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    Lennon looks happy to be at the toffees...

    Hello everyone, yes Im not dead... LMAO
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    Spurs in FRANCE (Not in PARIS)

    Im still on this site, dont post alot even think I havn't posted for maybe 2-3 years, but Im still a yido and still in Paris, COYS!
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    Total class manager, he was interviewed on french TV after the game and wasn't gloating or anything, he still said that the job wasn't done and it will be difficult at WHL even when the Arse supporting commentators were persistant in saying that Spurs got hammered by Real, he was not of their...
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    6 points taken from 21...

    Looking at our last 6 matches in which 5 out of the six were played away from home our record isn't as bad as alot of you are making it out to be: Away Blackburn Barclays Premier League 0-1 Won Home Bolton Barclays Premier League 2-1 Won Away Sunderland Barclays Premier League 1-2 Won...
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    Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur: Match Thread

    Nice vid and good one Spurs, lovely jubbly :)
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    Tottenham Vs Aston Villa: Match thread

    Yeah all good here and yourself? Come on the yids we need to get a run going and this is exactly the team we can do it against. COYS!
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    Tottenham Vs Aston Villa: Match thread

    Hello Spurs Community long time no see, COYS!
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    Tottenham - when do we get a takeover?

    LOL the last comment made me laugh, cheers for that... and thanks to all the financial techys that know they're stuff, was a good read in all. COYS!
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    Modric out of spurs in the summer

    Think about it tho, no europe means no big names players, so this might be a rumour now but could be reality this summer. Playing in Europe means european players and big names coming to the club, without europe your no one, and i see the likes of Modric, Pavly, or even Lennon going this...
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    *** ARSENAL v SPURS *** Official Match Thread

    Lennons goal is up and fixed, now you have all four, bye bye
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    *** ARSENAL v SPURS *** Official Match Thread

    As you all liked the commentator, here he is again and again and again... G8ZP1uL-Z04 -rWSW1uravQ and the final STFU Ar5ena1... :) NWxshqKjnC4
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    *** ARSENAL v SPURS *** Official Match Thread

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    Is Bentley a yid now?

    With a goal like this he has just become one. XNEQd6sjFEU
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    Is Cup Success acceptable?

    Not with relegation it isn't!
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    Realistic alternatives to Ramos?

    They are not idiots, only supporters that are very disappointed with the teams performance especially after the board promised us so much last season when they were sacking BMJ and replaced him with Ramos, as was pointed out up above we have only won 5 games in 2008 under Ramos, surely this was...