Tottenham Hotspur eager to erase Anfield misery

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 16, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. shelfmonkey
    The best way to erase this terminal Anfield misery is to fucking turn up when we play there!!!!!
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  2. JC-Rule
    I hear you fella,

    But we'd have to wait a year to do that.

    In the meantime we press on and bounce back against the next opponents.
  3. Edgarsglasses
    Have a lifetime of misery us playing at that ground which is very hard on me being a scouse Spurs fan & living in that city.
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  4. 2bearis2do
    God MoPo please don't rest the top players for Fulham away?!
    That is the banana peel waiting to completely fuck up our season. They'll be up for it, at home on a tiny pitch and they're currently doing very well, it's a London derby - we'll have to be on our A game.
    Gent Away is more important for the senior players? Seriously? In a two-legged affair?
    Come on - let common sense prevail - we can win the FA Cup in 4 games.
    4 bloody games and win a confidence inspiring and winning mentality trophy. Play those odds.
    The Europa? Another 7 tedious games which will highly impact our Premier League form - I don't give a Shit! (Ok, maybe just a little one, a token one) but
    a Top 4 finish (3rd is on) and the FA Cup would be a great season.
  5. shelfmonkey
    I know mate. The point I'm trying to make is that since the first time we ever played there we've only won 4 league games. It's a football stadium, we play against another football team, eleven against eleven! There's no reason whatsoever that this current team, last weekend, nor some of our previous teams couldn't have beaten them in the past! This myth that Anfield, with the Kop, is some mighty bastion of football support and atmosphere and that opposition players shit yheir pants walking from the changing rooms is bollocks, I was there when we beat them for the first time since the Titanic sank, what a disappointment, all the stuff I'd heard about the place was bullshit and was there when they got a lucky 6-2 win over us, still didn't hear this famed noise! I just hope this current crop grow the nuts to put this diabolical record straight.
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  6. dickieven
    I love the fact they have put a probable team at the bottom, like anyone can guess what team he will pick!
  7. slartibartfast
    Aannnddd.............. nope. No eagerness from Spurs tonight either.
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  8. Geyzer Soze
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  9. Mullers
    I'm afraid I don't believe Poch when he says he's happy to be in different competitions.
  10. archiewasking
    MoPo's boys have at least changed the feeling amongst the fans.....

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