[Update 95] Jasper on Strikers & Huddlestone

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Aegina Expat
Feb 1, 2005
Who: Jasper
When: 30th January
Where: SO

Regardless of what AVB says in public we are still trying for a striker out of 3/4 options, the problem is our method and terms for obvious reasons as we ideally want loans with view to summer permanents, and unless something different has happened Diame's people are pushing him goons way as his first choice, but we still trying on that one. Couple more options which are loan options.

Who really knows what will happen, and BTW there is truth in Son (cant see it) and Negredo. We inquired about Hooper with a aim to find out what their price would be and no movement there. Love a big surprise but cannot see it at all.

It seems that Hudd would rather another club than Fulham, but let us see.
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