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  • Look if your uncomfortable discussing this with me I understand. I don't judge you.

    Perhaps you can gather some information from people who truly understand.

    I've just googled it, It may help.
    I would never wish another Spurs supporter to be a victim of bullying.
    Another message of support mate, will be a duller place without your info, have seen the ni picking of a certain few top brass so can understand mate but you still pretty much have the whole board on your side all the best mate, bring on the striker.

    P.S you won't be able to keep quiet, i knw I wouldn't
    Hello mate, just a quick love note as i cannot rep you at the moment.

    Thanks for all the info and for making the transfer window that bit more interesting, i'll still hold out a bit of hope that whilst you won't be posting any more this January, you'll be back to entertain in the summer?
    i for one have enjoyed your post adiep dont let the b stards get you down hope you dont stop
    Hello, Is it Possible for you to relay any information in more detail e.g Benzema? (i'm not a journalist im just a 12 year old fan who is really excited!) thanks :)
    Always read your updates with genuine interest. Cheers for the info, lets hope KB see's sense and joins the mighty spurs!
    Evening matey. Don't take it to heart. Personally, I love ITKs; whether they are right or wrong, they make the transfer window a lot more interesting. It's easy enough to work out the genuine guys, and not just if transfers come trough.

    Regarding Benzema, hope we get him. His goal last night when he drove into the box and finished with his left was pure class. Would love to sign him as I think he is exactly what we need. Would be mucho surpriced if Real allowed him to leave though.
    hey mate forget those idiots on here that wine and just itk bash n pester, most of us appreciate your info and effort to give us info that we would never ever be privy of! keep up the good work, and stick a middle finger to all the haters
    heres hoping, think madrid still have to move someone in perhaps to release him though??
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