

Just quickly want to point out, many of you have asked after a few different players, and are disappointed that I have not mentioned certain things. Just because I havn't mentioned someone, doesn't mean we aren't going to sign them. Transfer targets change due to many factors, one of the biggest will be performances in the world cup and of course- when seeing who other sides are signing etc.

I said Richards and Dzeko were high on the target list, I didn't say others weren't. I didn't mention someone such as Joe Cole as I gave a thread on him last week.

It is only May, long way to go, many things could happen.

[Update 22] POTL on Cole
date 25/05/10
site COYS
Not putting a downer on this, but following on from my thread last week, where I stated we have made contact with the player and his representatives, but Chelsea have also made an offer to the player- theirs is financially superior. Depends on how much he wants to play. Talks will continue post WC.
[Update 25] POTL on Taraabt
Date 15th June
Talks well under way between the club and his representatives.
Offer on the table of 2 years plus option of a third.
Harry would like a 3 year with one more as an option.
Likely to be agreed shortly.
Good news for the club.
[Update 30] POTL on Richards
date 27/05/2010
site COYS
Can confirm we are now in talks with City about Richards. Having reported this a few months back, it has taken a little longer to get to this point than at first thought, but we are now underway and this could be concluded sooner rather than later. Richards should become a Spurs player shortly.

[Update 62] Phantom Of The Lane re : Joe Cole (Updated 2nd July)
date 24/5/10
site COYS
[Taraabt to QPR] Not complete. Clubs are both in talks. A friendly between the two clubs is about to be announced. Our valuation and QPR's are very different. He will definitely not be staying though.
[Update 49] Phantom of the Lane re: Harry
Date 30th June

Joe Cole is in talks with us now. Nothing finalised, will still speak to the goons, but were confident of getting it done. The Spurs lads at the WC have done a good job telling him WHL is the place to be. Fingers crossed.

Update 23:33pm July 1st

Closing in
[Update 52] POTL and Archie re: Taarabt
date 16/6/10
site COYS
Taarabt will definitely be leaving this summer.
At this point in time there has been no contact from Vilareal. The fee suggested is something the club are after, but with a year remaining on his contract, this isn't going to happen.
QPR is a more likely destination for him, with a fee of around 1.5m close to be agreed. They will travel on Saturday to Morocco to meet with him and the agent.
[Update 55] POTL on Ledley, Rose and Walker
date 18/6/10
site COYS
[Ledley] Is ok.

Will be back for the next group game all being well. Touch and go at the moment, but working hard in the pool to get back for the next game. not as bad as the papers have made out- shock.

I also saw a story that Walker and Rose are going to Pompey. Both players available for season loans. Nothing agreed at all with Pompey.

[Update 59] POTL re: Joe Cole/Sponsor deal
Date 25th June
Cole has NOT made a decision yet, and will not be made until after the WC. He is definately interested, but he has insisted he will not make a decision until after the WC, so all the speculation can stop until then.

In other news, the club is no nearer to finalising a sponsor for next season. As you are aware the Mansion deal is up and currently we do not have a sponsor for next year. There are a few irons in the fire, but we are not close with any particular brand.


[Update 67] POTL re: Richards
Date 2nd July
Hate to pour cold water on this, but its not done, and there is still a way to go before it is. Trying to make it happen though.

[Update 78] POTL re: Richards, Cardozo and Wickham
Date 5th July
Time 13:48pm
Really don't know where some of the info comes from from posters on other sites, I really don't!!
You are all going to be sitting here a lot longer than 72 hours to wait for the Micah deal to happen!

I really dont' want to knock anyone's info, as I am sure it is passed on in good faith, but this Cardozo as our number 1 target and Wickham as a done deal just simply is not true.

Sorry folks.

[Update 92] Phantom of the Lane re: Micah Richards
Date 13th July
Micah- getting closer now. Clubs and agents are working on it now. Negotiations in full swing.

Sorry, can I just add to this, will take another few weeks as won't be done whilst City are in the US. But is going to be a Spurs player before the start of the season.
[Update 101] POTL re:Interest Mounts
Date 17th July
In Marijan Antolovic the young croation Gk. Club trying to work a deal.

Harry also extremely interested in Bellamy. No deal done as reported by other sources.
Micah still likely- few weeks on for this one.
Striker- Not sure where the CC info came from, nothing in it. Suarez, Dzeko, Fabiano and Huntelaar situations being monitored, not close on any, but remain clear targets.
Joe Cole- Still speaking with him. Still a way apart in wages. Same with the other club he is speaking to. This will be complete one way or another in the next week. Trying to meet each other half way to come to an agreement. Harry's top target.

Just a little update, nothing earth shattering.

Update from POTL
Terribly I have made a mistake the GK is Pletikosa. It is the croation GK i reported but I got the name mixed up. Sincere apologies.

Prepare for us to come back with a bigger offer to JC tomorrow...

