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Jun 13, 2008
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Harry Cool, from Location: Location is a dreadful tv programme

You've got a Freund in me Jan 7, 2013

rebrab was last seen:
Mar 16, 2018 at 9:56 PM
    1. rebrab
      You've got a Freund in me
    2. Mikegold
      I don't know if you can private post, but your last ITK post, did you recently share some ITK? Or do you just know something?
    3. Hot-Spur
    4. Hot-Spur
      Oh well you aren't mssing much, I knew it would get a bit dead when the window closed but not this dead Eek Least my post count is going down :grin: Really need something to liven the place up again :razz:
    5. Hot-Spur
      Hi Mr R :razz: how goes it? you missing the tw? I must admit I am :lol: the board seems so quiet without it now :sleepy:
    6. Pablo1977
      thanks for the rep.. appreciated!
    7. Hot-Spur
      Well you certainly didn't need much persuading :grin: I must still have it :razz:
    8. Hot-Spur
      Well at least its very unique :wink: I would say there isn't another man in the world would ever come up with that :razz: I wish that line applied to me tonight :whistle:
    9. Hot-Spur
      I did say interesting you know :razz: Is that the sort of thing you say to all the girls? :lol:
    10. Hot-Spur
      I'm bored Mr R, tell me something interesting :-)
    11. Hot-Spur
      Sorry to disappoint but I don't fancy women :razz: The Hulk link is almost as funny as the Kaka one, I mean seriously, we don't pay anyone over £70k a week in wages so why are we being linked with these superstars? its madness. Even more so some people on the thread actually think its possible :roll:
    12. Hot-Spur
      I don't care about abbie in the stands :lol:
    13. Hot-Spur
      :lol: I'm not sure Niko would like being called pretty but he is very easy on the eye :razz: Only thing is I still have to put up with having to look at Crouch, there would definitely be a few advantages to getting rid of him :wink:
    14. Hot-Spur
      Agree totally, I don't want him either, I'm sick to the back teeth with bloody midfielders, everyday we are linked with about another 10 :evil: Its so easy sell Crouch and buy Llorente, how hard can it be really :wink:
    15. Hot-Spur
      Glad its not just me then :razz: And what a very depressing itk thread todays is :cry:
    16. Hot-Spur
      Well I kinda thought by now I would have had a bit more sense with regards to men and could lose the foolish tag, but nope still can't pick a decent one to save my life :lol:
    17. Hot-Spur
      I hope you never have to use it on me :omg: I know he was all that, but I was young and foolish and should have kicked him into touch a lot quicker than I did. These days I'm just foolish :lol: And yes I got the sarcasm :razz: at least love is better than babe, only slightly though :wink:
    18. Hot-Spur
      Oh no you've reminded me of a ex now, he always called me love and I HATED it :evil: :lol: Glad I wasn't being ignored though, but really who could ever ignore me :razz:
    19. Hot-Spur
      Ahh I see no flies on you :grin: I just thought I was being ignored :razz:
    20. Hot-Spur
      I was just joking btw, incase I have offended you :cry:
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