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    Coronavirus: Premier League and EFL postponed until April

    Euro will be postponed, perhaps for a year, bearing in mind Italy and France and Spain are in it.
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    Match Threads RB Leipzig vs Spurs - Match Thread (CL 2nd leg - Round of 16)

    The team was approaching the end of their shelf life by the end of last season. Poch knew it. And when Levy didn't overhaul the team, Poch went into a sulking mood. He'd have quit if not for his hugh contract. So sacking him suited him just fine. He pocketed 12M. But the problem remained. When...
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    Match Threads Burnley vs Spurs - Match Thread

    During Bill Nicholoson's time, when the squad was much smaller, he used to throw the centre back, Mike England, up front on a few occasions when the likes of Martin Chivers or Alan Gilzean were injured. Using the same logic, Vert or Dier could be used as target men up front. They may lack...
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    Mourinho demands 'more balanced' squad

    Well, during the January transfer window, when he was fully in charge, he brought in 2 midfield players in Jedson and Bergwin, but no striker, no fullbacks, the positions we were so obvious in need of. So did he have absolutely no say? Was the transfers all the work of Levy, who is not a...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Norwich - Match Thread (FA Cup)

    Skipp put in a good first half. IMO played better than Winks.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Wolves - Match Thread

    Not a problem with the result at Chelsea, just the way we played. Satisfactory results are never guaranteed, but efforts, positive intent, and application are expected. None of which we saw.
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    Alli charged over coronavirus prank

    Public figures should always watch what they do and say, whether they mean to offend or not.
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    Son Heung-min injury setback for Tottenham

    Just shows how brave and determined he was to carry on for the entire match and still score two goals. Could understand now why he wasn't at this best.
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    Son Heung-min injury setback for Tottenham

    This shows we can't compete with the elite without spending a bit of money. Everyone was crying out for a striker during the January transfer window. We know how difficult it is to get one then, but now, can we realistically win a trophy and reach the top 4? I'm still optimistic but to use a...
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    Lloris bullish on performances: 'Only winning matters'

    I think part of why Lloris is underrated is because of his lack of physicality. He is slim, and appears smaller than he is. That was why Wenger rejected him, stating he was too small. If he had the built of a Schmeichel, Lloris might have been a Gooner.
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    Mourinho heaps praise on ‘precious’ match-winner Heung-min Son after victory at Villa

    Reina was the man of the match. One headline cheekily and brilliantly says: Son shone on a Reina day."
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    How Spurs' £1bn stadium has become go-to venue for sports and entertainment industry

    We have been "buying relatively young players with tremendous ability to grow" for the past 6 years; yet the last time we won anything, even a third grade one like the league Cup, was 12 years ago. Hope I don't have to have the genes of Kirk Douglas to see another trophy.
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    Time running out for Mauricio Pochettino

    Poch's demeander at the press conference this season showed an edge that wasn't there before. He was contradictory, lost his temper when he should be calm. Something is not right with his mental state with the club.
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    Time running out for Mauricio Pochettino

    Yes, we were. But we did show more fight and character, and came back when we looked dead and buried last season, particularly in the CL. This season we just rolled over under pressure, even when in a winning position.
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    Time running out for Mauricio Pochettino

    Of all the mistakes Poch made, and there are many, particularly in his selections and substitutions, is, in my opinion, when he said he would quit if we had won the CL. It seemed, from that point onwards, the fight that identified our club so much was gone. I think players started to think about...