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Favourite non Spurs PL players


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Jun 18, 2012
FC Don't Track Gladbach

Stam Carvalho D Walker
Alonso Essien
Robben Bergkamp Cantona Henry



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Jun 3, 2021
De Bruyne (sheer class)
Salah (we should have signed him after he ripped us to pieces in that Europa League match)
Cantona (pure Gallic flair and arrogance)
Beckham ( you have to include him for his England exploits too and one of the greatest set piece takers, someone who could win games singlehandedly regularly)
Bergkamp (yeah I know but he loved Spurs growing up and players that good transcend the rivalry)
Ferdinand (hard to argue that he wasnt one of the greatest CBs of the Prem era. Plus I've met him and he was a nice bloke)

Can we do a most hated Prem players list next as a counterpoint :)
Jan 28, 2011
Although I admire those players who can coast through games with serenity, taking everything in their stride, I do love those players who are so intense that they always appear to be on the verge of some imminent explosion. Gascoigne is perhaps the best example for us, but, from the rest of the Premiership, the guy I always remember is Temuri Ketsbaia. There's this celebration, of course, which made him iconic. Wednesday will be the 26th anniversary of it and I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

However, in the same way that Dave Mackay never liked to be remembered for the loss of control that saw him grab Bremner's shirt, then Temuri Ketsbaia believes we should remember him for more than his celebration against Bolton. And I agree. So here's this from his time at Wolves. You'll note one of our own, Colin Lee, watching on as manager.



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Jun 5, 2004
Let's have a special mention for Viv Anderson, who played the very first Premier League season for Sheffield Wednesday. Always a class act, even if he was once a gooner.