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Oct 25, 2005
The Club is delighted to present updated designs and plans for the Northumberland Development Project, which will be submitted to the London Borough of Haringey in the coming weeks.

Main Info: http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/new...ent-project-updated-designs-and-plans-080715/

Microsite: http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/new-scheme/


The improvements to the stadium are within the footprint and envelope of the existing planning consent and the key changes we are proposing include:

A visually dramatic new stadium design - a landmark building for Tottenham and London, focussed towards the ‘Home End’, improved sightlines for all spectators and modern technology integral to the design from the outset to enhance the fan experience.

An increased capacity stadium - up from 56,250 to 61,000 seats, featuring the largest single tier stand in the UK, now increased to 17,000 seats, with an unrivalled spectator experience throughout and spectators closer to the pitch than at any other comparable size stadium in the UK.

Dedicated facilities for the NFL - including a fully retractable pitch revealing a second playing surface, compliant to NFL standard and capable of hosting a range of other events whilst protecting the integrity of the playing surface.

An architecturally stunning new terrace on the High Road to host ‘The Tottenham Experience’ - a permanent Visitors Centre and Arrivals Hub including an interactive Museum to celebrate Club history and local heritage, a Cinema, the Club Megastore, Ticket Office and Café.

A permanent viable use for the Grade II listed Warmington House - incorporated as part of The Tottenham Experience to house the new Museum, blending old architecture with new.

Improved crowd management arrangements along the High Road - with the removal of three buildings that currently create a pinch point along Tottenham High Road where the pavement is just two metres wide - resulting in people walking in the bus lane and the road - allowing instead for a much wider pavement to cope with large crowds.

Enhanced public open space - comparable in area to Trafalgar Square, includes a multi-use games area, high quality landscaping, cafes, dedicated events and community programmes managed by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, and the ability to walk uninterrupted all the way round the stadium.

A new 180 bedroom hotel with a dedicated training programme for the hospitality industry - providing high quality accommodation in Tottenham and opening up new career opportunities for local people. 49 serviced apartments will occupy the upper floors.

A fantastic new building to host Extreme Sports - bringing people to Tottenham on a daily basis with activities for all ages, including the tallest indoor climbing wall in the world.

A spectacular ‘Sky Walk’ - an adrenaline-filled experience and attraction for all ages walking on top of the stadium with spectacular views across London.

579 new homes, including affordable housing - up from 285 homes in the current permission, meeting a key need for more homes in London. Set out across four new residential buildings, every apartment will enjoy access to a private balcony in addition to communal gardens and child play areas.

A new community health centre - serving existing and new residents to the area, improving access to GPs and health screening.

Our target date for opening remains August 2018 for the 2018/19 season, after having played away for one season in 2017/18. We continue to hold discussions regarding possible venues for the season away.

Inside the stadium for THFC:
Increased capacity – up from 56,250 to 61,000 with the largest single-tier stand in the UK, increased to 17,000.


Inside the stadium for NFL:
Dedicated NFL facilities – retractable pitch & 2nd playing surface. Able to host other events & protect integrity of the playing surface


How the retractable pitch will work:


Surrounding Area:

Improved crowd management arrangements along the High Road - with the removal of three buildings that currently create a pinch point along Tottenham High Road where the pavement is just two metres wide - resulting in people walking in the bus lane and the road - allowing instead for a much wider pavement to cope with large crowds.


Transport Information:

The public transport infrastructure is already in place, with four railway stations and up to 144 buses an hour serving the stadium area. There has been significant investment over recent years, particularly to the Victoria Line which has already improved the quality and frequency of public transport serving the area, and there is much more investment to follow.

Many of the transport improvements being implemented in 2015-2018 were not committed in 2010 when the original planning application was determined by the LBH Planning Committee. Together, the planned and proposed service improvements envisaged in 2010 and the new investment being made by TfL, Network Rail and Haringey Council, will deliver significantly enhanced capacity for the increased number of supporters visiting the new stadium.

The Club is also playing its role with a ‘Green Travel Plan’, detailed transport information on our website and in match programmes, and active travel planning with supporters, rail companies and Transport for London.

The benefits of the transport improvements are already being felt and there has been a significant shift in travel patterns to the stadium area, with fans moving away from their cars and onto public transport. In 2003, over 60% of fans came by car. By 2014, that figure had reduced down to 42% for weekend fixtures and we plan to bring that number down to a maximum of 23% in the future.