[Update 102] POTL re: Pletikosa/Cole
Date 18th July
Terribly I have made a mistake the GK is Pletikosa. It is the croation GK i reported but I got the name mixed up. Sincere apologies.
Prepare for us to come back with a bigger offer to JC tomorrow...
[Update 105] POTL re: Joe Cole and other snippet
Date 19th July
Even after the additional offer that we put to him and his agent, we were still £25,000 apart on wages. He is being paid serious wedge there that is for sure. £95,000 a week. In my opinion, we have done the right thing. Would of been a good signing for the club, but he is not worth that kind of cash, and glad we haven't broken the bank for somebody who realisitically was not a necessity, and was more of a luxury player (although still would of been great to see him at WHL).
Don't been downbeat anyone, we have irons in the fire and are working on other deals- and I assure you, if a few of them come off- you will all be very happy.

I am now off for 10 days so probably won't have a chance to get on in that time, something will happen whilst I am gone- so apologies that you won't hear it from me here first- although I may sneakily be able to get on at some point and update you all.

Cheers for now.
[Update 129]POTL re:Taraabt to QPR
date 2/08/2010
site COYS
[Taraabt] Will sign for QPR this week on a permanant deal.
[Update 139] POTL re: Pletikosa
Date 4th August
Croation GK deal agreed. Final few bits to be completed. Will be announced shortly.
[Update 140] POTL re: Reluctance to spend
Date 4th August
Does anyone seriously think that Daniel isn't willing to invest money into player transfers this summer? Perhaps better to assess on September 1st Coysers. One thing I would suggest is that Daniel may be over cautious in terms of wages, which has its pros in the fact that we have financial stability, and cons in the fact that it could lead to losing out on a player (Joe Cole-We did make a fabulous offer, but not to the £90k pw he is getting at Liverpool). But suggesting he isn't supporting Harry on transfer money is way off the mark, all he has ever tried to achieve is success and champions leage football- do you think that now we have got the latter, he isn't going to support a manager who cost him £5m in compensation when he tells him who we need to strengthen the squad?

Easy to pass judgment, better to wait until the end of the window to see exactly who comes in and out. As I have said throughout this window, we are working on bringing in our signings, and yes they are linked in with player swaps, and optimistic they will come off.
[update 143] POTL re: Taarabt fee
Date 4th August
To be fair the papers have got it bang on- 1m , and its in instalments over 3 years. Was off this morning, they couldn't agree terms, has only been sorted out in the last 20 mins literally.
[Update 156] POTL re:Jacob/Young
Date 9th August

Don't know who your source is mate, but it is a long way from being done.
Confirm, we are trying for Young. Have only offered him 60k pw on a 5 year deal. Player obviously wants more wages, he is not going to move on the same wages, there would be little point. But also recognises that City, Utd and Liverpool are not interested, and Spurs is the next big club, and it is in London. The player wants to come, but we are going to need to increase our offer.
Watch this space on this one. And don't believe everything you read in the papers.

There is a long way to go with this one, as it involves players. Contracts are not even close to being agreed with Young, Daniel is playing hardball. Not an overnight one this, a lot of work to be done.
[Update 158] POTL re: Crouch to Liverpool being "done deal"
Date 10th August
[Update 161] POTL on Young
Date 11/08/2010
Good Journalism, thats all pretty much bang on.
in response to:

Tottenham have opened talks with Aston Villa over a £20million move for Ashley Young but their bid to sign the winger could be scuppered by his £75,000-a-week wage demands.
It is understood that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has been talking to Villa executives for some time about a deal that would include striker Robbie Keane - valued at £11m - as a makeweight.

Young, 25, has made it clear he wants to move to White Hart Lane and Levy has told the player’s representatives that the Londoners are willing to offer a five-year contract that would match his current £65,000-a-week package.
Yet the England international wants a £3.9m-a-year-deal – or £75,000-a-week – that would make him the highest paid player at Spurs, above Luka Modric and Robbie Keane.

Levy is unwilling to break the club’s tight wage structure and the transfer remains some way off completion, particularly given the added uncertainty at Villa Park following Martin O’Neill’s resignation.

Spurs are hoping Young will lower his demands and that the carrot of Champions League football this season – assuming they overcome Young Boys Bern in a two-legged qualifier – will work in their favour. The winger, who signed from Watford for £9.6m in January 2007, has less than two years remaining on his Villa contract and has so far been reluctant to discuss a new deal.

Tottenham are hoping to make the former Watford player the first of at least three big-name signings that manager Harry Redknapp says he has identified to help Spurs push for the title after their fourth-placed finish last season.

There is no indication that the potential sale of Young had anything to do with O’Neill’s decision to walk out of Villa Park just five days before the start of the season, but the Northern Irishman was known to be concerned about losing another of his star players.

Villa would be reluctant sellers of Young, but they have been actively considering the prospect of selling him in their negotiations for Keane, who wants first-team football following his loan spell at Celtic last season.

Redknapp made two bids for Young last summer and has maintained his interest as he believes the winger’s pace and delivery from the left could help Spurs be more of an attacking force this season.
[Update 164] POTL Update on Young and Richards
Date 12/08/2010

Updated in a thread he started in February:

Funny looking back to this from February. I outlined out two top targets were Richards and Young. Have still remained the same throughout the year and are now. Unfortunately at this point in time, neither are close at all. We have not agreed terms with either club, we've held many talks with agents and the clubs, but we are reluctant to pay over the odds on wages or tranfer fees.
I know many of you have read conflicting reports in the media and from other boards, but assure you neither are close to being done.
Unless these go through last minute- which with Spurs, I certainly wouldn't rule it out, they are unlikely unless we change our stance or some other tranfer activity happens in the meantime.
Prepare for a busy last few days of the window....I know I am.

