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    Bundesliga 17-18

    To be fair to him, I'm not sure how much of a chance he really had to showcase his abilities. He had half a season here when he first transferred and looked decent in a very negative playing AVB side that pretty much was all about hoping for Bale wonder goals. The next season he gets shifted...
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    Bundesliga 17-18

    I watched this too. The fans were chanting that the real fans wouldn’t do this and it was apparently just a few who threw the flares that made it all go crazy. It’s a shame, as I’m a Hamburg fan but the club just doesn’t have many good players. One positive is that Lewis Holtby almost single...
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    Stan Collymore- Tottenham should have signed Gonzalo Higuain or Edinson Cavani

    Cavani and Higuain? Surprised he didn't chastise us for not signing Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, or Bale....:rolleyes:
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    Vincent Janssen signs for Spurs!

    Plot twist, the kid IS spaghetti...