Pochettino: This is what Vincent Janssen must do

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 10, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. TaoistMonkey
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  2. sebo_sek
    Must be given time. He does work very hard on the field but it's clear his confidence is in tatters.
    However he is very young and had a similar experience in Holland, so let's not cross him off just yet.
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  3. bigspurs
    Send him to see Paul McKenna FFS. Surely someone can help this kid get his head straight. Maybe it's time Poch called in Eileen Drewery! I'm sure Glen's still got her number somewhere ;)
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  4. bigspurs
    I'm sure that Defoe once watch loads of Jimmy Greaves clips to help rediscover his scoring form. It actually worked... for a while anyway.
  5. JC-Rule
    He needs some one on one training, with a Les Ferdinand type of former striker.

    Just to explain, how he will score in the prem.

    It's been highlighted on MOTD a few times, he is making the wrong runs.

    Hard working yes, but his runs at the moment will limit his chance of scoring.

    He runs out to the flanks, and he runs towards the ball carrier. He is more likely to create an assist, rather than score himself.

    Kane knows how to do both, for now Janssen should just concentrate on scoring goals.

    Run pass defender, in on goal.
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  6. shao
    I think he will come good.
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  7. double0
    I am going to give Janssen time at the moment though he's been not so good.
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  8. ginola007
    janssen seems to anxious at the moment. You can see he is not fitting in as seemlessly as say, Winks. The coaching staff, and Janssen himself, need to turn that nervous but positive energy into efficiency.
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  9. 18Klinsmann
    He CAN become good if we fans refuse to jump the media bandwagon of how shit he is. He is currently out of the team and has seemed off the pace more often than not when he has played. He does, however, have great natural ability and a lot of desire to succeed. He would have scored on his debut at Goodison had it not been for a great reflex save, scored a cracker for Holland in their latest competitive, and is yet to play in an in form Spurs side. Let's not help the media in making him the new Soldado as they want to. He's 22 and has just taken a huge step up - Get behind him and give him time.
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  10. Chris_D
    Am I the only person who sees a young striker in a new league who needs a couple of goals so he feels settled? He hasn't had much game time, give him a chance because I'm sure Poch hasn't signed a dud. The game against Wycombe may be his chance. After a few goals life will get easier.
  11. sebo_sek
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  12. yankspurs
    Easier said than done. Janssen doesnt really have the pace to get past a defender.

    He should be shut down now in favor of 6+ months worth of nothing but training. Save what little confeidence he has left and hope the months of training help to boost it. The training is badly needed. First to improve his pace with speed and agility based drills. Then we can work on the footballing things, like maintaining control of the ball in the face of opposition, then we can work on the finishing aspect. As he is now, he is far too slow and too shaky in possession to be able to make it in the English game. He needed a year of minimal appearances and lots of training. Badly.
  13. millsey
    Based on?
  14. Sweetsman
    This is like The Karate Kid.
  15. slartibartfast
    Get IN the fkin box.
    No more expert coaching necessary :)
  16. Pat Rice Spurs fan
    The way Poch says, "... he needs to adapt his game and to work hard .... We are a staff that push the players a lot and we will push him to try to get the level that the team need from him.” suggests he thinks Janssen's not fit enough yet - as some here have also suggested.
  17. Gaz_Gammon
    I think he will be sold in the Summer. He has no pace and cannot play as a lone striker.

    I have not seen anything whatsoever in his game that could be said is an improvement over a previous performance.

    Sad to say but a see more Soldado in his game, than Kane.
  18. shao
    Watching him play. There is no science behind it, just feeling.
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