He also added :

Just wanted to add, I certainly understand the negativity, I mean after all signings are what excite a football fan, and to have none over the whole summer is not really what people expected, especially after that night at Eastlands. What I would point out is that we have managed to secure the futures of Luka, Bale and Lennon- who we have all received bids for, and very substantial ones at that.
We have not lost a single member of the squad from last year who managed to secure 4th spot, and if you look around, I wouldn't be overwhelmed with Chelsea signing Benayoun, Utd signing Smalling,Bebe,Hernandez or either of Arsenals signings. Joe Cole would of been a good signing, but Liverpool have signed a striker who would not of got into our squad along with Poulson, who is no better than what we have, and we have Sandro to come.

If you look around, activity has been very minimal and apart from Man City, I am unsure if any of our 'rivals' have strengthened significantly to warrant us being worried. And in regards to City, you can't just put a load of individuals together and expect them to just play, although only pre season, I think theyre results have suggested this is the case. No doubt they will be a threat, but it is going to take a while for that group of players to gel.

We will make signings, we are just not close on anything at the moment-not that we havn't got our targets identified, just we are not going to overpay on players just to make a signing, and clubs are not going to sell their best players if they feel they can't get adequate replacements, have a little trust in the board if you can, we are working on deals, it is just a very depressed market reflected by the lack of spend throughout the UK and Europe.

We have a group of players who know each others game and did a superb job last year, and come Saturday at 12.45, will be ready to play with knowledge of how each other play, which can not be said for City.

I know it is frustrating, I admit nothing would make me happier than to get a player in that is going to strengthen the team, but as someone once said, or a beer company- 'Good things come to those who wait', And you all have all most certainly had to wait. We are Tottenham Hotspur, we are a force to be reckoned with, we do have a good manager, we do have a chairman who backs the club, we do have the best squad in decades and we will strengthen, you have waited months, just try to wait a little longer, its only days or weeks at most.

[Update 170] POTL re:Remy + Gio
Date 15/08/2010
Confirm we sent scouts to watch the player on Saturday night. 4th time he has been watched.
Don't be convinced Gio isn't leaving either. There is interest from Spain and Italy for him. Redknapp recognises he has had a good pre season, but he had a good pre season last year too. Watch this space.
[Update 184] POTL re: General update
Site: COYS
Just thought I would give you a few bits as we near the end of the transfer window. I see many stories and info passed on and comment on some of it, but not all. Here are a few bits to keep your eye out for:

Remy- Club have been monitoring him for a while, We have made a bid that was rejected as it was lower than the asking price, with Marseille making a big last night, we will go back in with another one- but again will not overpay.

Young- Same situation as before, Villa don't want to sell, but recognise an opportunity to take a few of our players that they could do with and make some money at the same time. Wages are a problem our end as he is already on 60k pw, and we are going to have to increase by at least 10k.

Richards- This one is going to drag on. City don't want to sell to us, but the player would like to come, if we put in a suitable enough bid 8-10m, the player will demand to speak to us.

Gallas- Talking to his people about a 1 year deal- asking for ridiculous wages- DL not keen.

Huntelaar- Available for loan with a fee from Milan with an agreed price at the end. Still being looked into.

Parker- Harry would love the player at WHL, WHU do not want to do business with us, If we raise our offer to 10m, then the club would have to look at it. Same as Young, Player would love to come.

Jenas- Being monitored by a couple of clubs in Italy- Juve particular interest- player hesitant as recently married and has a daughter from another relationship in UK. Waiting to see developments with Villa.

Naughton- Available for loan

Hutton- Available for transfer- B'ham a possible destination- we are trying to get as much back as we paid for him- unlikely, but expect him to leave.

Keane- Looks like he will be staying.......

Gio- Being looked at in Italy and Spain- could leave on a permanant transfer- dubbed a 'pre season' player at the lodge.

Luka/Defoe- Both having scans this morning. Will update later

There are a few things I havn't posted, but they will depend on qualification next Wednesday. Next week is absolutely HUGE, we simply HAVE to qualify. Will update as things change.

Be positive,

[Update 188] POTL, dragon1 re: Gallas
Who Phantom of the Lane
Date 19th August
Time 21:20

this has not gone down well with the our squad-let me assure you. Nor me.
[Update 193] POTL re:Walker
Who: Phantom Of The Lane
Site: COYS
Looks like Walker will be off on loan now as well
[Update 197] POTL re: Gallas/Walker
Who: Phantom Of The Lane
Site: COYS
Gallas passed medical- Deal complete- signed.
Announcement due.
Looks like Walker will be off on loan now as well
[Update 204] POTL re:Keane's injury + Striker

When: 22/08/10
Site: COYS
Thanks for your info.

To confirm, Keane is injured, a knee injury. He was in for treatment AM yesterday and then given afternoon off- free to spend it how he wanted. Was in again this morning for treatment, and will be in again with the rest of the squad.

