What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20


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Jun 24, 2008
That's right dear, oh look Green Street* is on tv, your favourite. You watch that while i set the bingo up for later. And remember, if you need the toilet you need to let one of us know beforehand, I'm not having a repeat of Tuesday morning.
Green Street 3*


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Feb 15, 2011
KUMB ramblings...

"A comfortable win."

"Can see us getting a hard-fought, and much-needed, draw. I think people fearing Kane may be misguided. He was well off the pace against Man Utd, and is just coming back from injury. Him playing could actually benefit us, in that sense."

"Lot of media attention to Jose's lowly stats at Spurs.

Huge pressure for them to win this game.

2-0 Spurs"

"Normally I'm quite optimistic when we play the Totts but all I can see this time is another defeat. 3-0 to them.
Cheers Moysie"

"I hate to say it, but we won’t get anything against this mob.
They look so much fitter, have pace and match winners.

2-0 to them."

"I think we are going to lose rather heavily - song Hat trick and Kane hat rick and also a couple for Ali and a worldy by Jose Mourinho who plays himself for the last 5 mins."

"Moyes will set us up to try and get a bore draw. We will fail to stop them scoring and have no plan B. Inevitably we will leave gaps at the back as legs are tired and we pretend to try and attack.
I reckon we will lose this cup final 3-0."

"Moyes will approach this in the exact same way he did two years ago when we had absolutely no intention of trying to win the game. Positives from that match were the Obiang stunner and Rice having Kane in his pocket most of the match.

Can't see anything other than a very comprehensive Spurs win."

"I fear how we will handle the pace/physicality of the likes of Son, Sissoko and Bergwijn.

Certainly this is a game when the no crowd will not help. No siege mentality and the lack of fans will mean Spurs will be given the time to pick us apart whilst not being pressured forward leaving possible space for us to exploit behind with the likes of Bowen and Antonio."

"I think their pace will ruin us. We have 0, with Cresswell at the back and an inexperienced Ngakia, they will know where to hit us, and they will hit us hard.

Son and Kane linking up doesn't bear thinking about. It's criminal we are playing our best player in Rice in a position that doesn't suit him or the team best. You play your best player in their best position to get the most from him, especially when we have a capable defender in Balbuena on the bench.

Christ, people were labelling Balbuena "the General" and waxing lyrical about this fella last year."

"Hate to point it out, but a 3 goal defeat would send us into the bottom three (at least until Bournemouth play again)."

"Can I just add that result aside I'm quietly hoping someone absolutely clatters Son"

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Jan 28, 2011
Three hours before kick-off. I'm wavering between mildly optimistic and slightly apprehensive. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

Wonder what the mood's like on KUMB? They looking forward to it?

It would appear not...




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Nov 24, 2006
"I think we are going to lose rather heavily - song Hat trick and Kane hat rick and also a couple for Ali and a worldy by Jose Mourinho who plays himself for the last 5 mins."