Here is how we are going to do it:
  • The new stadium will be actively promoted as a ‘Public Transport Destination’just like Wembley Stadium, with service improvements, new shuttle bus links, better pedestrian connections, real-time travel information points, clear signage and regular transport updates on the website, in programmes, and directly to fans.
  • The upgraded Victoria Line has already delivered brand new, faster and higher capacity trains – ending the disruption that supporters have faced for many years and delivering major service improvements. The Victoria Line will become the highest frequency railway in the UK with trains running every 100 seconds, each way, before a midweek fixture and all trains now running the full length of the line to Walthamstow by way of Tottenham Hale.
  • Improvements at Seven Sisters station interchange are now well underway – with extra stairs from the southbound National Rail Overground station towards the Victoria Line Underground station completed and further work will be undertaken as part of the London Overground devolution to improve the quality of the station facilities for all passengers
  • The White Hart Lane station train service is coming under the control of London Overground in 2015 – with brand new and higher capacity trains, similar to the new Metropolitan Line trains, and station improvements planned. This important project is now being developed by TfL, Network Rail and Haringey Council.
  • Network Rail are scheduled to introduce ‘three tracking’ for the section through Tottenham Hale and Northumberland Park – which will entail the reconstruction of Northumberland Park station and significant frequency improvements for services to Stratford. Construction works should be complete well before the new stadium is finished.
  • Better use will be made of White Hart Lane and Northumberland Park stations – and the Club will work with the two new Train Operating Companies to further improve match-day services and make better use of the 8-car service capacity with new queue management systems in place assisted by club stewards.
  • White Hart Lane station will be redeveloped – with the creation of a newly-located station entrance, a new ticket hall and wider platform access. This redevelopment forms part of the regeneration plans for the west side of the High Road being led by Haringey Council. A planning application is expected later in 2015 with a target opening date of 2017.
  • Northumberland Park station will also be reconstructed – to allow the introduction of a third track. The level crossing will be removed and will be replaced by a new and much higher quality footbridge. On a non-matchday there will be 4 trains an hour each way to and from Stratford.
  • The removal of the Tottenham Hale Gyratory is now largely complete – with the final stage involving the construction of a major bus station at the Tottenham Hale transport interchange. The gyratory removal provides a simple 2-way traffic connection between the station and the stadium area.
  • Upgrades to the Tottenham Hale station now have full planning and funding approval – and construction will commence in the near future.
  • The Club will operate two new shuttle bus services – the first service will run from Alexandra Palace station by way of Wood Green (Piccadilly line). The model for this service is the Allianz Park service, which carries more than 3,000 Saracens supporters before and after games. A second service will provide a high frequency link between the upgraded Tottenham Hale interchange (Victoria Line and 6 minutes from Liverpool Street) and the stadium area.
  • The Club will seek to minimise the need for bus diversions on match-days – so they are back operating in the High Road as soon as possible after the final whistle. There will also be increased use of the W3 and new high frequency shuttle bus services connecting to the Piccadilly line, as an alternative to the buses to the Victoria line at Seven Sisters.
  • An expanded match-day Controlled Parking Zone will minimise the transport impacts on local residents and business – and will further discourage car use. The Haringey CPZ scheme is two-thirds complete and the Enfield scheme will, subject to approval, follow in the next few years.
  • The construction of the new cycle superhighway commenced in July 2015 – CS1, as it is called, connects the stadium (at Church Street) to Liverpool Street. The route avoids major roads and will create a new travel option for supporters who live south of the stadium. A large cycle park has been built in Phase one of the development next to Lilywhite House.
Daniel Levy on new stadium scheme:

YouTube Vid TBA

@spursofficial info:






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Oct 25, 2005
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Passionate About Tottenham

We are passionate about Tottenham and the Club is playing a key role in the wider regeneration of the area.

Our investment into North Tottenham through the creation of the Northumberland Development Project has provided the catalyst for the development of a comprehensive 20-year regeneration programme for Tottenham led by Haringey Council.


The regeneration programme aims to tackle local people's priorities of more job opportunities, leisure facilities, better housing and improved transport links, as well as bringing new visitors to Tottenham as a major London destination. The Club is playing an important role in that transformation and the revised designs fully integrate with the emerging regeneration of the wider area.