There was not a big bust up, Defoe had a late fitness test and if he hadn't of passed then Keane would of played-just a few words said, nothing major. Defoe likely to be fit Weds.

No offers have come in yet either for him, future will be decided dependent on the result Weds. This also applies for striker coming in.

[Update 234] Phantom of the Lane re: Deals
Date 27th August
Negotiating deals for 2 players at the moment. More to come over the weekend.
Deals for players going out also taking shape.

[Update 235] Phantom of the Lane re: Bongani Khumalo
Date 27th August

Posted in the thread on the kid, over on COYS :

Lad has been on trial all week and been training with the first team- young centre half. Trial ended yesterday. Available at around £750,000- Did well, being considered at the moment.

[Update 253] POTL re:Last few days
Date 28th August
And here we go into the final few days.

few bits for you:

Rossi- Truth in it, seeing if we can close something for him, struggling on a fee with Sevilla for Fabiano, Huntelaar not happening.

Really trying for Young at the moment and trying to get Keane off there and Jenas if possible.

Muntari- Not confirmed as of yet, but getting closer

Hutton, Naughton both due to leave. Offer from Newcastle for Keane, would rather use him in the Ash Young deal.

Lots going on, what comes off and what doesnt remains to be seen. Nothing Guaranteed.

Watch this space.
[Update 270] POTL re: Couple of things
Date 31st August
Nobody does it quite like us.

Couple of thinks in the balance now, fingers crossed. 50/50

Couple to go out on loan today
then :

Something has just come out of left field, striker wise. not long if theyre gonna tie this up
[Update 280]POTL re:Van Der Vart
Date 31st August
As I reported earlier, this one came from left field, be patient with me please guys.
Paperwork has all gone off, waiting for confirmation from this one. Don't forget League clubs can still make loan signings so expect a few of the younger lads to go, i.e. Naughton and Walker. Cudicini may go out on loan in an emergency loan deal to a Championship club, will give you all a proper summary shortly.

Van Der Vart hopefully is going to be a Spurs player with Premier League approval.

Has come about after Fabiano signed a new deal with Sevilla. He was the one we wanted, make no mistake about that. Could not agree personal terms with him.

Have been trying to post for a while, but have not been able to get on, probably too many on the server at one time?!

Will summarise tomorrow.

[Update 285]POTL -transfer roundup
Site: COYS
When: 1st Sep 2010
Another window is now complete, and you can all get back to worrying about what really matters-football.

Wanted to give you all a brief overview of the activities this window, the easiest way to go about this will be player by player. Am not going to mention them all as we have had some really false 'itk' linking us to certain players, who we have not even made contact about.

Micah Richards- We were hopeful at the beginning of the summer of completing this deal, as time wore on it became more unlikely, as the player played more games at City, they didn't want to sell, and with the injury to Boateng and only Zabayleta as cover, this became a no goer. Harry still really likes the player, and believes he will become a top Centre half, so don't be surprised for us to come back for him in Jan or next Summer.

Ashley Young- Another top target, O'Neill had agreed to let him go to us involving a player and cash swap, but after he left, Lerner put a hold on the move and refused to sell- without knowing if the new manager would want him. To be fair we were struggling with his wages anyway- he was after a 5 year deal at £70k pw. In the last few days we offered cash plus Keane and Jenas, but was rejected by Villa. Another one who is still a top target, watch this space.

Joe Cole- Harry REALLY wanted him, was one of his top targets. Met with the player a few times, in the end he wanted a fresh start outside London and they offered him a longer deal with higher wages and a promise of first team football.

Fabiano- This was the striker we were really after. Fee was agreed with Sevilla for Fabiano- 18m and then wanted 90k a week on a 5 yr deal. Now im no brilliant business man but 18m plus 5 yrs of 90k pw is 22.5m giving u a total of 40.5m for a player that realistically has no resale value at all, cant play in cl first year of contract, and will probably lose a yard of pace in the next couple of yrs and is nearing his 30th birthday. I’d say on a business level, its the correct decision.

Huntelaar- Were never seriously interested, many of you were surprised we didnt sign him for the price he went to Shalke for, but he hasn't really progressed since leaving Ajax, and the scouting reports were not particuarly promising, so we left it, was not thought he would improve the squad.


Gallas- After he rejected deal from Arsenal, Harry really wanted him in with his CL experience, and he has done it at the top and has got the t-shirt. You have all seen the interviews- 'No brainer' I believe was the quote.

Sandro- Club has high hopes for the player. Meant to be one of the outstanding talents in world football, Huddlestone esq but more mobile. Excellent work from Levy and Broomfield to get him in.

VDV- Still awaiting ratification from the PL for this one to go through. Harry was truthful, came about last minute. He wasn't a top target because when we enquired about him months ago we were told the price was going to be extorniate. And again after starring in the WC, we were told the same. Daniel managed to negotiate a deal last minute (In a way that only Levy could). With a wealth of experience at international level and champions league level, looks like we are getting a real steal here. Fabulous signing, that extra bit like Luka who can unlock a defence, and a great set piece taker.

Pletikosa- This could spell the end for Cudicini. Rated as a really good GK, and was identified a long time ago, has been training with us for weeks. Only the O/S can say why it was announced so late.

