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    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    Similar to English rugby and cricketers being centrally contracted the women’s US footballers are also centrally contracted. They haven’t been explicitly told they can’t play in Europe but they are certainly encouraged not to. So if they did come and play in Europe they would probably lose out...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    Do you really think they will charge people £10 for the Arsenal game? Based on what Atletico Madrid did when they played Barcelona at home which was give tickets away to club members for free and when Juventus played Fiorentina last season. Also giving away tickets. I’d be surprised if they...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    Chelsea V Spurs women is going to be played at Stamford Bridge. Tickets will be free. WSL: Etihad Stadium & Stamford Bridge to host 2019-20 season openers
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    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    Double headers with the men’s team confirmed for the WSL. You would imagine they might try and use White Hart Lane. Women's Super League to hold 'double-headers' with men's matches
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    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    I think if Spurs were going to put the womens team in the new White Hart Lane it would have been for the 1st test event. Rather then the under 18’s. I do like the idea of having a double header of men and women’s games. Not sure if the FA would fix the fixture list so that for example the Spurs...
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    Jack Clarke

    If Spurs are sending Clarke back to Leeds on loan that could imply that there will be other attacking players being signed and that Pochettino trusts Bielsa to look after him and develop him. Other people have commented about how Leeds are signing Jack Harrison and Helder Costa and Clarke...
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    Premier League release details of payments made to clubs

    I think this article is just talking about TV money. Not prize money for league positions. It could be included and I could be wrong though. That’s the way I read the article though. Edit:Having reread it I see the table at the bottom and it does have a column for merit payments which I assume...
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    Tickets Giving season tickets to friends/family for home fixtures at the new stadium?

    If your friends are members I’d transfer your ticket over to there membership cards. I think the idea is that the club want to know the name of everyone going to the ground. Like others have said though they don’t check ID of the people going into the ground and I know people that have used...
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    Riyad Mahrez

    Yeah they realised they couldn't afford Mahrez so signed Schick
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    Di Maria and Moura

    I thought Di Maria was good at United until his house got burgled or something and then he clearly didn't want to be there any more.
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    Di Maria and Moura

    Julian Lauren has said that Lucas Moura doesn't wants to leave. They've got a lot of his Brazilian mates at the club now and he's about to have a kid. He was apparently offered to Monaco as part of the Mbappe deal and he doesn't want to leave.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    Yeah whoever is in charge of Spurs online presence or there PR department should be sacked for not making that happen.
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    Tickets for Chelsea

    I think last season champions league games may have put people off. I know lots of people who said they weren't looking forward to going to Wembley every fortnight after the Monaco game. Admittedly weekdays games are different to weekend games but maybe people have decided that they will leave...
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    The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    So Winks and Dembele in centre midfield?
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    The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    Ok well do you think Poch would prefer to play Walker-Peters, who's been with the squad all summer or a new right back that has been with the team less then a week?