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Aug 31, 2012
Had we kept Poch then sure I get it. But, after spending money on a world class trophy winning coach? Makes zero sense. Levy goes out and gets us one of the all time top coaches and still gets slack. He can't win with some of our lot.
I'd have been on board with that this time last season. But this last twelve months, Levy has spent significant net sums on some excellent players and has made absolutely the right call to sack a coach who could well have taken us down and at best would have finished bang in the middle of the table. Not only that, but he's replaced him with a guy who's far from a yes man, a man who will not be afraid to rock the boat in his pursuit of purely footballing success. Levy has made him the second most well paid coach ever. If that's not an ambitious move then I don't know what is.