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    Suarez on Parker

    Sandro never would've let him get away with it. PAINNNNNN
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    ►►►►►► Match Ratings VS Liverpool ◄◄◄◄◄◄

    Friedel 7 Walker 7.5 Dawson 7.5 King 7 Assou-Ekotto 6.5 Livermore 6.5 Modric 6.5 Parker 9 Bale 5.5 Kranjcar 7 Adebayor 4.5 Saha 6 Rose -
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    Premier League XI game

    Reina (Liverpool, Spain) Reid (West Brom, Ireland) Samba (Blackburn, Congo) Vidic (Man United, Serbia) Cole (Chelsea, England) Dempsey (Fulham, USA) Fellaini (Everton, Belgium) Cabaye (Newcastle, France) Bale (Tottenham, Wales) Aguero (Man City, Argentina) Van Persie (Arsenal...
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    RB options

    We should sell him to another London club so they can still be super best mates. I'm thinking Fulham or QPR, but how hilarious would it be if Corluka ended up at Chelsea?