The Council’s 20-year plan for Tottenham’s future sets out seven priorities for the area to achieve its potential, based directly on the feedback of local people and businesses during the last few years, including:

  1. World-class education and training – including new schools, better access to apprenticeships and more Tottenham young people attending university.
  2. Improved access to jobs and business opportunities – attracting major investment and encouraging local business growth to boost employment.
  3. A different kind of housing market – improving existing homes and building new, high-quality homes to meet demand at a range of prices and tenures.
  4. A fully connected community with even better transport links – continuing to improve rail, Tube and bus links, including making the case for Crossrail 2, as well as opening up Tottenham to more walking and cycling routes.
  5. A strong and healthy community – improved healthcare facilities, reduced crime and strong social networks for young people.
  6. Great places – putting Tottenham’s character and heritage centre-stage while creating better public spaces to meet, shop and have fun.
  7. The right investment and quality development – building partnerships and securing money to achieve these priorities with a focus on high quality design.
Highlights already underway or to be delivered by 2025 include:

  • 10,000 new high quality homes at a range of different prices, sizes and tenures.
  • Access to 5,000 new jobs with almost a million square feet of employment and commercial space added.
  • A first-class leisure destination at High Road West, including 1,200 new homes, a new park and public facilities, with major improvements to White Hart Lane station creating direct access to the new stadium.
  • A civic heart for the area at Tottenham Green with better public facilities and regular markets and events.
  • A new gateway to Seven Sisters with a new shopping centre and hundreds of new homes.
  • Restoration and improvements to Bruce Grove’s historic high street.
  • A transport revolution at Tottenham Hale, with a revamped Tube, rail and bus station with better links to Stansted Airport and central London, improved cycling and walking routes and a dedicated public square.
The scale of this ambition has been matched by the commitment of significant investment from the Greater London Authority and the Government – including a £500m borrowing guarantee to support housing and transport infrastructure in Tottenham. It is also proposed that Crossrail 2 would stop at Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale and Northumberland Park.

Further information about the regeneration of Tottenham is available at Haringey Council’s website athttp://www.haringey.gov.uk/housing-and-planning/tottenham-looking-future
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Oct 25, 2005
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The Tottenham Experience

The Tottenham Experience will be a housed in an architecturally stunning new visitors' centre, designed as a three storey terrace along the High Road to act as a gateway to the new Stadium, providing a permanent use for the listed Warmington House.


The building creates a new entrance plaza from the South and will host:

  • A Museum of Tottenham Heritage – allowing people to access historic archives, collections and stories about the local area and the Club’s role in the history of Tottenham in a relaxing and welcoming environment, with views onto the High Road and onto the podium level next to the Stadium.
  • An interactive Club Museum – utilising interpretive media designed to tell the Club’s history, display Club artefacts, host the Hall of Fame and encourage the visitor to explore all aspects of the Club and its home in Tottenham.
  • Kinetic motion-sensor Skills Booths – allowing visitors to test their skills against key players past and present and to re-create memorable moments from the historic archives.
  • An immersive Cinema – as part of the Club Museum and stadium tour experience and a venue for private screenings and local community events.
  • A new Club shopping experience – will be the largest store area of any football Club in Europe, utilising the latest retail concepts including touch display walls and the ability to see an image of yourself wearing different merchandise.
  • An Arrivals Hub – connecting the whole Tottenham Experience, from which visitors can collect tickets, access the stadium tour and ‘suit-up’ for the Sky-Walk.
Not only does the creation of the Tottenham Experience deliver a fantastic new venue and outlet for the locality and its visitors, it also secures a long-term viable use for Warmington House.

The design sensitively blends old architecture with new, incorporating the Grade II listed Warmington House as an integral part of The Tottenham Experience. It will be a perfect and appropriate setting for many historical Club features such as the famous, iconic Bill Nicholson Gates and key elements of the Red House and the Dispensary. Please see the Heritage section of the site for further information.

