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  • Good morning Mr WLWH :lol: do you know they are having the sexiest male comp on here again? just thought I'd tell you as I was hoping for a pic of you in those blue & yellow y-fronts :hump: :wink:
    Well you know its the sort of thing that takes a lot of skill :wink: you should come closer next time for a better look :razz:
    Something like that :razz: and strangely enough thats just what I actually have been doing Eek :lol:
    Beginning to think there is more chance of me hooking up with Ryan Reynolds than us signing a striker :razz: And as I live in Norn Iron I can't see Ryan visiting these parts often but its looking just as likely to happen as us getting a forward :eek:mg: :lol:
    :eek:mg: Hanging loose eh :razz: now there is a interesting thought for the night :wink: I thought you guys liked to keep eveything tucked up out of the way :lol:
    I'm dreading the new season without a new striker, I was fed up to the back teeth with our lot last season as we all where, and the thought of seeing all 4 still with by the 1st of sept is enough to turn me grey :lol:

    I like the other avenues suggestion, and of course there is always your y-fronts :razz:
    I'm sure you'll be fine, I don't envy you at all though, glad my study days are behind me :wink:

    But I'm ok, like you getting a bit fed up with the lack of striker, really do feel its Adebayor or nobody now :cry: What will we do when the itk finishes up at the end of the month? Eek will just have to find something else to chat about I guess :razz:
    :lol: very clever :razz: kinda crude but it did make me laugh and blush....actually no I'm not blushing takes a lot to make me blush :wink:
    Motion in the ocean is usually where things would go if all went according to plan :wink:

    Is it just me who thinks this is more interesting than itk :lol:
    You where doing very well, especially with the y-fronts :wink: but I dunno I could get over not liking clothes shopping but kisses and cuddles is a must :razz:
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