Rumoured Outs:

Keane- Was part of a Villa exchange deal that did't come to fruition and was subject of a loan bid from Newcastle which was rejected by us. Will be 4th choice striker.

Jenas- Bids from West Brom, Stoke and Newcastle- all on loan- rejected by the club. Also an enquiry from Juventus. Mourinho wanted him at Inter before he left.

Gio- Still expect him to go on loan somewhere, and then on permanant.

Hutton- Won't play at Spurs, no offers to our valuation.

Naughton and Walker- will go out on loan, likely the same for Rose.

There is a lot more to write, but this should do for now.

We are in the Champions League proper now. Have a very strong squad, have managed to hold on to Modric, Bale and Lennon along with our other big players, and have aquired 3 good players, one that brings experience at the top level, one outstanding talent and one world class player- yes world class.

We do have 4 international strikers still, and didn't strengthen because we couldn't get the one we wanted- would you of really settled for Remy at over 10m? Or Gyan- and unknown with a poor scoring record at 13m? Or Huntelaar just because he was available? And the Dzeko thing was a no goer due to a £25m price tag- even City turned their nose up at that one. Look at some of our competitors, they all have flaws, Arsenal don't have the depth we do, and have a dreadful selection of Gk's, look at the state Liverpool are in, Paul Konchesky says it all, along with no striker again.

Hope you are all excited for what is going to be a big big season at White Hart Lane, with the club competing on 4 fronts, a terrific manager, a chairman that has managed the club extremely well, brought in some good players without putting the clubs future at risk, we have a new training facility and stadium on the way, from where I am sitting it looks pretty positive.

Future's bright, Futures Lillywhite.

January Transfer Window 2011
[Update 28] Phantom of the Lane re: Stevie P
Date 4th Jan

Bye Keano, Bents, Gio.

Becks very much on, Daniel will conclude deal with LA Galaxy.

And who fancy's a new striker

[Update 30] POTL re:Walker
Where: COYS
When: 5/1/11
That Kyle's a right villain
[Update 32] POTL re: DB.
Date 4th Jan

Let the circus begin.

[Update 43] Phantom of the Lane re: Cryptic-ish
Date 6th Jan
Walker the Villain ;)

Keano No to Brum. Doesn't want to move out of London. Like's to Listen to Mc Hammer in the dressing room. DB Wahey man. DB Hello.

[Update 52] Phantom of the Lane re: Update
Date 10th Jan
Bentley to Brum almost complete- rejected move to Newcastle after initial loan fee was agreed.
Keane still refusing to go to B'ham. Hammertime could be around the corner- offering money now with more if they stay up. DL wants all money upfront.
Gio off to Italy on loan- 3 clubs to choose from.
Townsend off on loan this week.
Becks has arrived for Medical- DL still pushing for loan move- nothing to do with insurance- more about when Galaxy want him back.

Everyone still fancy a striker??


Once you have lived in a captial city, one tends to remain living in a captial city- country an irrelevance.
[Update 59] POTL re:Cheerio
When: 11/1/11
Where: COYS
Cheerio Dave
[Update 68] POTL re: Bentley
Date 12th Jan
Bentley gone...
With Option to buy. Good loan fee too. Well done Danny boy
[Update 72] POTL re: Cryptic
When: 13/1/11
Where: COYS
Laughable quotations.
Get real.

[Update 80] POTL re:Keane and more cryptic clues.
When: 15/1/11
Where: COYS
-At least this time he's going to talk to them, has already refused once- RK10

-Hows it oak? Keep pluggin Danny

-Let's get back to the table, perhaps in a coffee shop?
[Update 84] POTL re:Signing
When: 15/1/11
Where: COYS
SPose we are due a signing soon.
[Update 88]POTL re:More cryptic messages
Where: COYS
When: 17/1/11
Audere Est Facere.

Keep on Truckin'
[Update 89] POTL re:all his cryptic messages
Where: COYS
When: 17/1/11
I will explain all the Cryptic clues at the end of the window, I understand some posters are becoming frustrated that either they can't work out the clues, or they think the cryptic is to cover a few bases.
Let me make it clear, I am not obligated to provide any info, I do it to provide you the fans with a little info that you may not otherwise hear.

But to make it clear for now. Pienaar wants to come to Spurs, but we havn't agreed a fee as of yet, but can talk to his repesentatives as he is out of contract in the summer. Something that we are working on currently. Becks- unlikely to sign now, he has to go back to Galaxy too early- Harry desperately wants him to sign, still being worked to see if we can find an agreement.

2 other things going on, and yes a striker is something that is being worked on- 3 possibilities.

Gio going on loan to Italy, Keane doesn't want to go to B'ham- S'land will be an option when Bent completes Villa move (bid accepted few days ago) West Ham also still in the mix- he will be leaving this window.

And there are a couple of other bits- off to listen to Bup Bup Americano- like that song.
[Update 93] POTL re:Keane
Where: COYS
When: 17/1/11
Keano refused to go to Bham as said earlier.
[Update 114] POTL re: Who wants some more?
Date 20/01/2011
Stevie P :wink:

That Kyles a right Villain :wink:

Keano No to Brum :wink:

Who wants some more?

