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Food at the new stadium


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Aug 31, 2012
Anybody else think they’ve changed the hot dogs this season, they don’t seem to be as good as last season to me

chas vs dave

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Jul 17, 2008
They've replaced the sausage roll/pie area near block 109 with a bagel option. The salf beef looks good. May try it on Saturday

Gassin's finest

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May 12, 2010
Have they started cooking the burgers and sausages all the way through yet, or are they still raw?


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Aug 2, 2019
Just going back to the Beavertown / Heineken thing... two things.
1) The craft beer market is very different now than it was even five years ago, let alone 12 years ago when AB InBev bought Goose Island. Heineken will be very aware of this, especially given how much they are investing in innovation etc these days. They will have bought Beavertown as a thriving business, which they can turn somewhat into a cash cow by using their buying power. I wouldn't imagine much will change on the brewing processes.
2) Branding is key to how Beavertown has grown. I've seen Tom Rainsford speak on a few occasions and had a quick chat with him myself at an event. This covers the artwork, advertising (they like to market themselves as if they're a band), and collaborations. The Tottenham link is a big part of this, and, again, Heineken know that all of this is what has helped Beavertown stand out in a very crowded market. I don't know the figures, but I'd bet that Beavertown are getting a lot more value out of the partnership than a standard sponsorship would. And thanks to Heineken being a Spurs sponsor, they'll know this too.

One other thing actually, the microbrewery offers a captive audience, and until people stop visiting it on matchdays, I can't imagine a world where they'll be moving away from it.

I guess the one risk is if Tottenham decide to break off the partnership because Beavertown aren't the small local craft brewery anymore. But I can't imagine that being the case, and we're probably delighted with the growth of the brand.