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    Juan Foyth

    in full agreement. he plays too arrogantly for that little experience but a good loan spell and i think he could come good.
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    Juan Foyth

    I believe his upside is quite high and hope we keep him but would also suggest that his brain has held him back also. It seems he doesn't always appreciate/respect the speed at which other players play. That leads to overestimating his ability to tackle a player (especially near/in the box)...
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    Troy Deeney

    While he isn't my first choice, if the recovery rate for his knee surgery at his age is good, he could work. He does bring a bit of a mentality that Spurs have been lacking.
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    FA Cup 19/20

    simulcasting AFTV and the game was such a joy until a few moments ago
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    Spurs in the Europa League: Road to Gdańsk

    Qualifying could actually be a good thing as long as the competition is relatively weak. with the shortened preseason, it would be a heavy duty training match and every opportunity Jose has to instill his strategy brings us that much closer to the end product. that being said, i hope he would...
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    Featured The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The SC Goes Pink Edition

    Normally, announcing a donation is uncomfortable so kudos to everyone that has to create that social proof of the value of doing so. And while i am uncomfortable saying i donated, in this case, perhaps it could be put to good use. There are several current and past contributors to the...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Happy to help
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Mamas & Papas Edition

    The two circumstances where personal productivity goes in the toilet are when the Spurs play during working hours and the ITK's start posting during the transfer window. Thanks Hercules, Trix, et al.
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    It is getting interesting in here. The ITKs are waking from their slumber......
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    The problem with evaluating Aurier is that the positions about him can be so extreme. He has his liabilities - rash decision making, wrong side of the opposing forward, drifting in space, not recognizing when he is first man or when he should be closing space more quickly but these problems...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    It always seemed that Jose was going to be pragmatic and you would think that getting into Europe was the first priority since that could bring in additional funds no matter how ugly it was. CL was obviously better but EL but EL is still better than nothing from a monetary standpoint and...
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    Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

    On US east coast time so just catching up. Having a player like Hojberg will free him up enough so that we can finally see how good he is. He is an unfinished article and it is hard to tell where he will end up in the spectrum between world class and squad player. I think it will be...
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    Positivity Thread

    Sounds like there could be a thread for Legendary Posts of SC. Some of us Johnny Come Lately's could probably use an education on the culture that developed into what makes SC what it is today so that we don't buck tradition.
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    Positivity Thread

    since this is the positivity thread, you are really, really good at it.
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    Positivity Thread

    Perhaps a dedicated Negativity Thread is in order. Who would lead that?