3 More loans out

In's ??
[Update 123] POTL re: Keane
Date 21st Jan
Tight as fook them hammers

RK being pimped like a cheap whore
[Update 136] POTL re: Things Hotting up
Date 23rd Jan
Time 11:00am
Its hotting up.

Super hot..

In the Capital.
[Update 146] POTL re: Another cryptic
Date 24th Jan
anyone been on the website lastminute.com?
[Update 148] POTL: Dependent on other
date 24/01/11
site COYS
We're not done yet.

When have we ever been done before the last second of the window?

Non cryptic- We need a couple of things to happen before something happens if ya get ma drift
[Update 153] POTL Interesting
date 25/01/11
site COYS
Its starting to get interesting Coysers
[Update 156] POTL re: Thursday
Date 26th Jan
Tomorrow we should see some movement.
[Update 158] POTL re: Keane
Date 26th Jan
hammertime approaching 10
[Update 166] POTL re: Patience
Where: COYS
When: 27/1/11

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue.

Fingers crossed.
[Update 173] POTL says nothing today

date 28/01/11
site COYS

no ins or outs today
Summer Transfer Window 2011
[Update 41] Phantom of the Lane re: Taxi!
When: 23/05/11
Where: COYS
Taxi For:

None of the above will be at WHL next season.

Offers will be listened to for:


Loans again for:

Naughton (with Walker coming back we can not have Corluka, Walker, Kaboul and Naughton- too many right backs)

Woody is to be offered a pay as you play deal. Will see if it is signed in the next few weeks.


We are in the market for a GK, CM, 2 Strikers, 1 wide player. Do not be surprised to see another player that does not fit into one of those postions come in. By no means will all of the players listed be sold, but a good selection will be. The squad needs refreshing and the fringe players will be sold to accomodate better quality players to push for the CL qualification again next season.

There will be at least one early signing in the next few weeks.

[Update 53] Phantom of the Lane - Harry to Chelsea
Date 25th May
Not happening
[Update 58] Phantom of the Lane - Harry
Date 26th May
Time 19:48
Can we end this right now.
Can't quite work out where all these rumours and I would go as far as saying lies have come from.
No interview, no contact-nothing.

[Update 70] POTL - Friedel
Where: COYS
When: 2nd June
Friedel close
[Update 72] POTL - Leandro
Where: COYS
When: 2nd June
1st bid was last year, been in constant contact for going on a year now. Bid placed a few days ago. Constant negotiating between two clubs. Very good relationship.
Fee YET to be agreed though.

[Update 75] Phantom of the Lane - Parker
Date 3rd June
Time 12:04pm
Don't jump the gun just yet. Whilst there is negotiation- there is a serious beef between the clubs.

Stem's back from the Scott Duxberry days, moving on now to the Stadium fiasco. The Keane deal has helped a little, but deal is not signed as of yet.

Thanks for your contact's info tho.

Parker wants to come and deal likely though.

[Update 86]POTL - QPR, Cole and O'Hara
When: 05/06/11
Where: COYS
No truth in this. No enquiries from QPR.
Joe Cole story- utter rubbish
O'hara deal imminent- contract agreed Friday.

Blue and Yellow.

[Update 99] POTL - Downing
Date 9th June
[Update 100] POTL - Bap bap Americano
Date 9th June
Site COYS​
Good song
Update :

Am looking to learn to dance.

Anyone got a style that might be good?

[Update 118] POTL on Leandro
site: COYS
when: 14 June 2011
Wages. turn the pages. its wages.
[Update 119] POTL - Shawcross
site: COYS
when: 14 June 2011
POTL said:
We have not made any enquiries for Shawcross

[Update 121] POTL - Cryptic/O'Hara
Date 14th June
Time 21:00
past wrongs recovered in songs alas its blue and yellow.

Also :
uncryptic for your patience. ohara tba shortly. all done.
[Update 124]POTL re:Scott Parker
When: 15/06/11
Where: COYS
Gonna rain, parka out
[Update 133] POTL re Berbatov rumor
Where: COYS
When: 17th June
[Update 138] POTL re:Modric
When: 18/06/11
Where: COYS
Again, it is up to you Coysers which ITK you choose to believe, and from some of the absolute rubbish I have read recently i felt it time to comment on the statement made by Daniel. Mods feel free to delete this post if the tone does not fit in with the CCC, but I have said on many occassions that Luka is not for sale at any price- this remains the same. Apologies for the slight outburst, this is an emotive subject and with some of the stuff I have been read that is total lies, it is important to take certain 'info' with a pinch of salt- again mine included if you choose.

The future is bright, the future is lilywhite. Modric 14.

[Update 141] POTL - Sandro leaving rumours
Date 19th June
Time 2:10am
more garbage.
[Update 151] POTL - Few Things
Date 21st June
In reply to Jacob's ITK :
No loggerheads.

It is not Harry's money- it is not his responsibility to look after finances and make sure we get the best deals for the club- that responsibility is Daniels. Hence why the negotiations we are involved in, Daniel is trying to get the best deals for the club financially that will protect us with finances and length of contract, bonus', renewal's etc.

Wheels are in motion.

