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Interview with Steven & Ryan Sessegnon


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Aug 16, 2003

Ryan Sessegnon aiming for the top.. and says brother Steven is only behind due to injury
London-born teens are both playing for Fulham and England but insist they are not the same person
By Charlie Wyett
10th May 2019, 11:56 pm

RYAN and Steven Sessegnon are among an elite band of twins who both played professional football.
The 18-year-olds from South-West London have come through the ranks both for Fulham and England.

Winger Ryan is one of the Premier League’s hottest properties despite a tough season at Craven Cottage while full-back Steven has played four times for the club.
SunSport’s Football Editor CHARLIE WYETT spoke to the pair ahead of tomorrow’s last game of the season at home to Newcastle.

CW: For twins, standard question I am afraid... who is older?
STEVEN: I am, by 21 minutes. We only found that out a few years ago.
We always knew I was older but thought by ten minutes until our mum, Bridgette, got the birth certificates out.
CW: Different personalities?

RYAN: I am calmer. Steven is more, erm . . . more lively.
STEVEN: More lively when I was younger. Now I am more chilled and aware of people I am around. Yes, you are definitely calmer.
CW: And your family?
RYAN: There are five of us brothers. The other three are all older — Chris, Yannick and Richie.
Our dad, Desire, was a bus driver. Our mum Bridgette is a dinner lady but not at our school. She’s not been to a game since we were ten, though.
STEVEN: She always used to get jumpy even at under-tens when we were just running around kicking a ball. Since then, she’s taken a backseat.
RYAN: (Smiling) They banned her because she was so loud! Dad comes to watch us when he’s in the country.
CW: When were you first aware of your football talents?

RYAN: We played for a local team called Wandgas aged eight, Fulham spotted us and we had a six-week trial and we’ve been here ever since. When we were growing up, we supported Liverpool.
CW: From a sporting family?
RYAN: Our brother, Chris, played non-league for Ebbsfleet, Dover and Margate. Also a second cousin on my dad’s side, Stephane Sessegnon, has played but we don’t know each other that well.
Chris is the one who looks at our performances and never sugar-coats anything.
For me and Steven to both play for Fulham at the same time was special. It has happened twice — to both start against Exeter this season was good and last season was against Wycombe, Steven’s debut.
STEVEN: As brothers, we have always been close and there for each other.
We have got to the age when there are no negatives. We are old enough to get our own space. It has never been a problem.
It was also an achievement to play for England in the youth set-up with each other.
CW: Ryan has already played 119 times for Fulham and Steven only four. When did the speed of your progress change?
RYAN: Growing up, we were very similar but Steven got a bad injury. It set him back a year. But for that, we would have progressed at the same time.
STEVEN: I did my ACL with a cartilage flip on my left knee. I did it on my England Under-16s debut against Brazil — after 50 seconds!
RYAN: Last season, there were a lot of highs for me and it was my best one, helping Fulham get back in the Premier League.
This season has been very difficult for the whole team. Relegation does not help and we have not shown enough quality to stay in the Premier League.
Personally, it was hard because I had three managers in one season. The spell with Claudio Ranieri was really tough as I did not play as much and did not feel sharp enough.
Mentally it was difficult. It was the first time in my career I had felt something like that and I just had to be patient and slowly, slowly, try to get back to my best.

CW: You turn 19 on May 18. Phil Foden is only ten days younger and has made only 14 first-team appearances. Do people forget you have played so many games?
RYAN: People forget that me and Phil are the same age but we played in the same England youth teams. I started younger.
CW: How do you feel as twins when you see each other criticised?
STEVEN: I feel like it is difficult to see people criticise Ryan as they forget the performances he has given for Fulham before. So yes, it is tough but he has to pick himself up.
RYAN: We are there for each other but I think I have done OK.
The stats say I have had six assists this season but it should be seven.
Of course, I want my numbers to be higher but this first season in the Premier League and the way it has gone, I will take six or seven assists, whichever it is.
CW: Your thoughts on Scott Parker getting the manager’s job?
RYAN: You can see the results are better. He has changed the mood, brought back the sharpness and intensity.
He's the right man to bring Fulham back to the Premier League. He knows the club and he has played with most of the players.
STEVEN: You can see he will be a success. He has all the players’ respect and of all the staff at the club. As a man and a manager it’s good to see him stay.
CW: Ryan, what does the summer hold? Will you then be joining another club? Spurs and Manchester United are interested.
RYAN: I have the European Under-21s with England and an opportunity to win a tournament with England.
We’ve both won tournaments with England before and hopefully I can help out there.
Personally, I am still a Fulham player until 2020 but, of course, my aim is to play at the highest level.
I am not sure where the future will take me but I have always wanted to play regular Premier League football.
STEVEN: I have just signed a new contract until 2022. Now I want a good pre-season to show what I can do.

CW: There will come a time, sooner or later, you will be away from each other at different clubs? As twins, this could be very difficult for you.
RYAN: We know, of course, one day we will split but I think it can only be a positive not to be together and look at each other from a distance to see how we progress. Maybe some space will be good for us.
STEVEN: I am sure we will be fine.


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Dec 9, 2006
Will be interesting to see if Sessegnon ends up as a left back or left winger.

I’d take him at spurs as will add good options whichever position he ends up being more comfortable in.


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Aug 30, 2010
Wingback or Fullback is no longer the inferior position it used to be. It has now become every bit as important as anywhere else on the pitch as is integral to how modern football is played. You really have to have a full skill set to play there now as well as the bravery to do the dirty work of tackling and blocking. IMO Sessegnon should concentrate on this position where he could become a super star.