The Tottenham Experience:

  • Secures the retention of Warmington House – with a complete refurbishment inside and out, retaining the original plan form and historic interiors of the building.
  • Places Warmington House at the centre of the Tottenham Hotspur Experience – with an open atrium to the East allowing the listed building to link to the podium level and retain its frontage on the High Road.
  • Provides a long-term viable use for the building – integrated as part of the Tottenham Experience and hosting sections of the interactive museum on the lower floors with the more compromised spaces at the second floor level used for offices and ancillary space.
  • Creates a new terrace along the High Road – reflecting the scale and massing of Warmington House to hold the line of the High Road at the same time as creating a far safer environment for crowds by allowing a much wider pavement alongside the bus lane.


May 20, 2005
Members of the THST Board met with representatives of THFC and Populous on Monday 13 July to talk through the revised plans for the new stadium. We took the opportunity to raise questions submitted by fans and are now publishing those, along with the answers. THFC is in the process of compiling an FAQ page for the new stadium and we will continue to feed into that moving forwards.

Q: Is this the final design of the stadium or is there scope for changes following the consultation period, before a planning application is submitted?
A: This is a consultation period when feedback is invited and any appropriate changes can be made prior to making the application.

Q: When will an application be submitted to the London Borough of Haringey?
A: Aim is by early September 2015.

Q: Is the new stadium capable of having the capacity increased (easily) if required in the future or is 61k the maximum – how is it future proofed?
A: The capacity is 61000. This could increase by c 1800 were legislation to change and safe standing areas be approved - this would however be subject to planning approvals.

Q: Was a retractable roof ever considered to create a full multi-use venue?
A: This wasn’t considered in any detail primarily because the question must always be asked as to why it would be necessary. The number of events for which a retractable roof is needed would not be great enough to offset the cost/make it viable.

Q: Is the new revised project likely to cost more than the original estimates which if I recall were £450m for everything (Sainbury’s stadium, flats etc)? There certainly appears to be a lot more to this compared to the previous designs.
A: A further idea on costs will be known once the tenders for the project are received.

Q: Is full funding now in place?
A: Funding will be through a combination of bank financing, sponsorship (naming rights) and enabling development (e.g. land deals). Rothschild are progressing this.

Q: When will naming rights be announced?
A: A degree of patience is required here. These deals are normally completed only once the build process is underway.

Q: With the retractable pitch, is the seating also retractable?
A: Such is the drop to the astro-turf pitch which will live underneath the regular playing surface and be deployed for NFL games, retractable seating is not required. The sight lines will be perfect without the need to remove any seating.

Q: What are the plans to ensure our new stadium preserves and develops a distinct 'Tottenham Hotspur' personality and to protect our heritage?
A: THFC is reactivating the Heritage committee, which includes fans, to ensure we retain our history in an ultra modern stadium. The Museum will provide a natural place for many THFC artefacts and a showcase for the Club’s great history, also.

Q: Cockerels: there are none on view from the inside of the stadium? Imperative we have a cockerel. Already moved the Cockerel clock into reception at Lilywhite house and the original cockerel is now in West Stand reception. Are icons of our history only for VIPs now?

A: The clock was actually used to signify the Clubs offices originally so that is in line with its current use in reception at Lilywhite House. The current cockerels will be on show in the museum and accessible to all and the cockerel emblem will be sited at suitable locations in the new stadium.

Q: Will there be statues of Tottenham legends such as Bill Nicholson?

A: Yes, but these will be fully integrated into the site as opposed to being stand-alone statues.

Q: Of the heritage buildings on the High Road, is only Warmington House to be preserved?

A: Owing to crowd flow and the significant narrowing of the pavement to 2 metres in front of three of the heritage buildings and also the Club’s desire to deliver a better heritage solution, the new scheme proposes the removal of the locally listed heritage buildings with the exception of the deeper set, Grade II nationally listed Warmington House, which will become the entrance to the Museum. Removing these buildings expands the pavement to in excess of 9m and thus improves crowd safety significantly. The decision will rest with Haringey Council and the GLA initially and ultimately with the Secretary of State. Historic England is an important consultee.

Q: When will stadium tours be available?

A: Too early to say at this stage.

Q: It's key that the desire for safe standing is stressed in the single tier stand, so that we can easily respond to any potential change in legislation. As seen in Dortmund's stadium, this would truly add an ever greater USP to the current stadium plans.

A: The single South tier has been designed with safe standing in mind, with the ability to introduce rail seating in the tier should legislation change.

Q: What are the plans for parking at the new stadium?

