Kane reveals hope to emulate one-club man Totti

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:08 PM.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 13, 2018 at 12:08 PM.

  1. guiltyparty
    That isn't actually what he says (inevitably).

    In every interview, Kane has made it very clear. Totti "achieved everything he wanted to at that club". That is a point Kane makes again and again and again, every time he is asked.

    As long as he feels he's progressing, he's not looking to leave. However, at some point, if he feels he can't achieve everything he wants at Spurs – and I would presume winning the Premier League and Champions League are things he'd want to achieve – he will leave.

    It's really quite simple. It doesn't boost anyone's chances of keeping him, it just reiterates, again, that this is a two-way thing and Spurs have to continue to be as ambitious as him.
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  2. Spurrific
    Bet you're a right laugh at parties fella
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  3. Donki
    I have to say I think he that is what he is saying, he hopes the club matches his ambitions, if we do, he stays and would be proud to be a one club player, he calls that an "an amazing achievement".
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  4. dontcallme
    Kane's quote:

    “He was a fantastic player and to spend your career at one club is an amazing achievement,” said the 24-year-old. “He achieved everything he wanted to at that club. He is a fantastic striker and, growing up, I would watch his goals. He had a brilliant career and, hopefully, I can have the same.”

    If you want to interpret the last sentence as he wants same as Totti as in being a one man club you can.

    Or you can interpret it as he wants a long career playing at Totti's level.

    All just bla bla bla though really.
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  5. double0
    There's nothing more nostalgic in football than being a one club man I guess the greatest would be to aswell win trophies.

    It would be a crying shame if Kane left us for another premier league club.
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  6. double0

    Who do people remember most in football medel winners or great footballers.
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  7. dontcallme
    Great footballers.
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  8. Gassin's finest
    Naturally. Who do you remember better for example? Matt Le Tissier (no trophies) or David May (2 titles, 2 fa cups, 1 CL)?
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  9. spursfan1991
    Indeed but i think It would be a shame if he left for any club. Spurs a very big club and a very rich club. It will be very frustrating if we cant match his ambitions.
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  10. guiltyparty
    Ha. Too old for parties, too life-worn to do massive self-denial, sorry.
  11. guiltyparty
    See @dontcallme's post above – all of those comments are unconnected really and can be read into in numerous ways.

    Of course staying at one club your whole life is an amazing achievement. It is, by nature, amazing as it's so rare. That doesn't really mean anything.

    "He had a brilliant career and, hopefully, I can have the same" is about as stock response to a journo as you can get. People get so very overexcited when a footballer more than mumbles.
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  12. Teemu
    It's fair enough isn't it. If we start finishing 16th every season then you couldn't really blame him for leaving! At the moment (money aside), I don't see why he'd want to leave.
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  13. Donki
    Yeah but this isn't the only interview where he has talked about Tottenham and his wanting to stay here and be successful. This taken on its own, sure I can see your reasoning but, if you read over Harry's interviews his one constant is, he loves the club and wants to be successful HERE. We need to match his ambitions, if we do he will stay.
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  14. guiltyparty
    I've never said anything else. He loves the club, he wants to be successful here. Yes.

    If you re-read every interview with him, tho, he always caveats it: “I’ve always said, just keep progressing, keep getting better,” Kane said. “We want to start winning trophies so that’s the aim. As long as the club keeps doing that then I’m happy here.”

    We can't guarantee we will win a trophy. So the fact is, Spurs could do everything possible to match his ambitions - money, buying players, wonderful team spirit, everything we have done in fact - and it still might not happen. There are five richer, bigger and more powerful clubs in the league, and many more in Europe. Will that be enough?

    It depends if he really wants to emulate Totti. This is not a Giggs we're talking. For all his legend, Totti won one league title, 2 domestic cups and never won a club European title of any description in 25 years. If Kane is happy with that, excellent, but he should be able to do that at Spurs no problem.
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  15. Donki
    Agreed but he also went down as a Roma and National legend, I think thats important for Harry too.
  16. Lilbaz
    Don't bother reading the title just the quotes.
    The title and journalist writing will never match up to the quotes perfectly so just ignore them.
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  17. guiltyparty
    Aye. That’s because he won the World Cup, which is beyond our control (Altho Poch’s trying his best to help!) and Roma is Rome. Spurs aren’t London unfortunately.
  18. guiltyparty
    I’m a journalist, I know. But thanks

    The quotes don’t add up to that either
  19. mil1lion
    YES! this will stop the rumours for good now.
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