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The Journalist

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Jul 17, 2011
Who: The Journalist
When: 31/08/11
WHere: SC

I saw Harrys interview this morning saying 4 out. But that doesn’t include Palacios and Dos Santos; to him they’re already gone.

At least 3 definite bids for Jenas including Villa. But been told not to expect him to go anywhere. His choice.
Crouch - Villa or Sunderland.
Hutton as I said yesterday morning £4million deal to Villa not loan.
Definitely a bid for Kranjcar from Italy. Dont know where that will lead or if spurs will accept.
Dos Santos bids in I said last week; can’t remember where.
Bentley; loan to Fulham.
Palacios done but hold up is Tottenham end still.

Bolton HAVE NOT received a bid YET for Gary Cahill. FACT. Villa HAVE to be informed of any deal.

Chelsea DID bid c. £40million yesterday. BUT it was refused.

Asked about the 5.
Huntelaar IS IN London. I see some media have picked up on it and believe he could be off to Arsenal. Ironic???? Think not; they have the wrong London club.
Farfan expected.
Been told not to rule out Diarra or Afellay.
Tasci might now be dependent on other deals or January. But still a possibility.

Im hearing rumours constantly and will try to post some more Rumours on the message board if I can access it. BIG RUMOUR regarding Liverpool and Defoe. Dont know if it has legs.
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