A: There will be no parking available for General Admission fans at the new stadium. Disabled parking will be available. In addition, the CPZ is being extended into Edmonton. The push here is for fans to use public transport as part of the Green Travel Plan. White Hart Lane train station is being redeveloped, along with improvements made to Northumberland Park and better timetabling and length of trains.

Q: Will there be better facilities and affordable food and drink to encourage supporters to spend their time and money in the ground earlier?

A: Absolutely. The South stand will have a five storey atrium and a huge food court for starters. All home fans will be able to enter this section pre match before moving to their seats, regardless of where they are sitting in the ground. There will also be considerable choice throughout the stadium in all stands and a diverse offering along with numerous restrooms.

Q: How much legroom will there be in the seats?

A: This will vary from area to area with 3 dimensions in the general admission areas: 780mm in the south stand, 858mm in the middle of the North tier and 800mm for the rest of the North upper tier.

Q: What are the timings for Haringey Council’s High Road West development: station and walkway?

A: The current plan and timings are for the early phases of these to dovetail in with the stadium build programme. The new White Hart Lane station should be open in advance of the Club moving back into the new stadium for the 2018/19 season.

Q: Will there be any dedicated web cams to show the work being done and not just time lapse?

A: Yes, these are in place already and first footage will be launched in the next few weeks.

Q: Will there be noticeable differences between East and West Stands?

A: Inside the stadium bowl, not so much, although each stand will have its own identity. Externally, more so - e.g. the East will be facing Worcester Avenue, not the High Road, so will reflect the more sedate nature of that aspect.

Q: Will we get to see the full drawings on the micro site and not just on the Council site?

A: A link will go up from the microsite to the Council site once plans are submitted. To post each page would be impractical as there are in excess of 60 different drawings.

Q: What colour will the seats be inside the stadium?

A: This is yet to be agreed but navy and white are strong contenders. This is something that can be decided after the consultation phase.

Q: What facilities are available for wheelchair users?

A: THFC is presented to the Disabled Supporters Association on 14 July and talked through the exact facilities in depth. There are disabled seats across the stadium, sited in all areas with excellent sight lines. THFC will also be the only Club to offer flexible seating arrangements for certain matches meaning wheelchair users will be able to sit with their families.

Q: Will we be allowed flags and banners on the single south tier?

A: Absolutely. The atmosphere is expected to be terrific with the stand designed specifically to encourage singing, vocal and visual support.

Q: Will the single tier become available for a permanent '1882' Movement through easier seat migration and liaison with the relevant groups?

A: It is felt the south stand will be a natural singing zone so a dedicated space probably won’t be necessary. Indeed, the whole stadium is designed to generate atmosphere.

Q: Will there be guidance notes when booking seats that the single tier stand will be ‘lively’ ?

A: Yes, this will be done.

Q: Where will the away section be if it's not in its current corner?

A: The 3000 away fans for Premier League matches will be situated in the North East corner of the ground. There are moveable segregation lines to allow for varying away allocations.

Q: Will organised fan groups be able to hold events inside this new huge atrium space in the new South stand?

A: The whole South development is designed to be a fan zone and fans will be very much encouraged to utilise the atrium pre and post match. Any pre-organised event would need to be discussed with the Club to ensure it did not impinge on other fans attending.

Q: Will current season ticket holders get to pick their new seat in the new stadium?

A: THFC will survey all current ST holders and those on the waiting list to ascertain preferences in the new stadium and will attempt to move people together where possible. This will be given due attention as the process moves forward.

Q: Will the increased corporate facilities give the knock on effect of reasonable ticket prices inside the stadium through increased corporate revenue?

A: THST is an advocate of the stretch pricing model whereby Executive seats are priced high and general admission prices are reduced as a result. There will be 8000 corporate seats in the new stadium and THFC is aware of the pricing policy many fans are looking for here. THFC is launching research into corporate pricing in the next weeks that will be crucial in terms of ascertaining the ball park for those packages.

Q: Will season ticket prices be frozen or reduced due to the bigger capacity/premier league TV deal/NFL deal

A: Again, ticketing discussions between THST and THFC will take place over the coming months.

Q: How many season tickets will be available in the new stadium?

A: The ratio of Season tickets and match day tickets will remain roughly the same as it is now. We currently have 21.5k season ticket holders in a 36400 stadium. The same ratio will be maintained in the new ground.

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