The long and winding Blue and yellow road.

[Update 167] POTL re:Etoo and Forlan
When: 25/06/11
Where: COYS
Etoo and Forlan at the Lodge?

Can someone get them both a cup of tea then please.
Just to clarify, POTL replied to a post saying Forlan and Eto'o were at Spurs lodge. He dismissed this with the above post and a no way smiley.

[Update 171] POTL re: Lennon
Date 27th June
Time 11:20pm
Some of the 'info' is absolutely ridiculous. You can't make stuff up and then post it. That is not right.
Player is in negotiations regarding a new deal-not in talks to move to Liverpool.
Some of the info I see being provided at the moment is doing more damage than good.
[Update 184] POTL re: Defoe to Sunderland rumour
Date 30th June
Posted in the thread claiming Defoe was set for Sunderland medical :
Dont even know where to start with this one
[Update 191] POTL - Training, ins and outssssss
When: 4th July
Where: SC
Pre season started today. Everyone was back in for a 9am start. Bloods and body fat testing early doors before some fitness tests later.
Obviously some exceptions with players playing in tournaments over the summer, but the vast majority are back.
Some will not be here for long, we have other friends to join in the coming weeks.
You know what it isssss
[Update 208] POTL Bap Bap Blue & Yellow Blah Blah
When: 08/07/11
Where: COYS

Bap Bap Americano + Blue and Yellow = 9 but keep it on the DL. Happy Friday.

[Update 209] POTL re Selling Players
Where: COYS
When: 8th July

POTL just replied to a thread re Keane:

Were having some issues at the moment, we havn't had any bids for the players we are trying to shift. Keane, jenas, Bentley, Dos Santos, Hutton...

So any reports of deals being close for these players are incorrect.

[Update 210] POTL re: Modric (and of course blue & yellow)
Where: COYS
When: 8th July

He'll be fine, he understands out position- it will blow over in a few weeks and when blue and yellow comes to fruition he'll be more than happy.


[Update 226] POTL re: Naughton/Modric
Date 12th July
Time 16:00

Regarding Naughton to QPR ITK :

Nothing agreed there yet. Likely to go though- will be a one year loan. They have also signed Bothroyd-all completed.
Regarding Harry's interview on SSN and Modric not for sale :

Luka situation is getting boring. Not for Sale. Done.



[Update 228] POTL re: Daws and S.Africa (and no Blue and Yellow for once)
Where: COYS
When: 13 July

Hate to confirm, but there is an issue with Dawson- the contract he has been offered is not reflective of the CAPTAIN of thfc. Wouldn't go as far as what the papers are reporting, but there is an issue. Hopefully can get this all sorted shortly.

Another note, FULL squad flying to SA today at 7.30- full first team, 'reserves' and a few youth's. Nobody of note being left behind.


[Update 231] POTL re: Vucinic
Date 13th July
Time 13:50


[Update 252] POTL re: CM's latest info, Adebayor and Hutton
Where: COYS
When: 20 July

Talking about CorlukaModric's latest info on Vucinic.....

(TSH note: A crack teak of Spurs Community codebreakers has decided that this means 'verified')


Only because as I mentioned last week we were negotiating for Vucinic, talks are ongoing. In terms of Adeybayor this is a goer as well- wages are the obstacle. B&Y.

and regarding Corluka to Villa...

Nope. Hutton is Bound there.

Get ready for it to kick off from Monday next week when the squad return from SA.

[Update 259] POTL on Vucinic
when: 22 July 2011
site: COYS

Vucinic Developments Overnight


[Update 270] Phantom Of The Lane re:Bongani
When: 25/07/11
Where: COYS

Medical at Reading this afternoon. Will be a Reading player by the end of the day.
One year deal- no option to buy at the end of it.
Purely for experience- with the hope he comes back to us for next season ready to compete.
Let the fun begin- merry-go-round has started at WHL.


[Update 279] POTL re:Tshabalala
When: 27/07/11
Where: COYS


Some of the rumours going round the last few days....



[Update 294] POTL Re Luka
Where: Coys
When: 29 July

Luka has never ever been a problem. Trains perfectly every day.
Hold on tight, here we goooo.


[Update 313] POTL RE Modric
date 31/7/11
site COYS

[Re Update 308]
He [Modric] was sick-end of story.


[Update 314] POTL: Period
site: COYS
when: 01/08/2011

We are not pre-agreeing prices for Bale or Luka. Period.


[Update 316] POTL re: Blue
Date 1st August
Time 15:20pm
Major work going on to secure the blue part of B&Y this week.

Initial loan its looking like.


[Update 322] POTL Re Hutton, Keane
Date 2/8/2011
Current negotiations going on regarding Hutton.
He should be a Villa player sooner rather than later.
Daniel trying to drive the price up as much as possible. SHOCK!
AMc likes Keane as well- but not at the price Levy has offered him.


[Update 327] POTL: Lennon (with sarcasm)
Site: COYS
When: 03/08/2011

Yes were going to sell our only right midfielder at the club and one of the brightest young players in the country to our rivals.

This is sarcastic, for those watching in black and white.

[Update 332] POTL - Blue
When: 04/08/2011
Where: COYS

Pushing today.

