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New Nike Kits 23-24


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Jun 10, 2003
Has nowt to do with basketball or the NBA. Jumpman is a lifestyle brand at Nike, and Jordan has a huge stake. It’s a massively iconic brand across the globe. Especially in places like Asia. Just not as much in the UK.

While I can see he may lean toward Chelsea right now--based on their success over the last 20 years—It would be shortsighted. Tottenham and the stadium in particular, is on an upward trajectory as a brand unto itself. Chelsea is heading the opposite way. There is a much higher revenue upside at Tottenham, versus Chelsea have already hit their ceiling. You know what you have with them as an established entity. Whereas our ceiling potentially dwarfs theirs in the long term.

Doesn’t take much brand and product marketing expertise to see that. Hopefully he has good advisors who can help illustrate the bigger picture.

One more thing we have that Chelsea lack is a face to attach to the Jumpman brand: Son.
We have Nike players but none of them are suitable to be THE guy, needs to be a collective thing.

TBH Chelsea don't have that player either.

Son renewed his Adidas deal recently.


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Oct 20, 2003

Not sure where to put this so will go for here. Just pre ordered the sweatshirt

This came this morning. It's really nice, the stitching on the front is that real heavy stitching that the original had. I'm 6'4 and got the large which could do with an extra inch in length. It's fine in terms of chest size and arm length but would prefer a tiny bit more length but that's not something that would impact too many.

Overall would definitely recommend it and I checked the website, this is the only one they still have on sale the 2 others are sold out I assume. Both of them looked quality but at 41 I don't think I could pull them off


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Aug 31, 2012
they have really made this :facepalm::hungover::X3:

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Aug 31, 2012
what on Earth???????????????????????
I think it is just counterfeit based on a concept work by a kit creator on Twitter


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Jun 13, 2012
Clearly a fake, there’s not a chance we have a red badge. There just isn’t. The club would face a massive backlash.