Going to have to break wage structure for this one...

Also, this may not be related, but in a thread this morning entitled "I don't want Adebayor", POTL posted this several pages in :

[Update 342] POTL re: Updates
Date 5th August
Time 9:35am


Blue- Wages still the issue.
Yellow- Trying to Negotiate fee. Lack of willingness from other clubs to meet fee or show any concrete interest are working in our favour.

Diarra- Looking more likely as the days go by.
JJ- Correct has been offered an extended deal- mainly as happy to fight for a place/be a squad player.
Hutton- Will go to Villa.
Bentley- Like trying to shift Ice to an Eskimo.
Gio- Agreed sale to Udinese.

There will be more.


[Update 349] POTL re Diarra
Where: COYS
When: 6 Augustt

[Update 359] POTL re: Wilson/Diarra
Date 8th August
Time 13:35pm
ByeBye Sgt. W.
Hello pocket Dyanmo.

[Update 371] POTL RE Blue
date 12/08/2011
site COYS

Blue. Getting closer.


[Update 382] POTL - Keane and Gio
Where: COYS
When: 15th August

fee agreed. leicester offer also on the table.
trying to push gio to udinese who have offered more than sevilla-gio wants to go back to spain.
its transfer time.


[Update 388] POTL re: Adebayor
Date 15th August
Time 14:30pm

[Update 390] POTL Re Update 389
date 16/08/2011
site COYS
Dont usually respond to mass posts but this is good info.

Kaboul is not leaving.

The info reg Palacios is spot on, defect in knee.

[Update 394] POTL re: Adebayor
Date 16th August
Time 22:00
If anyone on here wants Adeybayor in a Spurs shirt.....get excited. Terms all agreed.


[Update 396] POTL re: Kranjcar
Date 17th August
Time 11:55am

Niko aint going.


[Update 408] POTL re: Kiss
Ade and Lass. X

[Update 415] POTL re: Modric
Date 22/08/2011


There is no hiding away from the fact there is an issue with Luka. He has been as good as gold for the last few weeks, yes he has a knock but he has been training. Following on from a conversation between the player and Daniel on Saturday evening, Luka only reported in for treatment early on Sunday morning (players trained at 10) and didn't train. He is not on strike though. You can look into it 2 ways. One that Daniel has let everyone down with the lack of investment so far, and that he has made Luka a derogatory offer of extra cash to stay. Or you can look into it that Luka has had his head turned and is being completely unprofessional. Mix the two together you will find a slight of an answer.

Ade and Lass.

Sandro is making fantastic progress from his injury, no way will he be out for another 3 months. Closer to one month.

Tonight- could be the same side. Yes Livermore could start, but Hudd is fit and so is Jenas.

Busy busy last 8 days of the window at The Lane. hope some of you have booked the 31st off work.

Then later on :

Not downbeat, A shame that our intened business was not tied up earlier, but targets have remained the same all window, negotiations have just taken a lot longer than anticipated. There will and are signings. I guarantee it.



[Update 417] POTL: Not Downbeat
Where: COYS
When: 22/08/2011

Some chappy posted: "People missing the point. Even POTL seems disillusioned and not so upbeat about This windows dealings. Could end up with no one. Why wouldn't Luka wanna join someone with some ambition something our investment owners clearly do not"

And our boy responded:

Not downbeat, A shame that our intened business was not tied up earlier, but targets have remained the same all window, negotiations have just taken a lot longer than anticipated. There will and are signings. I guarantee it.



[Update 422] POTL re: sitting in a tree
Where: COYS
When: 24th August

Keep getting asked for updates on this.

Nothing to say, that hasn't already.

He's Spurs. End of.

Ade and Lass


[Update 428] POTL re: Adeybayor
When: 25/08/11
Where: COYS


yee of little faith.
Well done that man, swap Carlsberg for Guiness.

2 points awarded to the next poster who actually posts something positive. This board is currently like a depressant's diary entry.

[Update 433] POTL - just about worth putting in here
Where: COYS
When: 27th August

Yellow is Leandro Damiao

[Update 434] POTL re: Palacios
Date 27th August

Good luck Wilson


[Update 442] POTL re:parker
When: 28/07/11
Where: COYS


[Update 450] POTL re: Cahill
Date 30th August

Bid has gone in.

That's the latest...no word on acceptance or rejection at this moment. Late in the day Levy.

Tomorrow is going to be BUSY.


[Update 456] POTL re: Cahill
Date 31st August

Bid has been accepted. Personal terms and meds today.
Will run til the deadline this one.


[Update 460] POTL re: Update
Date 31st August

Getting busier as the day goes.

Parker is completed as have said on a few ocassions.

Hutton to Villa. Enquiry has now come on regarding a loan for JJ.

Crouch- offer from Sunderland. QPR want him as well, not at that price.

Cahill bid has been accepted, talking to players agent currently. Head Doctor on standby for medicals.

Gio in talks with Wigan late last night. Initially offers from Sevilla and financially stronger offer from Udinese, player prefers Spain. Wigan came in late.

Wilson to Stoke done.

Diarra talks ongoing.

Only concrete deals at the time of writing are Wilson out and Parker in.

There WILL be more action today.

Not open for further replies.